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My Crazy Dust Craving During Pregnancy

Updated on July 17, 2015
WryLilt profile image

Susannah Birch is a certified Birth Doula, Journalist and owner of Trimester Talk, a leading pregnancy website.

It's dust too much...

When I was about 28 weeks pregnant I developed my first craving - for dust. Not dirt. Not mud. Dust. The fine powdery substance with the qualities of brown flour that's often found in places like outback dirt roads.

I was dusting shelves at work out of boredom when I realized I liked the smell - then - wonder of wonders, I realized I wanted to lick it. Strange! However, let's just say that, for the rest of my pregnancy if there was dusting to be done, my work associates nicely let me do it! I had certain spots I knew were just coated in mounds of it where I could dust away and enjoy the heavy clouds of dust around me.

I looked it up and the closest craving I could find online was dirt - which to me was like someone who loved hass avocados being told to eat a fuerte avocado. According to the internet my dust craving probably meant I had a lack of iron.

I went to my doctor and told her I had low iron. I don't think she believed me because I had no other symptoms but she did a blood test - and I had low iron. I started taking iron tablets but my dust craving still remained.

It's dust not what you think...

It's been six months since I had my baby girl - and my craving hasn't subsided. So I thought I'd write a hub about it - since when it began, I could find barely two words online even telling me about dust craving. Oh yes, there were pages on toilet paper and baking soda cravings - but no dust!

While I was pregnant I asked my dad to bring me a bucket of dust on one of his regular work trips out of town - he brought back a big container which I contented myself with sticking my finger in and licking once a day during pregnancy, from its spot beside my bed. It was a little crunchy so I ended up with a sieve and bowl beside it to strain it. No, it didn't end up with its own chair.

Near the end of my pregnancy we had a dust storm envelop a large part of the state. I was in heaven. While my asthmatic friends coughed and cursed, I just enjoyed the thick, dusty air. My husband kept telling me it was bad for me and to close the door - but the furniture ended up with a thicker coating of dust than it may have otherwise!

Dust to dust... and more dust

I don't think my dust craving has changed since pregnancy - the idea of dust makes me salivate more than an all you can eat take away meal from anywhere you can name.

I will admit it may occasionally sneak into the bedroom too. However I'm lucky to have a husband who's happy... as long as he's happy. Hell, you thought strawberries and cream was enough!

Hopefully any other weird women like me with intense dust cravings out there will find this page and rest in the knowledge that you aren't alone - and if you do find my page please leave a message to say I'm not alone!

Meanwhile I'll be here, sitting back, enjoying watching dust storm videos and eating a muffin finely dusted... and not with icing sugar!

Alternatives for your Dust Cravings and Updates

August 2011:-

I wrote the above article more than a year ago about the dust cravings in my first pregnancy. After having my daughter the cravings abated but never fully went away.Now I'm pregnant with my second daughter and my cravings have returned in full force - and at an earlier stage of my pregnancy than last time.

I figured there had to be an alternative to dust - it's so hard to get good quality stuff and I'm not sure I want something that's been sitting outside for years. And I found an alternative that, although it's not perfect, is generally ok for your body and has almost the same texture without the grit.

Charcoal powder is the answer! Just don't tell them why you're buying it - I did and had two girls and a pharmacist giving me little talks about it and warnings, plus tons of questions about my weird craving. I purchased it in capsules and any day that I feel I can't resist the cravings, I open a capsule, put it in a container and lick it or run my fingers through it.


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    • profile image

      Lils 3 months ago

      I've been smelling dust, like run my finger through furniture/books, collect the dust and smell it. I don't know why but I'm so happy about dust. Dust,dust,dust! So glad I am not alone

    • profile image

      Bini 4 months ago

      Hi, there it's good to find something useful and something that u r actually looking for on internet. Thank you for sharing ur craving. I am not pregnant but recently I've started to crave the smell of dust. The other day I was just walking home, a strong whiff of dust blew past me and I was like this is what I needed & got nostalgic; when I didn't even had the craving on my mind and now I wanna smell dust and can't stop doing it. I'll definitely check my iron as well, which could be one solid reason for my craving since I've had history of iron deficiency. And thanks again for opening up and sharing.

    • profile image

      Rp 4 months ago

      I 've dust craving since childhood, run my fingers and lick dust from tank surfaces etc lick soil and enjoy it. Happy that I am not alone

    • profile image

      Nells 6 months ago

      OMG, thank you! This is my third pregnancy and I am a dusy fanatic. I have to touch it and run my hands along things that are dusty. I literally go to stores and houses to dust, I can't control it. I don't eat it I just like to feel it.

    • profile image

      Alicia Charette 8 months ago

      Omg why couldnt I have found this a year ago when thought.. and still think I'm the only crazy person sneaking into my basement every chance I could get to sweep and stir up as much dust as I could,. Enough to scare away the other tenants from coming down into the basement.. once they looked down the basement stairs and saw that it was filled with clouds of dust, they'd turn around and come back later to do their laundry... Lol, it started when I was pregnant with my third, and lived in a condo with no basement and I would crave the basement smell..the closest satisfaction I could get was from cleaning the lint from inside, outside and underneath my dryer.... Cravings never went away and my son is now 15 months old. I moved to an apartment with the dustiest and most heavenly basement I could dream of... And the best part of stirring up the dust was dusting EVERYTHING after it all settled,.. except for my co tenants things... Boy they hated me... left me a letter titled Dear basement cleaner lol..I became so obsessed with inhaling dust it's all I thought about and wanted to do.. when I ran out of things to sweep/dust I would use a wire grill brush and scrape the cement walls, creating the most euphoric and satisfying dust clouds, smell and the fact that I was making dust clouds in my face right off the walls made it so much better... Even tho I was ruining the basement walls and pissing everyone off, with my dust.. I couldn't get enough... I still can't.. and now my new place doesn't have a basement!!! I need a replacement to calm my crazy dust and basement addiction.... Nothing but a basement will ever be dusty enough for me to make dust clouds to inhale... If anyone is as crazy about the smell, and after smell taste dust gives and knows of an alternative, ahhh in would be so grateful and relieved.. good to know it isn't just me!! (:

    • profile image

      Kris 10 months ago

      I am so happy I found this site!! I have been feeling like a weird freak because of my very odd cravings. I have always enjoyed the smell of dust but now that I am 38 weeks pregnant it has intensified! Some other cravings I have are things like cleaning supplies, antibacterial wipes, New tires, car and lawn mower exhaust, and ICE!! It's so odd.

