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Dyslexia is like having size 15 feet

Updated on January 31, 2010
Be patient with them
Be patient with them

Or so I thought

In my exposure to a couple of people that I play Internet games with who have dyslexia, I had initially come to the conclusion that the condition of Dyslexia must be something like having size 15 feet. It would be frustrating trying to take up skiing or buy shoes at the local mall or shoe store. And this frustration could get in the way of having normal fun or enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

I never would have discovered that these individuals were dyslexic until they both felt comfortable enough to volunteer the information. Their chat appeared normal to me, just like everybody else in the game that is willing to talk. Minor typos are very common but every once in a while theirs would be a little more frequent, especially when they were tired.

Well, in further looking into dyslexia, I found out that this concept of size 15 is wrong and in fact it would be more like having size 13 feet or size 5 in ladies shoes. Both dyslexia and the foot comparison are more common than the analogy of size 15.

In my past experience, in the sporting goods field in Canada, I discovered that size 13 in both skates and ski boots were more difficult for an individual to buy at their favourite sporting goods outlet—not virtually impossible like size 15. And I discovered that Dyslexia is present in somewhere between 5-10% of the population which makes it more like size 13 or even size 12.

So, it would seem that everyday enjoyment with Dyslexia is achievable like having size 13 feet. You will run into frustration trying to rent or buy ski boots, running or regular shoes because they are often not in stock, but if you keep working at it, you will be able to find all of these. And, for those with the condition of Dyslexia, it would appear to me that this is also the same. You will undoubtedly run into frustration dealing with the difficulty but it can be overcome. Just like shopping for size 13 footwear, it takes a little extra work—and maybe a little help.

Shoe sizes are based on North American standards here since I am Canadian. You might check out OnlineConversion for other countries. This is a useful site for this purpose.


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    • profile image

      the little ones 

      8 years ago

      Hello,I an one of the people mentioned above with Dyslexia.I would have to say that his understanding of Dyslexia is becoming greater and greater with every conversation we have.LOL You will undoubtedly run into frustration dealing with the difficulties of Dyslexia ,but it can be overcome. Just like mentioned above it is something that you have to work with and towards controlling it.I find when i get upset and have to do wighting ,It will show up all over the place.Like when talking about it i get frustrated and start to mess everything up.So i will leave everybody with that and say >Thank you for reading this.

      the little ones


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