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Drown, Crash, Fall...

Updated on December 7, 2016

I wrote a blog back in August about how a very unhealthy, overweight guy with high blood pressure had accidently signed up for a Triathlon. Well as we are getting towards the end of the year (and the time when I usually lose all self control) I thought I would have another go…

To recap, back in May I was sitting on a beach in Thailand and thinking about what a friend had said about entering a Sprint Triathlon (500m pool swim.) At the time this had been idle chat but for some reason I started to like the idea. This was a bad idea for several reasons. I couldn’t swim front crawl at all (8 previous shoulder dislocations made even the thought of front crawl a nightmare) and my breaststroke (occasional widths on holiday - head above the water) wasn’t that great either. I just about managed the distance in the sea so wondered what could possibly go wrong…. Did I mention that I had injured both achillies and hadn’t run in a month? (and then I could barely manage 5K without wanting to give up.) Anyway, enough of small details, I signed up two days after getting home and arrived at Guildford Sprint Tri a couple of days after that. Best Prepared Triathlete Ever.

I’d never been in a lane with other people coming the other way before, never mind whilst trying to do breaststroke without kicking everyone. It was a 50m pool, organisation was slightly chaotic so there were slow people like me amongst the faster guys and overtaking was allowed so at times there were people trying to pass me as two others were coming head on towards me. Somehow I survived and managed to get to my bike without giving up. The bike (20K) was uneventful and I even passed a few people. I managed to limp around the offroad, rutted fields and tracks without doing too much damage to my achillies but really I shouldn’t have done it. However, I felt incredibly chuffed to finish something that I never thought I would do.

Over the summer I did 3 more including my first mass start open water start which was a 750m lake swim (again part of a sprint Tri.) although this was still 50% breaststroke (try that in a wet suit!) I finished things off with a Duathlon and also completed Ride London.

I then got very overexcited and entered Brighton Marathon… I think I am finally getting over the achillies injury and have started running 3 times per week, albeit without setting any records… Swimming is slowly improving although the furthest non stop front crawl I can swim is 250m before my breathing gets out of control. I will start lessons in January so hopefully I will fix that before things get serious…..

As well as being stupid enough to sign up for a Marathon (I say stupid as up until a month ago I was hardly running at all due to injury and then only a very slow 5K) I have signed up for Weymouth Half Ironman. Yup, 1.2 mile sea swim, 56 mile bike and then a half marathon. In September. Less than a year away.

Before that I have the small (kidding) task of Long Course Weekend. I’m ONLY attempting the half distances but this still amounts to a 1.2 mile sea swim on the Friday, 66 mile hilly bike on the Saturday and finally a half marathon on the Sunday. So basically six months to get ready.

I’m about to go back to Thailand again with the family (long boring story) but this time I’ll be attempting to swim in the sea and I’ll be taking my running shoes…

So, that’s next year. I’m going to have to work harder than I have ever worked in my life for these races and in the process hopefully lose two stone in weight (that should make it slightly easier.) Well nothing worth doing comes easy does it? Wish me luck, I’m going to need it.


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