    • profile image

      Melissa Michelle Mullane 12 months ago

      I'm going to say WOW... I'm so glad its not just me.

      I know a bit of a cure for this crazy craving that might help alot of you.

      ...Tissue salts....

      Dust cravings are a mineral deficiency...

      Buy: schuessler tissue salts from your chemist or health food store, they area homeopathic pill that you chew and taste like dusty chalky goodness.

      There are different types for different symptoms eg: magnesium ones for cramps.

      I use general tonic COMB 12 it has all the mineral elements in it.

      I chew 2-3 evey 1/2 hour. You cant over dose on these.

      just try not to eat the whole container in 1 hit... it can be tempting, but im thinking its not good to do that!

      im 30 weeks pregnant and I get this dusty chalky craving really bad, worse when im pregnant.

      Ive had this addiction to dust since I was a child, liking chalk boards etc.

      my grandmother put me in these tablets and I can control it very easily now.

      give them a go!

    • profile image

      auntjuju 16 months ago

      I have always been anemic. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with all of my weird cravings for non-food things, but it probably does at least to an extent. I have craved so many things, most severely during pregnancy, but still present at all other times.... Gasoline, exhaust fumes, wood, dust, cement, powder, markers, Vicks, Pine-Sol, dirt, rocks, sand, fingernail polish and fingernail polish remover, the smell of old dirty garages, and probably more things I'm not thinking of at the moment. The dust thing for me is the way it looks, the way it feels between my fingers, the way it smells... I always want to lick it off of my furniture or window sills... however, I haven't. I don't know if this is due to an intense feeling of wanting things clean or if I genuinely want to lick dirt! LOL When I was pregnant with my youngest, I would sit up alone at night and watch this home repair show called Holmes on Homes. It had a mixture of everything I wanted to eat ... cement, wood, dirt and dust, all kinds of yucky/yummy stuff! I would sit there with a huge cup of ice and just chomp away while watching that show. At the end of my pregnancy with him I started craving Vicks.... not just the smell but I wanted to eat it. I carried around a bottle of it everywhere I went so I could sniff it once in a while! I still have weird cravings but now that I'm not pregnant they are less obsessive. However, I still have to poke my head out in our garage and take a good long whiff of it once in a while. It's a mixture of gas fumes, oil, dirt and I don't know what else... but oh my gosh it's great! LOL Anyway... glad I'm not the only one! and You are Not Alone! :)

    • profile image

      Lepan 17 months ago

      I've always adored the smell (and taste) of chalk and chalk dust- at school I'd bang to board rubbers together and stand in the cloud and be in heaven. Makes me drool to even imagine it! Pictures of dust clouds and chalk especially make me crave it too. During my pregnancies I was craving chalk like mad- only natural white kind, and tried to get a massive box of one without additives, and to crunch it up and spit out as much as possible so I wouldn't ingest too much, because it was the crunching up I really craved, but still ate loads. I've had a few kidney stones over the years and have to suspect that they're connected, and I try to drink lemon-water and stuff to counteract the effects but a lifelong addiction is hard to beat. Sometimes the craving nearly goes away, but always resurfaces sooner or later, and I've tried every supplement going in case it's an underlying deficiency, but never seems to make much difference. There's a point in the back of my nose/ throat that certain smells and textures trigger- I call it a 'smellgasm'! ;-) Creosote on fences does it, sawdust, old books, cement dust, musty basements/ churches etc.. chalk dust, and for taste it's chalk, some dust/ rocks/ chalky sweets (Pama Violets are best) and chalky antacids, and also- I've recently discovered- turmeric, in hot drinks etc.. I have to really restrain myself from eating things like cement dust, because the smell is great, but I know it wouldn't be good for me! No idea why we have these cravings- vitamin/ mineral deficiency besides- maybe it's some kind of primal thing. Seems to be more women than men who love these smells too. But maybe there are more men out there who just don't discuss it? Nice to know I'm not alone!!

    • profile image

      SailorMars 18 months ago

      I am so relieved that I am not alone in this! I have had pica since I was a little girl, my mum caught me eating the lint out of our tumble dryer...and I still do that to this day! It literally makes my mouth water! I also love vacuum cleaner dust, I vacuum my flat about 5 times a day just so I can satisfy my craving!

    • profile image

      thedandelion 18 months ago

      I just am so shocked. I am all of you. and it's hard to find people who actually understand my dust situation. even my mother thinks I'm weird.

      thanks for this post.

    • profile image

      Tigerlily 18 months ago

      I like smelling the vacuum cleaner from the filter or the hose. The warm heat mixed with the dust has a sweet smell. the bagged versions are the best. My favourite is the expelled air from the filter in the rear or the top of the vacuum. I most confess that i vacuum pure dust particles, any contaminates with a particular smell that overwhelms the scent I will change the bag. Unsure if it is hereditary as my brother likes the smell also and my niece has developed the liking of the vacuum scent. The funny thing is I have allergies and certain scents trigger a respiratory wheeze i.e. perfume, musky dust and any scent that i can taste also. Sometimes I know I have overdone it.

      Glad to know that we are not the only one's enjoy dust. However my other concern is the microscopic organisms that dwell among this waste and if they attach themselves to our internal body??

    • profile image

      Blondi1970 18 months ago

      I like the smell of old books in the library, like Encyclopedias that haven't been cracked open in years...I buy chalk just so I can wet it down and smell it. They have changed how they make it now, at least the white type. It use to be creamy when it was moist, but now it doesn't have that affect any more. There is something about inhaling/breathing in/ smelling clay, dust, whatever your choice is, as it sort of takes your breath away for a few seconds, and you feel satisfied for some reason.Things that are ceramic has that smell too...My grandmother made me many things as a child that I still have and put water in the cavity of it so i can breath in and smell that smell. I do all these things to calm down. Especially now since I have been stressed out really bad. Glad I am not the only one, lol

    • profile image

      Chris 18 months ago

      I recently just admitted that i like dust. Just thinking about it gives me this weird feeling in my throat. I remember when i started to like the smell, feel of dust when i worked at a warehouse and i could run my fingers along metal and find clumps of dust. Now i like to eat ice as well. Which satisfies my craving for dust.

    • profile image

      raina 19 months ago

      I am glad to see I am not the only dust craving is usually activated when I see it, I want to lick it, but I don' my mind I know dust has things in it I shouldn't ingest, but I still can't resist running my hands in it and feeling the texture on my fingers...but what is even weirder is the smell of gasoline and having dust on my hands makes me want to chew ice. I believe I substitute chewing ice for licking the dust...I don't know how the gas smell comes into play, but they all work together with my love of dust...this has been happening since I was 9 years old...I'm 47 that tells you how long it has been.

