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Drinks Proven to Make You Gain Weight

Updated on March 23, 2013
take good care of your health by eating as well as drinking the right things
take good care of your health by eating as well as drinking the right things | Source

the wrong drinks could make you gain as much weight as the wrong foods

Losing weight is something on the mind of many people. Cutting calories or eating right is easier said than done. We are always looking out for the foods that add the pounds and unneeded calories to our diet. However, have you ever considered that an enormous part of keeping the right weight on and staying fit also involves what we intake in liquid form? There are drinks proven to make you gain weight.

There are a number of things we drink in our daily diet identified as fattening. Eliminating these from your eating habits will help you to lose those unneeded pounds and make you better health wise.

The Slurpee

The 7-11 Store was the first retailer to introduce the popular Slurpee drink. However, Kmart sold an equivalent just as well-liked with their customers. You will find them in dozens of different retailers now under the Slurpee a pseudonym name, but they are all the same, a high calorie frozen drink.

They come in choices or flavors which include Coca-Cola, cherry, blueberry and even grape. At the children’s softball or baseball games and all Dairy Queens on hot summer days finding customers indulging in this sweet delight is standard practice.

Slurpee drinks were first introduced in the 1970s and they are indeed delicious. The ingredients haven’t changed much since their inception. This is a frozen high fructose syrup calorie weight gainer. One 24 ounce cup contains 210 calories. The sugar and carbohydrates contained in the 24 ounces are 53.9 grams each.

Skip the indulgence and go for a Crystal Light or other healthier flavored water with no more than 10 calories instead. Stick one of these lighter delights in the freezer or blender with a couple of cubes of ice to get the same great taste and consistency, but with the added benefit of being better for you.

Pepsi Cola

Soda pop is one of the worst drinks for anyone wanting to improve their fitness status. Everyone that drinks it knows this, but they are delicious all the same. Pepsi is one of the most well admired ones and recognized Brands found around the world.

From China to Canada, everyone knows what it is from the packaging and has more than likely tried one. The average 12 oz. Pepsi will rack on 120 extra calories. For any addicts who are drinking up to a six pack a day, that is roughly 720 more calories than you need every day.

Die-hard fans will even have more than a six pack a day of the sweet nectar. Getting a big fountain soda of 44 ounces is almost 500 calories a day you simply could do without. In one year you have added another 45 pounds of fat to your body drinking just three cans a day.

Pepsi Cola is an easier alternative to the fat you are bringing to the table. It is fat free and you still get your Pepsi Cola fix.

Pure Orange Juice

This should be listed on the wellness wagon. Although there is some much needed Vitamin C with fresh orange juice, it has some things in it you do not need. Along with the Vitamin C your body obtains it also gets 170 calories for every 12 oz. glass you drink.

Instead of drinking the juice and getting the calories that come with the processing, eat an orange. The Vitamin C is still there without the 170 calories.


This drink is advertised by all of the great athletes in nearly every sport and sold everywhere. The issue with Gatorade is the invention is for the treatment of depleted energy resources. It is manufactured full of carbohydrates and sugar. With a little fat and protein thrown in for good measure you are absorbing 170 calories for every 12 oz. you drink down.

Gatorade has recognized they needed an alternative for anyone watching the calories and developed their new G2 alternative without the calories associated with fat. For all intents and purposes good old water will do the same thing.


Frappuccino drinks are delicious to put it mildly. You can pick one up at fast food restaurants, quick stop and shop stores and the famous coffee shops like Starbucks. They come in caramel, chocolate chip and other fun flavors. With the intent to replace coffee during hot weather months they have soared with their popularity. A 24 oz. Frappuccino flavored with your favorite extra will cost you 680 calories. This is generally after adding the extra toppings of whipped cream and a little chocolate or caramel.

There are lighter alternatives offered at the elite coffee shops selling these delicious treats. The lighter versions have fewer calories and are generally discovered in the espresso version of blended coffees and are identified with lite in their title.

Some of the quick shop and stop stores selling Frappuccino coffees also have sugar free or fat free options for customers looking for fewer fat deposits.

Bubble Tea

This beautiful looking drink is a combination of black tea, condensed milk, honey and tapioca balls. This Asian drink from Taiwan is well liked here in the West. Fruity teas and milky fruit teas are also substitute ingredients in the Bubble Tea. One 12 oz. Bubble Tea drink gives the drinker 510 calories of which fat is 20 grams of the contents.

Tea lovers will not find any alternative even close to this particular delicacy. Simply drinking a black tea or green tea without any added sugar is great for you without any of the additional calories or fat.

In conclusion

These are six of the most calorie filled drinks people will find in their diet today. On the road to losing weight, stay away from them. For anyone eating and exercising right, but still cannot seem to lose those extra couple of pounds, take a second look at what you are drinking instead of only what you eat.

note-some of the highest calorie drinks we consume are around the holidays

Some of the highest calorie drinks are consumed around the holidays

Do you count the calories in your drinks when you are watching your weight?

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    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 4 years ago from all over the web

      thank you rod for making that stand out. this is true. orange drink many times is very close to simply koolaid and full of sugar.

    • Rod Marsden profile image

      Rod Marsden 4 years ago from Wollongong, NSW, Australia

      I'll vote up and say useful. Something else to consider. There is a technical difference between orange juice and orange drink. It is a question of how much supplimentary water is allowed. Also how much sugar cane to boost the natural sugar taste.