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Dukan Diet: The Final Solution To Your Weight Problems

Updated on January 29, 2015

Dukan Dieters Talk About Their Success

This is my favourite diet in the world because I never go hungry and I don't need to count calories or points... It's so easy to follow and pretty tasty as well! This diet was introduced by the doctor Pierre Dukan and it's based on lean proteins, reducing carbs and fat to a very very little amount. I know it could be quite drastic to give up starch all together but you will find it easy if you start experimenting with the ingredients allowed. This diet is made of 3 phases: Attack, Cruise, Consolidation and Stabilization. The good news are: you will have allowed food and you can eat as much as you want of them (so no counting calories or point or weighing foods), the stabilization phase will last for the rest of your life, so no risk of putting the weight back on! On this diet you also need to drink a lot of water, at least 2 liters per day, but that's good for you in so many ways that it's not really a problem. Let's talk abouth each phase in detail.


1 - Attack Phase

So, here we go, these first few days could be a bit traumatic for bread lovers but it will soon get better and more interesting, I promise. You will soon understand that there are so many great dishes you can create that you won't be missing carbs at all! This is the first phase of your diet, it can be as short as 1 or 2 days or as long as 7 days, it depends on how much weight you need to lose, the more the weight the longer your attack phase will be. You can follow this table to understand better and plan how long your attack phase needs to be:

Attack Phase Length

Weight you need to lose
Attack Phase Lenght
Less than 10lbs
1 or 2 days
From 15lbs to 30lbs
3 to 5 days
More than 40lbs
7 days

This phase is also called the 'Pure Protein Phase' that's because you will only be eating 'Pure Protein'. During this phase you will be eating as much as you like (really? Yes really!) but just foods from a list of allowed foods:

Lean meat

Beef tenderloin, Filet mignon – Buffalo – Extra-lean ham – Extra-lean Kosher beef hot dogs – Lean center-cut pork chops - Lean slices of roast beef - Pork tenderloin, pork loin roast – Reduced-fat bacon, soy bacon- Steak: flank, sirloin, London broil– Veal chops – Veal scaloppini - Venison


Chicken – Chicken liver – Cornish hen – Fat-free turkey and chicken sausages – Low fat deli slices of chicken or turkey – Ostrich steak - Quail – Turkey - Wild duck


Arctic char – Catfish – Cod – Flounder – Grouper – Haddock – Halibut and smoked halibut – Herring – Mackerel – Mahi Mahi – Monkfish – Orange roughy – Perch – Red snapper – Salmon or mmoked salmon – Sardines, fresh or canned in water – Sea bass – Shark - Sole – Surimi – Swordfish – Tilapia – Trout – Tuna, fresh or canned in water


Clams – Crab – Crawfish, crayfish – Lobster – Mussels – Octopus – Oysters – Scallops – Shrimp - Squid

Vegetarian Proteins

Seitan – Soy foods and veggie burgers – Tempeh - Tofu Fat-free dairy products Fat-free cottage cheese, Fat-free cream cheese, Fat-free milk, Fat-free plain Greek style yogurt, Fat-free ricotta, Fat-free sour cream Eggs Chicken – Quail – Duck

You need to eat 3tbsp of Oat Bran every day, you can have them with milk in the morning or you can have the amazing carbs free Dukan Pancakes (Recipe coming soon).

You are also allowed illimitade Shirataki noodles and 1tbsp of goji Berries to snack on.

Can you believe that? you can eat as much chicken breast as you like and as much ham as you want! This for me sounded too good to be true so I was so surprised when I lost 9lbs in my 7 days of attck phase! You do lose a lot of weight in this diet and the thing I like the most is that, even if it's a big adjustment to make, you never go hungry.

Dukan Diet Breakfast Pancakes


What about you?

Have you ever tried the Dukan Diet?

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2 - Cruise Phase

This is the second phase of your diet and it will last as long as it takes for you to lose all the weight you want to lose.