    • profile image

      YiErSan 19 months ago

      I have had pica since I was 4 or 5. I licked rocks, ate mud (well mud pies) and loved to eat chalk & beat the erasers outside at school! Growing up, I love the smell of gasoline, not straight up, but if I can slightly smell it. Tar, when it is almost set & dry on the roads. Now, I love going into Home Depot to smell caulk (I'll open some of the containers), going to the lumber section to smell wood, breaking up powders in my hands until it turns into dust for hours, bath bombs, dryer sheets (fresh linen kind), & if it snows (which it hardly ever does in GA) driving over the salts in the road to hear the sound of gravel & salt, it turns me on. And also gravel on the streets, I love to smooch it with my shoe and hear that crunching sound. I love to dust using Lysol disinfecting wipes, so I can smell the dust & the lemon cleaning scent. I am 27 weeks pregnant now, and a lot of these craving are coming back in full force. I tried to eat bath bomb powder, but I figured out that I just like to be engulfed in it or inhale it. Not snort, but just inhale. There is a shredder at my job. I love to shread documents, then open up the machine & smell the old paper dust scent, it's heavenly. I also love the smell from car vents when you turn it on, it smells terrific, I can't really explain it. One more thing, I work downtown and have to walk over those street vents on the ground. I am immediately turned on if I walk over one and smell that dusty, tasteless, chalk like scent, but it doesn't last long because I realize I'm on the dirty streets of Downtown. Again, I don't have low iron & I don't eat anything, I just wish I could have constant streams of dust, powder blown un my face multiple times a day. Hopefully a lot of the symptoms will die down after the baby is born. Wasn't this bad with my 1st though, although I loved changing her diaper, just to snort the baby powder, which I don't do anymore.

    • profile image

      Blondi1970 21 months ago

      I know it's called "Pica", when you crave non-food items..I love the smell of a swamp cooler(grew up in Colorado and every house had one, and I was in bliss when summer came each year), rain on hot cement, wet dirt, wet clay, wet ceramic(which might be healthier), chalk, and many more. I have never ever been pregnant, but I have been anemic all my life. When I was a kid, we had cats..lots of them. I would be in charge of doing the kitty litter, and I found that the smell of the bag after you pour it in is the best thing ever! lol Man, I thought I was the only one who craved these things! It actually calms me to smell these things too. I just found on line an official name for the dewy, dusty smell of rain: "petrichor"! I don't eat it, but I just love the smell of these things and really thought I was the only one!So, I have no idea what you call it when you don't ingest it..? Anyone know?

    • profile image

      soho949 22 months ago

      Yes, but WHY? That's what I don't get. I aboslutely love the feel and smell of sand, dust, chalk dust, and erasure (that's my name for the stuff you get when you use an eraser; I'll just erase an unused piece of paper. the texture is so lovely...). Anyway, I just don't get why I react so strongly.

    • profile image

      klink 23 months ago

      OMGOD, yes I am not alone. As long as I can remember, I've loved dust. Just seeing a dusty surface and rubbing a streak in, then rubbing my fingers together until the dust is gone off my finger..OMGOD. Then do it all over again. I am salivating just thinking of doing this. It is so weird. I can remember being a kid and window sills were my thing. The brown grimy dust that would accumulate there (we only have dirt roads in our town, so far me this is awesome). Wow. I feel so relieved not being alone in this. I LOVE DUST. I salivate thinking of dust but never licked or ate any yet haha.

    • profile image

      Gigi 2 years ago

      I was 6 months pregnant the first time. We had driven to a concert and where we parked was all gravel. I got out of the car and dust from the gravel was being kicked up into the air from other drivers, it smelled so good! Then it started to sprinkle and the rain intensified the mineral smell it actually made my mouth water! I thought to myself what is wrong with me I actually want to put a rock in my mouth and suck on it the urge was almost too much to handle. I thought I was crazy. I also crave ice I can tell u where to get the best. I think my local chick fil a people think I'm a nut because all I order is a large cup of ice. I have been trying to research different dirt I know it's crazy. My doctor says I'm not low in iron but have the symptoms. Not sure what to do it's driving me crazy. I want that it's just started raining mineral taste in my mouth!!!! HELP lol

    • profile image

      dustbag 2 years ago

      Yes I really find that my attraction to my vacuum cleaner aroma was deep seated from when I was young, I also did some research that shows a connection to intelligence level and o.c.d. I was tested in 1970 at a level of 147 and I assume that all the synapses in my brain aren't firing as they were then but the attraction of dust dirt fuzz etc. hasn't changed I still love it and collect all I can. Don't feel bad about our attraction to dust and fuzz we are all together in this and thanks to this web site it has helped me immensely.

    • profile image

      Tiffany 2 years ago

      Wow! I seriously thought I was alone and weird. Dust, chalk dust, and brake dust. I would sit in the driveway and wipe the brake dust off of my rims with my bare hands/fingers. It felt so good. My daughter just turned 2 & I still crave it, I haven't tried eating it but playing with it with my fingers is so pleasing. lol

    • profile image

      mamamusketeer 2 years ago

      WOW! i thought i was all my pregnancies ive had the same weird cravings too...dust,chalk dust, medicated powder! And even postbaby the cravings continue. i even took iron supplements for a while but it didn't stop. And the ultimate feeling is that delicious smell you get just when it starts to gives me such a high. lol! im really trying to stop though cos i heard it might be harmful to my airways

    • profile image

      beehunnie 2 years ago

      This is hilarious... I've had the dust fetish(?) for as long as I can remember. never once did I think to google what it means or why... I just do it because it makes me happy! so glad to meet all of the people who are crazy like me :) I'm 27. no kids. never been pregnant. but ohhhh the joy of dusting! and not just any dust. oh no. it's gotta be the good stuff that feels good to the sense of touch. I can rub my hands in it all day! literally. lock me in a dusty room and just leave me be. let me out to pee once or twice and I'm good lol. Yes, [the feel and smell of] vacuum dust! yes, [the feel and smell of] dryer lint! yes, [the feel of] slightly moistened flour! yes, [the feel and smell of] the dust on the patio door after its rained. gahhh... I love it :) now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try and hunt for any dust that I may have missed since my last raid yesterday. wish me luck! happy dusting!

