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Faith-Based Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Updated on January 6, 2017
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Components of Faith-Based Recovery

There are many types of recovery programs available for individuals addicted to alcohol and drugs. However, faith-based recovery programs offer a successful method for overcoming addiction to drugs and alcohol. Faith-based recovery programs strike at the very root of the addiction through helping alcoholics and addicts understand that their addiction is intricately linked to their feelings of self-worth. Through making provision of a method to obtain forgiveness through Christ Jesus, alcoholics and addicts are able to move past the darkness of their past mistakes and to forge a transformed and healthy self-image. Through application of Biblical principles, addicts and alcoholics learn to make better choices and to follow a higher calling than previously which had led them into the darkness of addiction and alcoholism. Faith-based recovery contains several components:

(1) Finding forgiveness of mistakes through Jesus Christ who loved them so much that he was willing to die for their sins even before they had committed them or made such terrible mistakes;

(2) Learning to forgive those who hurt them mentally, physically or emotionally which often drives addiction;

(3) Learning a new way of living through the application of Biblical principles;

(4) Realizing their own high-value and creating self-worth viewing themselves through the eyes of God, the creator;

(5) Learning a life of prayer and daily bible study which keeps the mind of the addict instilled with solid principles for living.

(6) Teaching the addict a proper structure for living and working;

(7) Demonstration of God's love to the addict and instilling them with their personal value based on God's love for them.


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