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depression and suicidal cases

Updated on October 24, 2010


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depression is the common reason for committing suicide in this era

We are searching of common and simple reason of depression or hopelessness. In terms of medical science which doctors call it major depressive disorder? But I am not a doctor and not a psychiatrist I am talking about this topic of unhappiness,downheartedness as a common man because now a days suicidal case are increasing day by day in this whole world. Is this the consequence of consumerism? Or else.

In my opinion men is so dependent on machine in this world only the 10% of his work is done manually. So the dependence on machine is also big reason of depression or hopelessness. Now you are thinking that how machine are make a men in depression. It is simple, just take an example of a car, if some body don’t have car and his neighbour or his friends using car and after lots of efforts a person does not afford or buy the car, you will see after some time he will start blaming himself or his destiny. He feels that he having a bad luck.

So the person is now comparing his fortune with the car .By this blaming and blaming himself he goes in the stage of depression, start avoiding food timely, start taking liquor, start abusing to god and his parents. If some body does not care about this person you will see after some time he will take a step to commit a suicide.Durgs and over alcohol make a person more obsessive. So car is the just an example of the current mental condition of the people. That they given more importance to car in comparison to his precious life.

common state of mind in this conditions

If we talking about student and job seekers the suicidal cases are increasing day by day in these days. Even though age of 14 to 17 years of children’s are committing suicide which is very serious problem. I have some common reason for this age of children’s and others for reaching at this stage.

First:-Fail to get admission in a good college and his whole friends make it .Result is depressions symptoms like unhappiness,hopelessness,sadness,downheartedness,dejection and after some time suicide. In India now it is daily news.

Second: - fail to clear examination and his friends able to clear the exam. Depression and result is suicide.

Third: - Pocket money is not sufficient first start suffering from inferiority complex. Blaming his luck and parents, that they are not as rich as the other people.

Four:-fail to get good job for long time.

Five:-girlfriend or boyfriend dumps result depression. They think this is the end of this world.

Six:-Massive pressures of parents on their children to achieve good result for the reputation of the family as the children are capable of this or not it does not matters.

Seven:-After trying so many business failed to get success.

Eight:-Over excess dept.

Nine: - break-up of relationship, affair the death of a loved one

Ten:-Big loss in share market. After all it is gambling.

Eleven:-Song. You all heard about this historical song that which ever person listen this song commit a suicide strange for me.

Twelve:-favourite team lost a match etc.

Thirteen:-Start comparing life with meaning less movies and nonsense TV serials. Do not compare the life with any movie or TV serials because movie will end after three hours but life will goes on for long time.

Fourteen: - Serious medical conditions, like heart disease, cancer, HIV, may trigger depression.

So above is the some common reason for suffering from depression and result that so many news channels and paper are telling daily is suicide.

solutions and remedies for depression and sadness

I think that people thinking that the committing suicide is remedies of the entire problem. But remember life is very precious and time is it self make a solution of any problem. If you think that your friend or your family member is avoiding every one. Stop talking with any body. Avoiding parties, family functions, locked him in the room and avoiding conversation. Beware it could be suffering from depression and he can talk wrong step also. Before he does such a false step, please help him with start talking with him regularly and motivate him. Give him some extra time and leave him alone for long time. Suggest him to read good books and consult with good psychiatrist for him.

personal experience of this heartlessness

your precious views on this disorder

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