    • profile image

      dustbag 2 years ago

      I have read all the comments and I too have a lust for dust but as Shakespeare said (to thine own self be true) We have to accept the fact that we all enjoy the look and aroma and feel of dust or dirt. I don't feel that it is wrong as long as we don't offend others and keep it to ourselves. We are the ones relieving stress and enjoying our attraction to the dust. Just think it is free, what others don't want we can enjoy, and it is free. Personally I love the aroma of the old upright type of vacuum cleaners and the treasure they contain. I have learned not to judge myself for the way I was made.

    • profile image

      Anna 2 years ago

      Im 18 and not pregnanat, and I love dust, I love chalk dust and most importantly I LOVE sand. I have not eaten any of the three yet but i love running my fingers through it and rubbing my fingers together. I wish i could roll in sand. I just love the feel of those three things its crazy.

    • profile image

      Sam Bickerton 2 years ago

      I'm 18 and not pregnant, but since the age of about 14 or something, I've been completely obsessed with dust. The look of it, the smell of it, the feel of it, and the taste of it, too. Everything about it makes me salivate, and I always get a lump in my throat when I think about it (though obviously I don't talk about it too much!). I love to see it on surfaces in my house, and I run my fingers through it and then sometimes lick them, but not every time. On top of my wardrobe, I've a load of books and boxes, and I haven't dusted there at all since they were all last touched, solely for the purpose of at some point having a long-built up dusty haven to mess with. I can see how dusty it is each time I go to bed because I share a room and I'm on top bunk. And I often Google pictures of dust, just so I can imagine touching it and licking it, and that's so sad but true! I also salivate over the smell of firelighters, which I'm also tempted to constantly smell, touch and eat. And I really want to start smoking because I'm love with the smell of cigarette smoke. I know that if I said any of this out loud to someone they'd be just a little bit disturbed! I need help!

    • profile image

      Karen 2 years ago

      You NEED a Swamp cooler. I'm in southern Cali and we rented a house with a swamp cooler on a dirt. I would stand in front of it with my mouth open and all my family and friends would give their two cents about it. I didn't care the joy of standing in front of that cool dusty thing was worth it. It's like the smell of a dirt road after it rains but intensified.

    • profile image

      Loressef 2 years ago

      For me it started when I was about 4 or 5. I loved licking baby powder and dust, from playing in gravel from the driveway, off my fingers. I would also eat the dust of chalk. After my mom started giving me vitamins the craving went away and hasn't been back until this pregnancy (my third child). I've started sampling baby powder again but thank God this pregnancy is nearly done. 38 weeks. For me it's definitely a nutritional deficiency. Baby powder, chalk and dust all have various kinds of minerals such as magnesium and silica, etc.

    • profile image

      Calibaby 2 years ago

      I just want to comment that I'm glad I'm not alone! I love dust! During the winter I got a bag of sand and can't resist it. I first started wanting it when I went to my nieces softball games and had dreams of going to the field to get bags of it! Now I like to sift the sand do get all the big rocks out put it in a ziplock bag and shake the bag and sniff the dust! It's almost orgasmic....I also love to put my hand in the bag and lick the dust off.. It weird though because I also had the duty of wiping down the chalk board and clapping the erasers together to clean them oh the joy!!!

    • profile image

      Tara 3 years ago

      I crave the smell of sawdust. . Garages. . Attics.. basements. . Anything musty and dusty. I'm pregnant and this happened with my first and third pregnancy lol

    • profile image

      Aj 3 years ago

      I am a 22 year old women, And I have loved touching dust since I was about 11. I have never been pregnant and I would love to know the reason why I love to rub dust between my finger! I do it anywhere I can and it is such a good feeling doing it. My family thinks I am so weird for doing it by I can't help it! I am so happy other people feel the same.

    • profile image

      Missj 3 years ago

      Dry wall & dry wall dust! Since 5 months pregnant.

    • profile image

      Lesley. 3 years ago

      Im 18 and i love wiping my finger against dust and see it on my fingers then rub it until it gets off. the feeling makes me happy and i can sit and do it for hours :S i wonder why this happens..

    • profile image

      shadow13 3 years ago

      I remember liking the feel of powder when I was little, but, now, at 54, I crave the road salt collected on cars in winter. I love to take my finger and clean portions from my car. I love the gritty feel of it and am so glad I found this site. I did taste it, but, it was really tooo salty and I am afraid it would make me sick. I just love the feel of it on my fingers, or my hands as I clean off parts of my car. I think I must have always liked this because I love to sweep the garage and see the dust fly. My husband and daugher moved to an apt and I think I am missing playing in the dirt of my flower gardens. I am picturing cleaning my whole car off eventually and figure I am going to be looked at strangely. I love construction sites and the guys who work there and their dirty clothes. I salivate and feel sexual and my heart races as I look at the other salty cars on the road. I am glad I am not alone

    • profile image

      misswilson 3 years ago

      I am not currently pregnant, but I've had "dust cravings" ever since I could remember. I don't have the urge to eat it (yet, anyway) but the feel of it between my fingers and the smell make me salivate!! I also like baby powder and light outdoors dust. I'm glad I'm not alone!!

    • profile image

      duster 3 years ago

      Im not pregnant im only 18 and i have the same thing i love the smell of dust and i love to run my fingers along any dust object and lick it off my hand its even gotten to the point where i ate nearly all the air dust in the air flitter from the a/c ... nobody but my brothers no about this they always look at me digusted but i really dont care . I have low iron but its like eating dust really calms me down.... im glad im not alone

    • profile image

      crystal 3 years ago

      I'm 34 weeks with my 3rd and never had this craving , I want to roll around in the white soft powder used at construction sites. My kids have a sand pit and I'm always digging my feet in it but its not quite good enough. I think a bag of chalk powder would satifie me but I just want to be covered in it. I was craving just sand on my feet but now its the powder all over me. Yes I am iron deficient.

    • profile image

      dusty 3 years ago

      I have the same issue. It happened during both of my pregnancies..the craving for the smell of baby powder and feel of dust. I also liked to have it on me. But its been 15 years since my last pregnancy and its suddenly come back. Only now, its not just baby powder and dust...i love the smell of exhaust from a dump truck, and the site of the red dirt/dust in the air when they are leaving a construction site. I love the feel of sand and fine has to be powdery and ICE! I am suuuure my iron is low but...i actually enjoy the feeling i get when I see, mell or feel these things.

