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Delicious Foods To Snack On During the Attack Phase of the Dukan Diet

Updated on June 25, 2012

In Between Snacks Matter!

Attack phase is the learning curve of the Dukan Diet. As you engage into this phase, numerous questions will sprout in your mind and search for answers for foods not included in the list. You’ll be concerned if you are allowed to snack on something during the attack phase. To help you with your journey, I have compiled some delicious snacks that are permitted at this stage.

Canned Light Tuna in Water. You can eat this straight from the can without trying to remove the excess water. Put in some dash of pepper and you can enjoy this snack all the time.

Cottage Cheese 2% Low Fat. A handy snack on the go. You should always have this ready and available anytime hunger strikes you. Some put a bit of chives and a little onion to fill in some flavors and bring out the taste of cottage cheese.

Crab sticks or Surimis. Nice snacks that keeps you going throughout the day. Your daily limit should not exceed to eight sticks a day.

Eggs. You can have them scrambled, sunny side up, over easy or soft boiled, poached; how ever you like them. Don’t take more than 2 eggs per day.

Fat-free Greek Yogurt or Non-Fat Yogurt. Add up some splenda to your yogurt plus a dash of cinnamon to make it tastier. Get experimental by putting on some flavours into your yogurt. Just make sure you do not exceed the daily limit for dairy intake. Check out the Dukan Diet General Rules for your reference.

Oat bran galette. To make it sweeter, you can add flavorings, extracts, cocoa powder and splenda. To make it a bit of spicy and flavorful, add some chili paste, a teaspoon of of soy, ginger, basil and garlic.

Shrimps and Prawns. Shrimps and prawns are also ideal for snacks at this stage. You can have it dip into some natural or home made yogurts mixed with some herbs and spices of your choice. You can also try Shrimp cocktail without the cocktail sauce, just lemon and horseradish.

Low fat or FF ho­­tdogs. Choose the ones that have low sodium in it. Do not take 2 or more hotdogs per day.

Sugar free Chewing gum

Sugar free Candies

Sugar free jellies

You can play around with the flavors and you can also try to mix it with the allowed vegetables. You will notice that you will enjoy the allowed snacks at this point; and as you go along the program, you will be more creative in combining flavors and vegetables to it.


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