In this phase you will be eating all the allowed foods of the attack phase, plus these

32 allowed vegetables:

Artichoke - Asparagus – Bean sprouts - Beet - Broccoli - Brussels sprouts - Cabbage - Carrot - Cauliflower - Celery - Cucumber - Eggplant - Endive - Fennel - Green beans – Kale – Lettuce, arugula, radicchio – Mushrooms – Okra – Onions, leeks, shallots – Palm Hearts - Peppers – Pumpkin - Radishes – Rhubarb - Spaghetti squash - Squash - Spinach – Tomato – Turnip – Watercress – Zucchini

In this phase you are also allowed 1tsp of olive oil per day and 2 tbsp of Goji Berries per day to snack on!

You will not eat these vegetables every day, you will alternate 2 days of Pure Protein (PP) and 5 days of Protein and Vegetables (PV).

You can make pizza and feel totally guilt free!
You can make pizza and feel totally guilt free! | Source

3 - Consolidation Phase

The Consolidation Phase will last 5 days for every lbs you have lost, so for example if you have lost 30lbs your consolidation phase will last 150 days. This phase will be divided in 2 halves and in both parts you will be introducing more foods.

The foods you will be introducing are the following:

1st Part
2nd Part
1 serving of fruit per day
2 serving of fruit per day
2 slices of wholemeal bread per day
2 slices of wholemeal bread per day
1 cheat meal per week (1 appetizer, 1 main course, 1 dessert and 1 glass of wine)
2 cheat meals per week (1 appetizer, 1 main course, 1 dessert and 1 glass of wine)
1 Cup of cooked starchy food per day
2 Cups of cooked starchy food per day
1.5 ounces of hard rind cheese per day
1.5 ounces of hard rind cheese per day
You can even have a BIG MAC!!!
You can even have a BIG MAC!!! | Source

4 - Stabilization Phase

This is the last phase of your journey, and guess what? It will last for the rest of your life! You can start eating everything you like in moderation, keep having your 3tbsp of oat bran every day and keep having one day per week of Pure protein (like in the Attack Phase).

You are out of ideas for your meals? Here is the Dukan Diet Cookbook

Final Thoughts

I know that reading this you my think it's going to be hard and really boring, I thought the same. The truth is, it's not hard and it can be really fun! Maybe it's not what you are used to but you will find out you can have really amazing meals still sticking to the allowed food (I will soon publish my recipes so stay tuned!). You can also get the great Dukan Diet Cookbook, it helped me a lot in finding ideas for meals. I have restarted this diet today as I have a few pounds to drop after the holidays and I feel already so energized and light! Remember to drink as much water as you can and limit the amount of coffees you have. Before starting this diet you definitely need a plan, you need to get as many information as you can and you need to store the kitchen with loads of protein based foods. It helps me to get rid of all the non-allowed foods before starting, so that I don't have any temptation. I hope you find this as useful as I did, good luck!

Interview to Pierre Dukan

Dukan Diet Phases Summarized

  • Attack

    2 to 7 days of pure protein.
  • Cruise

    2 pure protein days and 5 vegetables and protein days each week until you reach your weight goal.
  • Consolidation

    5 days for each pound lost, you will be adding more foods and will have cheat meals.
  • Stabilization

    for the rest of your life, eat what you like but keep having 1 pure protein per week and 3 tbsp oat bran per day.


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    • allamazingstuff profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Hi and thank you for stopping by :)

      I am pretty sure you will be ok with oat bran. There are several varieties of oat bran that have been certified gluten free, for example Bob’s Red Mill Oat Bran. In the phase where the bread is addes, I am pretty sure you can eat any gluten free substitute as well. I think the Dukan brand has also got all a big range of products for intolerances as well. I am going to post the link at the end of this Hub in a minute.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 

      3 years ago from Beautiful South

      This is a well researched and well-written hub about this diet, and I commend you for the good job. What I find interesting about it is that, unlike Weight Watchers and Atkins,the Dukan Diet seems to eliminate, rather than require, many allergy-causing foods. My diet will have to be built around gluten-free and limited dairy so I have a couple of questions. I assume that soy milk and yogurt can be substituted for the dairy variety. That's easy, but what about the oat bran? Is it gluten-free or can you get a gluten-free variety? In the phase in which whole wheat bread is added, is there a substitute. I eat very little bread because rice-flour and other substitutes don't make for very good breads. Thanks. Voted up**


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