    • profile image

      T. Perry 3 years ago

      I am 5 months pregnant, but I have been craving dust for years now and I think it began at the age of 15. I love the touch of sand and really dirt. When I go into the bathroom, I can't leave without opening the bottom cabinet and smelling the wood and wiping around for dust. It seems to get worst every year and now that I am pregnant, it's out of control. I have never tasted it before, but I have tasted chalk so that I wouldn't taste the dust. I am getting to the point where I even need to eat sand because touching it no longer works. I look at my niece when she rubs the carpet or the ground (she's 1 by the way) and it makes my craving for sand, dirt, dust, and chalk worst. I don't know if I need therapy for this or if I'm just a weirdo.

    • profile image

      bk 3 years ago

      I had a craving to touch dust gathered on my fireplace in my room and run between my fingers in my pregnancy!! Lucily I lived in a dusty area between a bus garage and busy train track!It was great as dust built up on the furniture daily and I was never out of stock :-) You are definitely not alone!!!

    • profile image

      smilesaysitall:) 3 years ago

      I am not even pregnant but I think I am addicted to dust and anything powdery ( Flour, baby powder, dust, body powders, lose dust from outside). It started with baby powder, just smelling it or putting it on my body but then I started smelling and touching dust. I find myself vacuuming and cleaning out the vacuum almost every other day. I don't eat it just smell or touch it. I find myself thinking about it all the time. I am glad there are many others with the same compulsion.

    • profile image

      vacuumbag 4 years ago

      i love the vintage kirby vacuum cloth bag love the smell of the dusty smell love to put my face in it and smell it.and love to eat the dust of them glad there other people that love the smell i thought i was weird.

    • profile image

      Tanzy 4 years ago

      Your not alone! In Texas we have a light brown dirt and its great! It's been over 20 years since I started!

    • profile image

      weird20 4 years ago

      I have had the exact same dust craving throughout most of my pregnancy and, even though my son is now 3 months old, it still hasn't gone away and is just as strong. Even from the comment of the dust from the vacuum cleaner. I find myself vacuuming and dusting every day, even sniffing the dust of the sides.

      I thought all powdery things such as my sons baby milk as having the same effect so (I hate to admit) I have tried sniffing baby milk to no avail.

      I would understand if it was due to a lack of iron as i have been vegetarian for some time now but still I don't understand how that has anything to do with dust.

      Mainly I'm just glad I'm not the only one with this weird obsession.

    • profile image

      dustbag 4 years ago

      I'm not pregnant but have always had an attraction to the aroma and feel of dust from my vacuum cleaner, and like dannii it gives me a soft tension release and I love to feel it all over my body, I am not inteerested for help just found more people with the same desire.

    • profile image

      Ann Marie 4 years ago

      I found an amazing solution that is healthy, too. You can get food grade diatomaceous earth for very little cost and it is amazing!!! It is used to kill bugs and even deworm animals. All it is is the powder of ground up shells that are rich in minerals. You may want to check it out :)

    • profile image

      cant helpit 4 years ago

      I love the taste of Kaolin/Clay/Dirt/Earth/Dust/Ice etc...!

      If you are looking for a clean source of Georgia White Dirt check out this website:

      They offer:

      Georgia White Dirt- 1 pd/16oz bags for $5.00

      The shipping prices are reasonable too.

    • profile image

      Ann Marie 4 years ago

      Thank you for posting this!!! I have the same issue where I salivate and want to smell dust and it is really strange. Mine has been through all of my five pregnancies and usually I want to smell cat litter dust, in particular. I used to have to keep a bag of cat litter next to my bed and I would inhale the dust. I know it has to be dangerous so I have tried not to do it during this pregnancy, but the craving has come back and I salivate when I pass construction zones because of the dust and rocks!!! I really don't know if this is PICA or something else and I really hope I can learn to control it!!! Good luck to you!!!

    • profile image

      Jodie 4 years ago

      Your not alone. :)

    • profile image

      Dannii 4 years ago

      I'm 37+6 pregnant and I absolutely LOVE the smell of dust, I love emptying my vacum just to be able to smell it, but some days I feel like I have to run my fingers through it because of the softness and the feeling of having dust on my body drives me insane (In a good way) ..I have to suffer most days though because I have no dust to smell or play with!:/

    • profile image

      sonya 4 years ago

      Try using a foam circle. Put in the vacum cleaner let. Run in your bagless vacuumlet the dust. All on

      the foam. And then take. It out and sniff away.

    • profile image

      Trish 4 years ago

      Emily you made me feel sooooo much more comfortable admitting to this problem. I swear every time there was dust in the area I would want to rub it all over me and it gave me a bit of a turn on. I thought I was losing my mind!!! It's nice to know that I'm not the only one. Luckily my little girl is due in about 2 and 1/2 weeks so hopefully I can be over this crazy craving. The craziest part is that I don't really care to eat it (though I haven't been that close to any so I may not really know just yet lol)

    • profile image

      Emily 4 years ago

      As long as i can remember ive always been addicted to the smell of a freshly vaccumed room, it got to the point where i would vacuum my room three-four times a week, even our filing cabinets at work smells like this, it gives me the urge like i want to eat air intoxiated with dust scent. Drives me nuts both sanely and sexually....

    • profile image

      Graciouscatowner 5 years ago

      I can remember when I was a little girl I would chew on the carpet for the dust smell! I am now in my 40s and have not lost the craving for dust...I don't want to eat though, have no desire for that, just sniffing it. I have to live on a dirt road so I can smell it all the time. I like dust flour and other kind of powdery smells like that. I have never lost the craving to sniff it. I feel like an addict as I am sniffing the air as a car passes me on a dirt road! I am anemic also...

    • profile image

      thandeka 5 years ago

      AM NOT ALONE yoh my God i eat dust like nothing on earth am not pregnant and i donot have kids but i enjoy eating dust everyday i can walk a long distance looking for carving dust and collect it almost everyday and i just want to stop eating dust i just can't the appetite is too much and i have low iron but i will try that tables and take it from there .

    • profile image

      Nana k 5 years ago

      I started smelling dust abt 5 yrs ago. It got to a pnt i started having pains in my head afta sniffing it. Dis is nt gud n av stopped.

