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Dukan Diet: The Cure for the Obesity Epidemic

Updated on November 20, 2010

The Dukan diet was developed by French physician Pierre Dukan and specifically directed at morbidly obese individuals who cannot seem to stick to a healthy eating regimen. The diet took into account all the stories of obese people with regard to the diets that did not work and the constant craving for food.

The Dukan diet may help solve this obese epidemic. If you wish to know how to lose weight through Regime Dukan as the French call it, then read on.

The diet is quite effective as altogether different approach to eating. Where most diets would advise people to count their calories the Dukan diet proposes a selection of food products composed of meat, fish and seafood, lean ham, poultry and dairy products that are fat free. The goal is to pack the body with proteins and to cushion this heavy protein intake, the intake of fluids has to be elevated to two or three liters daily.

The diet is divided into 5 phases namely the attack, weight loss, stabilization and cruise phase. In the attack and weight loss phases the focus is on losing pounds in a consistent way. Dieters may not instantly see the impact of the diet during this phase as the goal here is to regulate the weight loss so that it would not impact the body in a negative way.

The stabilization and cruise phases are pretty self-explanatory. These are the phases where dieters should ensure they do not fall back and return to their old weight or worse. The diet introduces new habits that the dieter will adopt such as eating smaller portions of their food, choosing their food wisely by knowing about its content. When the target weight is reached, the body would have to accept these new habits as the norm.

The cruise phase of the diet is important to establish these new norms because it is quite easy to slide back down to the old habits. This phase guides people on how to sustain their new eating habits and lifestyle.

Risks and Concerns

The Dukan diet is not without its own set of risks and problems. Doctors have often advised that it may not be a good idea to load the body with too much protein as it will put a strain on the internal organs especially our kidneys. The way to combat this negative effect of protein loading, one must be constantly hydrated.

This diet is ideal for meat lovers, but they may have to adjust their taste at it only allows the use of natural spices and condiments.


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