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Driving and Traffic Aggravations are Just Like Life. Let Us Look.

Updated on March 22, 2014

From Cairo to Mexico DF to Hong Kong to Hanoi, traffic works.

Every place is different but every place the same. The Author has driven something in 14 countries as is not dead yet!
Every place is different but every place the same. The Author has driven something in 14 countries as is not dead yet! | Source

Two Miracles Collide.

It is amazing that driving a car is so easy. It is amazing that driving with others is so common and safe. When you next sit down on 3 thousand pounds of steel and start driving at 70 miles per hour right next to someone else doing it. Think about that driving miracle. We do not escape life while driving, we do not escape ourselves while driving and in fact we do not escape driving in life.

You put 200 thousand people on a freeway in Southern California all driving a deadly weapon at deadly speeds and you get 10 wrecks a morning and only 30% of those are catastrophic. That is a miracle. Oh sure we can get all scientific on it and explain it, but not really, when we see the morning talk show on, a cell phone in one hand and putting makeup on with the other and driving with a knee and even distracted by a child in the back seat. That is a miracle.

Now just think about all the people living within such a small area. Everyone with a different agenda. And all fed and all educated and 99.9% with water, power and electronics and clothed. Most with leisure time and all consumers. Truly that is also a miracle. Yes, again we can show it with science but all of that going right for 99.9% of the time is just beyond reason. I can say with certainty that I have never ever picked up a phone in 30 years when it did not work. That is a trip. Except for scheduled maintenance I can say the same for my water and power at 99.9%. Wow!!

That old Water Buffalo is just fine to ride to market in my family's home town, Cu Chi

Some of us like pace of an old Buffalo.
Some of us like pace of an old Buffalo. | Source

Tailgating is wrong and upsets the flow.

Riding somebodies butt too close does not produce good results in anything. Really now wives and husbands is your side of the bed so perfect that you should ride your spouse about theirs? Really now little missy or testosterone Joe, does putting your nose extra close to someone else's rear end get you there faster and more pleasantly. "The man who goes faster than the person in front of them, violently crashes with them". Tail gating is a reflection of the driver.

Lack of serious judgment, lack of regard for others, and lack of regard for self.

If you tailgate you begin to ruin the miracles.

Now getting upset over being tailgated. Yes you should be upset to that danger to you and others. And I think that we are about to come up with a way for you to deal with that constructively. I think pretty soon we "will have an app for that" but for now. All you can do is try to get out of the idiots way. I hate that because they will just keep doing it until a baby is killed in a car for that very reason.

Tailgating is the act of driving a motor vehicle so close to the car in front that evasive action will not keep the car in the rear from causing damage to the car in front in case of a deviation from normal speeds. That means that the driver in the rear is so close to the driver in the front that a collision cannot be avoided if the front driver must react to a problem. The best course of action for the front driver is to create a super distance between themselves and what is in front of them so they have maximum time to react. In fact this slows traffic and creates problems for other drivers, but it must be done.

We have checked the last 8 times being tailgated and they were all distracted as evidenced by a phone to their ear.

This guy crosses the road with purpose.

This Sonoran Diamond Back Rattler with more venom than it needs is king except on the road.
This Sonoran Diamond Back Rattler with more venom than it needs is king except on the road. | Source

Baby it is a wild world out there, please take care!

Did you know that lights are timed?

Toodling down the road at ten miles under the speed limit and holding up traffic for slow pokes to get in screws up the flow of traffic. Really. Oh you might see yourself as so courteous and hippie dippie and mellow. But in fact you can cause many others problems. There are folks that sit in front of computers and work out the metrics and work out limits and flow. 40 miles per hour does not mean 27 miles per hour. It means that in normal conditions you drive 40 miles per hour on this road so the lights are in synchronicity and things flow along and prevent problems. You being all super cool and saving gas by not accelerating costs others gas and time and creates gridlock. Sorry to bust your little bubble but Prius owners who watch there usage per gallon rather than usage of our roads really screw things up far more than speedsters in "rice burner" race cars.

Billions of people use our roads each day through out the world. Really smart people who will do it different really do make big trucks burn more gas and commuters spend more time and burn more gas. Think real hard about making a statement about how you drive. You cost society lives and gas.

Insurance is about 50% based upon how much time you spend on the road. Hence we say "Drive fast and get there safe". It is really just to make the point. People who do not got with the flow cause problems.

Do you think you are a better driver than everyone else?

Can you see the craziness and blend in, just so everyone gets there safe?

See results

So sometimes we just go along to get along.

Traffic is just a beautiful thing for us to learn from. There is a wonderful prayer said a million times a day and it reflect this battle that we have with control over that we cannot control. I do not like it. I do not like traffic. I like control and I want to be the actor, director and producer and co-stars in every day I am in. And I am forceful and I am powerful in my presence and I am as smart as they get. Well dang it, it just does not change life, because everyone else is the same. God bless them. We want so hard to pretend of make a world of our control, but the miracles of life shoot us down every time, if we let them and then revel in the peace it brings.

God grant me the serenity to accept those things I cannot change, Grant me also the power to accept that which I cannot change. And I beg of thee to teach me the difference.

It should not surprise us that a handicapped monk type guy that is known as a saint of animals wrote that notion for us to learn from. Prayers such as this one are what we call 50/50. Fifty percent in supplication and 50 percent to ourselves to remember the truth.

So let us leave this writing with something somewhat concrete: We are not perfect and in fact we may "drive" poorly, perhaps we are even steering our car in the wrong direction and our spouse is yelling at us to "get directions".

No driving things is not the best of all worlds. But we as a species can do it and get along doing it. So if you cannot without seeing a shrink, please reread that prayer above and memorize it and say it. You can put any "God" you want in there. I think St. Francis and you know the deal.

And it can come down to love. Love will not let you get to far off the mark. Let us go forth and drive faster and yet with more care for each other.


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    • Ericdierker profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Dierker 

      4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Denise, we, over here in the Eric Dierker Ecclesiastical Center of the Us in "Us" are constantly amazed how humankind is made in such a way as to be able to get along and go along without contest. All these PETA type folks just do not get that we are very special. It is an aberration if we do not take care of each other, not a natural fact.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      4 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      Your amazing, Eric, you can find a life lesson in anything! This one really hit home. I am grateful for the miracle of getting where I need to go safely on a daily basis. It is indeed a testament to the good that there is in humanity!

    • Ericdierker profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Dierker 

      4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      We talk about the problems darling mylinda, but isn't it just an amazing miracle that we all care enough that we go with the flow and get there with tiny exceptions. Of course I pray and send angels for your travels, as your heart deserves to get where it is needed.

    • mylindaelliott profile image


      4 years ago from Louisiana

      Those are all things I have thought at one time or another. I keep coming back to how wonderful it is that we can have cars and drive places though.


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