    • profile image

      notpregnantbut... 5 years ago

      i had to share in the dust love. my favorite smell in the whole entire world is the smell of chalk dust. since i was a child. i too share in that vacuum cleaner dust love, the a/c when it first turns on, the freezer. All have that same smell. I actually have a box of chalk i keep next to my bed. when i first bought it a couple of years ago, it didn't really smell like anything. but as it has started to disintegrate...OMG!! my mouth does water, but i really don't have the desire to eat it. just smell it. I'll just lay on my bed with the box to my nose in heaven. it has gotten a lot worse lately in that i'm constantly thinking about that box. i think my perimenopause and dropping hormones may have something to do with it.

    • profile image

      QueenBee17 5 years ago

      I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant and I've only just started this affair with dust. I have yet to eat it, though the urge is very strong. I purposely go around the house running my index finger across surfaces hoping to feel dust. I then rub it between my fingers and move on to another area. Also, my love for the smell of garages and gas stations has increased greatly. However, nothing compares to my current love for dust. Is there an explanation for this? I haven't brought it up to my doctor, because I haven't eaten it and it's quite embarrassing. My husband, mom, dad, and sisters all slap my hand when they catch me in the act. I just can't help it!! I have to go now, because the urge is too strong and I have to touch it.

    • profile image

      faith 5 years ago

      i love the smell of dust n licking dust to the point that i scrape papers,magazine cardboard with any sharp instrument which is nearby just to make dust so that i can hv scared that one day this is going to make me sick

    • profile image

      param 5 years ago

      friends m also in ur party..:)

    • profile image

      missy 5 years ago

      My craving was smelling musty shoes, socks i would deliberately let me son wear his socks to school for the entire week because i know they would smell more funky and also i would lick the insides of his sneakers

    • profile image

      tendai 5 years ago

      you are not alone

    • profile image

      Adrian33 5 years ago

      I'm 33, not pregnant but have had two kids. My obsession, since childhood, has been smelling AC units.(either from the car or window units) the smell makes my mouth water. And makes me wish I could taste it. Also, creek water!!!! I've always been tempted to drink it but never mustered up the nerve!

    • profile image

      CKI 5 years ago

      I'm not pregnant but I understand the feeling of just wanting to taste dust, not dirt but the dust that flies up from sand, when I go out with some friends and see a spot that has some sand I run over there and kick it just so I can see the dust. this thing I've had since I was a little girl, I used to kick in sandy spots got my shoes all torn up, by kicking all sand haha..

    • profile image

      Anna 5 years ago

      Oh, how I crave dust and chalk dust! I am 29 weeks pregnant and have had the urge for, say, 10 weeks now. Last year I suffered blood loss and emptied my iron reserves. Then the cravings were more intense. I found myself searching for videos on YouTube under "dust clouds" "dust storm" "sand dust". I am sure this will surpass, but meanwhile I drag my shoes through every dust pile I see, and breathe in chalk dust occasionally. It's weird how the human body can react!

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      I need help I like the smell of vacuum cleaner and the filter foam I put it to the vacuum vent and smells good and dust come out I smell it Evan more and taste it I need help are there any numbers

    • profile image

      tschv5059 5 years ago

      Definitelly not alone! But Im glad to know IM not alone! I thought I might have something wrong with me. Im not pregnant but I LOVE dust and fine powder dirt and sand. I LOVE the smell of the vacuum cleaner filter and sniff it when I shake it out. I volunteer to sweep the driveway and sidewalks to to be in as must dust as I can. Sometimes when I haven't been near any for awhile I shake the bag of cat litter (non clumping) and sniff the dust.I also love in old buses when the humidifier is on. Just smells so good. I should go get my iron levels checked. . . until then i will keep sniffing dust

    • profile image

      piya 5 years ago

      you are not alone. I am not pregnant bt still i love eating dust. I have tried hard to get over this but i could not. What should i do? I am ashamed of telling it to anybody.

    • profile image

      Naddy 5 years ago

      You are not alone. With my first pregnancy I crave dirt but just could not find the kind that I wanted. And now with this pregnancy I am craving charcoal Its like when a crack head need a hit. My body needs it I was eating a lot of it until my throat started to hurt, the charcoal I was eating was the one called brickett which is the worst kind, there were shiny glass looking particles which I observed I think that's why my throat is hurting. I just order the powder online I can't wait to eat iam currently 37 weeks pregnant it seems the craving got worst.

    • profile image

      pica 5 years ago

      i kno .. im not alone i just like the vacuum smell its like a drug i the dusty filter foam smell that and i am alwas getting sick i kno i need to stop asap

    • profile image

      Poet 5 years ago

      You are not alone! I love dust, the smell of soil after/during rain, cement;I love building sites and spend ages fantasizing about being completely covered in it.Mine cravings are not to do with pregnancy because I have had them since childhood; I remember looking for cracks in the wall to sniff and stick my tongue in. I have been seriously thinking of getting a jar full but I am of the impression they are all poisonous to a degree and charcoal will not do.

    • profile image

      pica 5 years ago

      i like the smell of my vacuum cleaner is that weried i just love the smell of it and the carpet filter i alwas stick to the heater and smells dusty but good omg i love the smell and to lick it too

    • profile image

      k324 5 years ago

      Oh yes.... I have the same thing going on. It all started while pregnant with my first daughter and now that I am pregnant with my second little girl it has definitely returned full force. It never fully went away after my first baby was born. Just glad to know there are so many more people that have the same dust addiction. It's embarrassing to talk about to someone who doesn't understand. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • profile image

      dirtbikechick_07 5 years ago

      hey guys i read this and was surprised i am so happy im not alone, when i first got pregnant i would use the dirt devil vacuum with the container and bang out the filter and breathe in the smell of dust i got to the point i was vacuuming my mother in laws house lol, well i couldn't figure out why i had dust cravings and major ice cravings i knew i was low on iron took iron pills didn't work nothing then i found out i have thalassemia I was told that dust cravings and ice cravings are two big symptoms of it it causes major iron deficency. pple are born with it my iron levels were at a 7.0 and they wouldn't give me a transfusion well the pills were giving me toxic poisoning because thalassemia was preventing it from absorbing in my body correctly so needless to say i still have trouble with it i have to monitor it with my food but i still love ice and dust probably a good thing i ride dirtbikes haha well guys u are def not alone. :)

    • profile image

      Heather 5 years ago

      I know u have herd this b4 but I thought I was the only 1 I have looked it up & yhe only thing I could find was the lack of iron called pica. Needless 2 say my cravings never whent away after my 1st child in 1998 over 13 years ago & I am still looking for a better result to sibside the cravings

