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Updated on May 29, 2015

The Ebola scourge in West Africa is having an overwhelming impact on the Africans life as it is antagonistically influencing the continents efforts and wildlife conservation. Because of this destructive sickness, the tourism business of the entire continent has endured a noteworthy setback. If you take the case of Kenya, which is one of the 5 hugest animals homes in Africa; where you can find animals like lions, panthers, Cape wild ox, Black/White rhinoceros and elephants, thrives on the revenue generated from the wildlife tourism which represents 61% of its GDP. Let say Kenya has one of the biggest Wildlife reserve in Africa which are one of the significant touristic attraction places in Africa.

Although the Ebola flare-up zone is more than 3000 miles far from Kenya and in spite of the fact that there has not been any case in the country; the wildlife tourism industry has been affected seriously in Kenya. This drawback on the tourism is bringing about less fund allocation for wildlife conservation and numerous wildlife parks are being compelled to diminish their numbers of officers in charge of the protection of wildlife space. This has given easy access to hunters to the wildlife space and the cases of poaching have increased drastically. Other African Countries are likewise confronting the same issue.

As per Jake Grieves-Cook, the former administrator of the Kenyan Tourism Federation, the revenue received from the wildlife parks and the safari camps are utilized to pay for the wages of the wildlife security guards and other measures to ensure the wildlife protection. He said it is only the revenue generated from the touristic visits that help to protect the flora and fauna in the country. Mr. Jake has himself archived 10 occurrences of elephant poaching following the time when the Ebola scourge began and accepted that this number would keep on rising if the tourism business is not revitalized as soon as possible.

Lately, the probability of keeping up extensive wildlife reserve has been discussed in numerous African nations. Although numerous lawmakers contended that the area being utilized for wildlife reserve could have yielded more prominent income for the state if it had been utilized for horticultural purposes. Today the reducing revenue yield from the wildlife tourism has proved them right. Flora and Fauna environmentalists, like Colin Bell expect that if this recession in the touristic industry keeps going this way, then the endless safaris will soon be changed over to rural area and this will bring about loss of living space for wild animals. As per Mr. Chime, the loss of environment will bring about less shelter, less food and congestion for the displaced wild animals and many of the wild animals will end up dying

Africa being a home to numerous jeopardized species, like the mountain gorilla, African elephant and the dark rhinoceros, if all efforts towards the conservation of the flora and fauna are interrupted, then we shall expect various imperiled species to start dying soon.


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