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Drug Addiction In The Hospital

Updated on May 4, 2015

What Is The Problem?

Growing numbers of young individuals enter the hospital each day, some in handcuffs, for drug related illnesses. What I don't believe that individuals are grasping is the fact that "street drugs" such as cocaine, heroin and meth do more than give you a release from reality, especially when you come back down to earth. These harmful medications affect many of your organs, including your heart and brain in ways that are oftentimes irreversible. The lucky patients come into the hospital with an abscess, which is an infection, that can be treated with heavy doses of antibiotics and procedures such as an incision and debridement. A central line is usually started due to the fact that antibiotics run between 6-8 weeks and are caustic to the peripheral veins. Since we cannot trust that these patients can go home with this direct access to their large vein positioned just above the heart, they must stay in the hospital for length until the antibiotics run their course.

The real question is why is this happening so frequently? in a society that prides itself on new health trends and fad diets, why is it still acceptable for our children to be injecting foreign substances in their veins to get high? Where are their parents?

When I was growing up, I was always taught that drugs are not only dangerous, but turn you into a degenerate. My parents were not afraid to be politically incorrect and told us about life exactly how they saw it. If you did drugs, you were a loser. My mother did do something with each and every one of her children that I felt also helped us to trust her judgment and that was give us the open opportunity to try anything that we wanted under her watchful eye at home. If we were going to try something, she wanted to make sure that she could be there to make sure we were safe. Although we never took the opportunity given us, I think that also says a lot about how we were raised. We didn't feel the need to escape reality. Don't get me wrong, we didn't have a dime to our names, but we saw worth in life itself. It was an adventure. Why did we need to snort or inject or smoke a substance that would get us away from that? So, life wasn't always perfect, but that gave it flavor. You see, ten people can look at the same picture and will describe it completely differently than the next. Life is what you make of it, and we were taught to make the most of it. My mother and father had seven children. None of which got into drugs, alcohol, or even smoking (cigarettes included). I believe that the issue lies in the parenting. Are people eventually going to make their own choices? Of course they will, but as parents you are supposed to attempt to guide your children to make better decisions by teaching them early on.

How Society Grew The Ailment

The media has been a growing poison on our society for quite some time. Movies depicting rape, premarital sex, adultery, murder and theft as commonplace occurrences have given society the fuel it needs to give reason for their mistakes. If a person grows up watching on the television that it's ok to hit women, sleep with whomever they wish and do drugs because all of the high paid actors do it, then they will have a tendency to believe that the "real life" version of those acts isn't as heinous. Has anyone else noticed the drastic increase in divorce rates? infidelity is so common that I've heard people describe it in so many ways except for immoral and wrong. I was brought up to think otherwise. Is there going to be temptation around every corner? Sure, why not? The thing that used to make people proud was that they were able to say that they were faithful to their woman/man. Nowadays, as long as you don't get caught, you can brag to your friends about your escapades.

Drugs are everywhere in the movies. As a matter of fact, childhood stars are still going to rehab centers because of the drugs they were introduced to on the sets of the movies that they were a part of. Cocaine and other stimulants were being introduced when long days on the sets were expected of young children and caffeine wasn't enough. The Olsen twins and Lindsey Lohan are great examples of this. Wrecking brand news cars because they are drunk or high makes the front page of news articles and they are walking around the streets millionaires. So what is to tell our children that drugs are bad if what they are being fed tells them otherwise?

What Can Be Done?

The only thing that we have control over on this issue is the children that we are direct care over as they grow up and mature. If we teach our children to be open with us and that they can trust us to help give them the guidance that will benefit them, they they will be more susceptible to let us know what is on their minds regarding this issue. Inform them, with facts, about the harmful effects of short and long-term use of these dangerous medications. Explain to them that damaging their bodies in this way does not only affect them, but has a domino effect on everyone around them in their life. Give your child examples of what it would be like, sitting in a hospital bed at the age of 30 and receiving medication to stop you from tearing your hair out of your own head because you feel as though ants are crawling under your scalp. Ask them how they'd feel with a 25 year old nurse administering them those medication that has done something with their lives and is being productive. That same person, who is younger, is making significant money and going home to a beautiful house that they were able to finance on their own, along with their new car. All of this because of the decisions that they made when they were younger.

Help your children make better decisions. Educate them and be available when they need you. talk with them about things that are bothering them and help them through the tough times. Praise your children's successes and help them work through their failures.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Drug addiction is a serious problem. It is especially sad when it effects the young.

    • profile image

      Kathleen Kerswig 

      3 years ago

      Thank you for sharing about this important topic. I'm a recovery coach and many of the stories I have heard over the last few years are heart-breaking. Based on my experience, I can share that even if parents do everything right (which is hard to do), sometimes other things influence kids and they make choices that put them in danger. Awareness is key and reading this hub could be the one thing that saves a person's life somehow, some way. Thank you for bringing it to this forum. Blessings!


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