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Drug: Prevention of Drug Abuse

Updated on August 1, 2009

It is apparent, then, that the drug habit is difficult to break. It is also clear that the hazards of drug abuse are so great as to endanger the user’s character and personality, and even his life. The real solution to drug abuse is to abstain from drugs in the first place.

The beginnings of drug abuse typically occur during the teens. This throws a very real responsibility on teen-agers parents to run the family so that the  teen-ager will not be influenced to begin the use of drugs. The following suggestions are designed to help parents in this endeavor:

  • Parents should arrange adequate time for companionship with their children. Seeing each other only at mealtime insufficient. Giving the children instruction in home duties, counseling them on schoolwork, and reprimanding them for their mistakes does not add up to cordial companionship. Parents must become interested in their children’s interests and engage with them in pleasant activities.
  • When parents manifest love and goodwill toward their children, the children will respond to the extent that they will want to please them.
  • Children should be kept busy with pleasant and worthwhile enterprises. Parents should commend their children for tasks well done.
  • Parents should discuss drugs with their children – their effects, their hazards, and the treachery of the influences that encourage experimentation with drugs.
  •  Young teen-agers should be encouraged to read literature regarding the use of drugs, and discuss with their parents what they have read.
  • Parents should keep open the channels of communication. They will not criticize the children for their questions and comments, and will respect their confidence when they mention practices of their schoolmates and friends. Parents will encourage their children to exert a wholesome influence upon their friends.
  • Parents should encourage their children to rely on their religious concepts and ideals of integrity in solving their problems and coping with their stresses and disappointments.


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