    • profile image

      Vacboy 5 years ago

      I thought I was the only one too! I love the older style vacuum cleaners that leave that "just vacuumed" smell when they've been used. I love the smell of the vacuum exhaust and the dust. In fact, I still use one of those older style upright vacuums with the inflatable bag on it just so I can smell the wonderful dusty smell as I'm vacuuming:) I've even put my nose right on the vacuum bag just to smell that awesmoe dusty smell. Crazy I know! I don't have the desire to eat it or anything, I just LOVE the smell:)

    • profile image

      Dust Lover 5 years ago

      I thought I was the only one!! I can't stop smelling dust it just has a unique addicting smell

    • profile image

      lovedust2011 5 years ago

      Hey all me again the dust lover! I did some research and found out that dust particles have minerals in them and if you are iron low like me and preggers it affects you big time. It also said people who eat dust and chalk etc should visit their GP and get it checked out esp if your preggers and eating the stuff....not very good for u and baby. Thank god i am not eating it, my fingers are still sore and searchng for more dust, my daughter is still laughing at me. My house is dust free and I am getting a bit anxious now where to go next. Apparently iron tablets help the situation, but they give u runny poo's. I'd rather keep on dusting. When the baby is born I intend to sweep the whole close where I live and sweep all the grit away. I do find myself running my shoe on grit and listening to lovely sound it makes, kind of when a car skids on dirt and u wish you were surrounded by the dust flying around.

      This is crazy isn't it. Nearly 40 and obsessed with dirt and dust etc. My sister in law says it's not right.

      Oh yes before I go, PICA is the term used for eating dust, chalk etc, please visit your GP as I am going to mention it to the midwife soon.

      Bye all dust lovers!!

    • profile image

      lovedust2011 5 years ago

      Sorry i had to write more. This is the 3rd time around I am beahving like this. I am sweeping any bit of dirt and smiling at the sight. My fingers are so sore from running them around on surfaces, but I like the feel of the grit on my fingers. I cannot stop myself at looking for dusty areas of my house and then I get cross because I have dusted those areas before. My8 year old daughter thinks it's funny. But I love it. I look at dirty wheel trims and run my finger on them and they are black. If my hubby knew he'd think I was nuts. Each time around I have a boy and this is the same thing and feeling I's a boy!

      It stops after the kids are born, but I do love the sight, smell and feel of dust. Dusty shelves etc, roads cars. Anywhere there is dust. The other week I ran my fingers along the handrails in the hospital after a visit and he amount of dust was amazing!.

      I am anemic this time around and diabetic, but i cannot stop this thing I am doing. I have not tasted it yet....don't think I will either. But also the feel of dirt from the garden is calming, I used to feel sand and then taste it...bit gritty but nice. Now the kids have started me on loo roll,just chewing it. I am insane! I better stop now. Bye for now.

    • profile image

      amber 5 years ago

      OMG this is great. Loved reading all the comments. I am the same situation too. Nearly 30 weeks pregnant and the obession with dust is making my fingers sore!

    • profile image

      Shanki 5 years ago

      Hi guys... I'm from Singapore and I'm an indian girl... Am nt pregnant... But my bestie is and she was craving for dust too!!! And this was what her mum bought for her!! =))


    • profile image

      daisy2011 5 years ago

      I am so glad to find this! I have been going insane with loving dust! I can barely think of much else the last few days. I most love to drive down our dirt road and open the window to breath it in. I also love the smell of wet mud, and a cement floor garage. When I was little i used to scoop around in our pail of powdered dishwasher soap and it was so enthralling. It's such an intense feeling. Glad I'm not alone!

    • profile image

      Turchia 5 years ago

      I just recently started to notice my dust craving, actually I never liked the smell or feel of dust.

      But now for some funny reason I love the smell of my vacuum dust, I find myself salivating and I feel like I want to taste it...Its very weird I have no idea where it comes from...but thanks I am not alone..

    • profile image

      Svp 5 years ago

      I can't believe it! I can't believe it! I thought I was so weird. I'm a 50 year old man. I am on dialysis and LOVE, LOVE to smell dust. When I am anemic the craving are so so strong! I used to empty the vacume bag for the dust. Some days I couldn't wait to get home,just dreaming about all the dust waiting for me. I drove my wife crazy. Sneak and staching bags of dust everywhere in my office,next to the bed, oh man! As a kid I would smell and eat chalk. Banging the erasers from the chalk board was my chore. Sometimes just the sight of dust excites me. I inoww all the dustiest places, top of tall shelves, bookcases, back of TV, behind dressers, desks and appliances. I'M NOT ALONE!! We're not all crazy. Thanks guys. SVP

    • profile image

      mikayla 6 years ago

      yay ! im not alone im pregnant with my first im currently 32 weeks. and throughour most of my pregnancy i have had the wierdest/stupidest cravings ever. such as dust lol ill be walking in the side of the road where all the sanish dusty type stuff piles up and kick my feet through it so i can smell it and breathe it it. and dryer lint. this one is recent.. sponges. magic clean erasers. tiny cement chips... honestly my cravings are sooo intense i can barley stand them ! when ever i start to crave something i will start chewing on my tongue ring too try to take my mind off of it. !

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Oh my God! I thought I was so weird- I love the feeling and smell of dust, I am pregnant with my 1st but have always loved dust. I actually empty the filter of my vacuum cleaner out onto the table just so I can run my fingers through it! I feel I could eat it though know I shouldn't' so I don't. Seriously-empty that vacuum!

    • profile image

      jj0610 6 years ago

      I love dust!With my first two boys, I used to put a small dab of tide in the cap and fill it up with water and spit it out. I also licked bricks. My mother lives in a building that used to be an old factory, so whenever I would go through the back hallway, I would lick the bricks. With this pregnancy, I have licked dust everywhere:behind my tv,shoe rack in my closet, off my dvd player. I feel dumb, but I crave it. I sist there and then drink a bottle of water. Will my child be born with dust all over it?I mean I really like indoor dust in my house.No matter what part of my house, it all taste the same. this is so strange, but hey...

    • profile image

      bel  6 years ago

      Wow i thought i was the only one did any one find out if the is something possibly wrong? i had this earge when i was pregnant wit my fourth but it seem to go away or if i think about it it was not as bad now im 44 and the past couple of years its getting worse now the urge is so strong i thinking about eating or smelling any thing that is even close to smelling like dust or dusty ive takin to hiding in my bathroom and smelling comet but it has helped my craving some but now im to the point i smell it and all i wantto do is eat it need help cause i know its not safe to do so and soon i dont think i can fight the craving

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      I had the craving for dust smells when I was a child - when I did my chores vacuuming the house I would sit on the stairs with my nose to the carpet, then into the vacuum hose just inhaling the stuff. I would also bang chalkboard dusters together and just inhale the air. I am pregnant now and though I always liked it it's soo strong especially this last month of my pregnancy. It's mainly the thought and smell of dust in carpet, foam, vacuums that I crave the smell of and the idea of it being sucked somewhere. I wish I had a sponge full of dusty carpet smell that I could squeeze and hit so I could see the dust puff into the air. I am so glad I am not alone!!

