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Drinking Problem: 5 Sure Signs You’ve Got It

Updated on January 15, 2014

You hardly say no to your peers’ drinking sessions after work, not to mention, the third or fourth bottle at happy hour. This doesn’t make you a heavy drinker, does it? It actually depends. However, it must be known that a number of people from all stretches of the globe now stand in the danger zones of alcohol – a truth that needs attention.

The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one. How can I tell if I have a drinking problem, you ask? Read on for some answers.


You go beyond the sensible limits for drinking

“I’ll just have a bottle” is what you usually say, yet you always end up downing a few more. If cutting down on your drinking is such a chore, then try alternating your alcohol with nonalcoholic drinks. If not, then have a meal before hitting the piss to slow down its absorption.

You drink greedily.

You find it annoying that everyone around you is drinking too slow when, in fact, it is you who’s drinking too fast. While this could mean different things, one single thing is for sure: your tolerance for booze is at an all-time high. To reduce the risk of alcohol-related injuries, it has been recommended that healthy men and women down no more than two regular drinks. Any more than four, and you are officially binge drinking.


Why do people drink?

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You get drunk to forget problems.

Maybe you drink because you can’t stand your job, or maybe you drink because you can’t find a job. If it’s not your boss, then maybe it’s your crazy girlfriend who’s driving you to seek alcohol. Whatever it is, if getting drunk is your answer to your problems, then you just hit upon another problem. Feeling sorry for yourself will get you nowhere, so sober up and deal with challenges head on.

You drink alone.

Having a couple of beers after work is fine, but constantly getting wasted alone isn’t. Not only is it sad, it’s also worrisome. This usually leads to a relationship, where alcohol is a friend who keeps you away from “harm.” To beat this habit, go out more and throw yourself into social activities. You might want to consider taking your stash of booze out of your house, too.


You have blackouts.

When you consume too much booze, you go through an episode of amnesia. This could happen even while talking or walking, but the ending is always the same: you do not remember a single thing that happened during the blackout. Each blackout boosts the likelihood of more blackouts, as well as your propensity to injure others or make bad decisions.

Though it is common to have a few bottles, overindulging in alcohol is an entirely different story. You abuse it, and it’ll abuse you right back. When a drinking problem ensues, just know there are plenty places to go for help.


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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Very good tips listed to help with the problem. I enjoy a drink in the evening, it is relaxing and i like the taste. I know people who would never take a drink of alcohol yet they gorge on food. Interesting topic. Thank you...