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Drug Addiction Treatment Can Help Addicts To Kick the Habit

Updated on June 15, 2012

There are many people around the world who suffer from addiction to drugs. This not only affects their own lives but also those of their immediate family and the persons in their social circle. Quite often such addicted persons do realize that they have got into the vicious circle of using drugs and are desirous of coming out of it. At times family and friends feel they do need to do something to help the person to get out the bad habit.

Find the Right Rehabilitation Center

The first thing that needs to be done in such a case is to look for a good and reliable drug rehabilitation center that can help such addicts. Treatments vary from center to center and can vary from traditional to newer and more modern methods, but the first step generally in drug addiction treatment is detoxification. This is the most difficult part of the treatment and involves ridding the patients body of the drugs. This quite often leads to withdrawal symptoms that can vary from mild to very severe and have even known to be fatal at times. This phase of the treatment needs to be medically supervised so that withdrawal symptoms are kept under control. Medication is quite often given in severe cases which allow the patient to feel that he is still taking drugs. These are gradually reduced till the patient is able to manage to be without drugs for fairly lengthy periods of time.

Further Steps in Treatment

The next step in drug addiction treatment will involve therapy that needs to be carried out individually and in groups. This therapy is meant to prepare the persons to mentally break away from the addiction by making them aware of the reasons why they have got into that habit and the damage it is causing to their bodies. Group therapy is very much in use in such treatment and this helps the person to understand that there are others who have faced the same problem and are also trying to get out of it. This form of bonding is of great help as it also gives the person some sort of guidance as to how others are tackling the same problem.

All these processes are carried out within the environment of the rehab center which is very disciplined and controlled. This enables the person to be completely away from the external pressures that were probably responsible for some part of the drug addiction. Part of the therapy sessions can also include families so that they understand the addiction and ways they can support the addicted person to get over the habit.

Once the rehabilitation program is completed, the person is allowed to go out into the normal world. Some centers will insist on periodic visits to the center to enable doctors and therapists to assess the effectiveness of the treatment. Family support during these post-treatment periods is very important and can quite often make the difference between success and failure. Relapses do occur and it is up to the person to understand why these occur and find ways to prevent it, even if it means having to go back into rehab once again.


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