    • profile image

      kj 6 years ago

      I CRAVE THE SMELL TOO!!! Finally someone like me! lol i want to eat it all up. . .that and dryer lint. .and im not even pregnant. .

    • profile image

      nicky 6 years ago

      I to am glad I found this site. I love dust I know its not healthy but I have been eating it for about two to three years now, now that I'm pregnant its worse so I look for dust everywhere ceiling fans stairs in tables I don't like roadside dust just house, recently I bang the lint case on the table and eat the gravel dirt that comes from it, Yum. Wish it was a cure tho.

    • profile image

      Kaytee 6 years ago

      Oh, how glad I am to find this page. I've never been pregnant but I discovered that 3 years ago, I develoved this love for dust. I love to see, smell and feel it. Even the thought of it makes me salivate, so I tasted it once. Glad to know I'm not alone. Will look up this Pica stuff and research it. Thanks

    • profile image

      chris 6 years ago

      Thank god I have found other people who have this same craving for dust. It first happened with me when I was pregnant with my first child and I just could not stop my self from seeking out dusty surfaces. When i had gone through my own home and there was none left I was left with the embarrasing situation of running my hands through dust in the homes of my friends. Fortunately they all thought it was amusing. It happened again when I was pregnant with my second child. But most disoncertingly 20 years after the birth of my second and last child it started happening again and I definitely was not pregnant this time. My husband thinks I am mad - and i began to wonder myself if I had finally cracked up. Then I suddenly realised. I had started taking HRT and perhaps that sudden increase in hormones ( just like in pregnancy) had something to do with it. It is the only explanation I can come up with and perhaps we have stumbled on a little known but extremely intensive side effect of pregnancy or hormone inbalance. I know that it is something I just can't help and at 46 I find myself down on my hands and knees running my fingers along the skirting boards looking for dust. Not very dignified but extremely satisfying. Does anyone else think it is about time this condition was recognised to stop our partners, families and friends just thinking we are odd?

    • profile image

      Allison 6 years ago

      I watched a special about a girl who eats and has been eating sidewalk chalk since she was in kindergarten/pre-school. Until watching that, I had little knowledge of Pica. My boyfriend and I agreed that I have Pica. I've been eating dust since I can remember, especially dust that collects on vents, fans, venetian blinds and bookshelves. I like the grit that i get from scraping a brick, I like to chew sand and dry dirt (but not as much) and I adore the smell of rain on cement. I have noticed that my cravings have intensified recently, perhaps due to lack of nutrition or perhaps stress. Most people seem to think Pica is caused by an iron deficiency, so I will see what my doctor says. *thoughtfully grinds teeth to feel dust particles*

    • ThomasE profile image

      ThomasE 6 years ago from UK

      This is known as pica cravings... it is normally a result of iron deficiency anemia. Go to your doctor, get a simple blood test, if you are anemic it is easy to cure.

      You can be anemic and experience pica cravings even if you are not pregnant, or if you are a man.

    • profile image

      christina 6 years ago

      i googled this subject in desperate need to seek out other people with this odd "fetish". i'm not pregnant, nor have i been, and though i don't eat dust, i get this amazing desire to touch it and rub it in my hands. i do this with dust, dirt and even flour. it's weird, it's almost sort of an arousal! so happy to hear others have similar stories.

    • profile image

      Ashley 7 years ago

      Sooo happy to find this page! I am 34 weeks pregnant and LOVING dust. I have not have the craving to eat it but i love the feeling of the dust on my hands. Anytime i see dust on my furniture i HAVE to touch it and clean it with my hand...sooo strange!!! I thought i was alone with this one!

    • profile image

      Monique 7 years ago

      So far my craving of fine road dust can only be satisfied by stone ground wheat floor I get from Walmart.Try it and see.If you find other healthy substitutes,post it so I can try.

    • profile image

      Nikki 7 years ago

      Yup, I also crave dust...well, dusty dirt. I am 34 weeks pregnant now and I want to eat the stuff up! I had the same craving with my first pregnancy. I don't crave indoor dust, probably because a lot of it is made up of skin that sheds off of peoople. BUT-when I'm driving and there's dusty dirt in the road, I drive very slow and turn my AC on high. I LOVE the smell and I want to stop and eat it. I also love the smell of rain, because rain is just water and dirt. Plus, it kicks up powdery dirt! I also crave soft ice like nobody's business. And, get this, my iron levels are fine.

    • profile image

      George 7 years ago

      I'm a 57 year old man and I crave the sight of sand blowing across the roads and i drive and sand blowing from mounds of sand and earth. I want to jump inside of it and open my mouth at the same time. I can't take my eyes off it when I see it when I'm driving. I don't what the hell this is all about. Am I crazy????

    • profile image

      Pareena 7 years ago

      You are actually not alone...

      I found this page when I was looking for others like me who develop urge to eat dust during pregnancy...

      Its great to know that I'm also not alone :)

      Thanks for posting!

    • profile image

      Sarah 7 years ago

      I'm currently 35 weeks pregnant and LOVE dust. I seek it out everywhere and am constantly dusting off things with my bare hands. Furniture, cars, etc. Parking garages are my absolute favorite. The cement and dusty floors . I loved dust during my first pregnancy too and neither times have I had low iron!

    • profile image

      Butterflypoetre 7 years ago

      so I've never been pregnant, but i love the feel of dust. I dont know why tonight of all nights I'd want to look this subject up, but if there is dust around I AM IN HEAVEN. Now I dont eat it, but the feel of it is crazy. I will wipe down desk at wk, go visit elderly people from church and I am in heaven. I dont need a rag...well maybe for the polish, but that's after I have touched everything.

    • brakel2 profile image

      Audrey Selig 7 years ago from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

      Stranger things have happened. You are so willing to share your feelings, and I really admire that. I also hear that if you crave sugar, you are lacking in red meat.I think that a lot of people crave sugar, especially chocolate. I hope your iron deficiency has cleared up. Have a good day LarasMama.

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