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Drop in sex desire

Updated on September 11, 2015

Premenopausal drop in sex desire

A recent survey has revealed that almost 6 out of 10 premenopausal women who are experiencing low desire for sex are distressed by it. Around 40 % of women blamed themselves for their low desire. This low sexual desire also known as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD), which is one of the most common form of Female Sexual Disorders. The symptoms may include; lack of desire which cannot be attributed to any medical or psychological conditions and lack of sexual thoughts. Over a period, this causes personal distress, and the smooth relationship in the family gets disturbed.

Food and sex are two strongest and closely linked human desires. The satisfaction from having sex and the satisfaction from eating a delicious meal both activate pleasure receptors in the brain. This clearly explains why humans often associate eating with sex. Having said this, let us see about the unhealthy foods that a woman can avoid for having a good sexual relationship.

Avoid food high in carbohydrates:

Don’t eat carbohydrate-rich meals, such bagel with cream cheese, is a disaster. Eating high carbohydrate foods with spike your blood sugar level and then plummet, leaving you sluggish. After intake of heavy carbohydrate food, you will not be in the mood for anything—except a nap. So always try to have food that have more fiber and protein content such as yogurt, fresh berries, etc.

Avoid excess caffeine and milk:

Tea or coffee in the morning helps you focus gets your engine going. But taking more caffeinated beverages like iced tea, coffee, energy drinks and cola all day will leave you jittery in the end of the day and you will be in no mood for anything. Too much caffeine is a central nervous stimulant. Having high content of caffeine may help you in chasing each other around the bed, but would be too wound up to get down to business.

Avoid eating too much processed baked goods and red meat

Eating processed baked good and red meat will lead to increase in unhealthy saturated and trans-fats and low level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL-aka good cholesterol). This will contribute to lowered blood flow due to clogged arteries. When the blood supply is lowered, only very less will be flowing to the genitals, which will lead to less lubrication and will have less arousal feelings.

Stay LEAN & avoid snacking calorie-laden junk food

Snacking calorie laden junk food with add inches to your waist. If you feel fat and unattractive, you will certainly not be willing to throw off your clothes and hop into bed for sex. A lot of women feel themselves that they are not sexy enough for sex. So, body image has a lot to do with it. Eat moderately, and eat healthy food and keep your body lean and fit.

Avoid alcoholic beverages

Drinking too much liquor wine or beer for pleasure can backfire by depressing your central nervous system. This will make you sleepy and dampen your feelings of desire. Recent studies have indicated the co-relation between breast cancer and excessive alcohol consumption. When you are drowsy and sleepy it hard to perform well. So, you will lack the desire and it will not be fun in the bed.

Avoid having a feast before bed

Generally, a large meal increases blood flow to the gut to help in digestion. But increase blood flow to gut during night is the wrong place. If you feel full and fat, then probably, romance is not in the air. You would have heard about this phrase “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar”. So, eat a few squares in the evening that will be a perfect segue to a bedroom rendezvous. In one research, women were given a piece of chocolate, and asked to rate their mood after consuming them. It was found that when women ate chocolate, they immediately experienced a mood boost and that boost lasted for about 90 minutes. So, always keep a bar of good quality dark chocolate near your bedside table.

General Advice:

  1. Avoid processed foods.
  2. Avoid sodium which are found abundant in cold cuts and cured meats, sandwiches, bread and rolls, pizza, poultry & soup).
  3. Stay away from Red food and items that have excess sodium, added sugar and fat.
  4. Always choose lean meat with less than 10 % fat.
  5. Prepare healthy food at home made from whole & fresh foods.
  6. Don’t skip meals (this will contribute to snacking on junk foods when hungry).

What is best option to increase sex desire

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    • Ms LaLa2014 profile image

      Ms Quick 

      3 years ago from Fayetteville, NC

      Too much sex, and tight underwear can make a woman's sexual desire low. If she need lubrication then she is doing too much. Patience and moderation is the key. Although premenopause can be a problem too.


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