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Elderly Inifference or Neglect in USA Health Care Facilities?

Updated on February 13, 2017
Frances Edwins Chisholm (BD: 1917)
Frances Edwins Chisholm (BD: 1917) | Source

Are The Elderly Receiving The Care They Deserve?

A report by the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry, about 25,600 centenarians will be around to celebrate Respect for the Aged Day There are more than 1 million citizens aged 90 or older, the ministry says. I am searching for how many of these special folks have been referred for specialized intensive health care and rehabilitation.

Physicians Too Busy to Heal. Nurses Too Overwhelmed To Care?


Stroke Victim Frances Edwins Chisholm Carried Out Of Forrest General Hospital
As stated, it all began at lunch when Frances Chisholm and her grand daughter, Linda, were having lunch at the Olive Garden in Hattiesburg, MS. Frances finished her meal and suddenly slumped in her seat. When I arrived at the scene, my mother was unresponsive. Within minutes, AAA paramedics concluded that my mother had suffered a "stroke" and needed to be transferred to Forrest General Hospital. Suddenly remembering orders about her healthcare wishes that have been very few, "Never take me to Forrest General Hospital", I reported this to the paramedic. However, he proceeded saying, "You can take her to Wesley but, the staff may not be available to care for a stroke.". "You can take her to Wesley but they are not certified.", You can take her to Wesley but the neurologists are not always available when we have taken patients there",."You can take her to Wesley but if medications are needed they have a window of time to be given. You just can't be sure someone will be there." And so, I agreed that Forrest General must be the safest choice for providing the best care for my mother.


We arrived at Forrest General met by an ER nurse and Dr Jennings. Appropriate tests were performed but during that time, because of Frances Chisholm's age of 94, no aggressive treatment or anticoagulant therapy could be considered. At first, assessment by the staff was attentive until there WAS NOBODY!! !I was waiting for a neurologist. When I asked the ER physician as to his arrival, he explained that there was no need for a neurologist to see my mother. He had already consulted Dr Schwartz by phone and they decided to get her a bed on a"floor" eventually., It seemed like hours that I was left alone to care for my mother. She was thrashing, unresponsive, uncooperative, removing EKG leads, attempting to pull her IV out, and she was soaking wet. Calling for help did not work. Finally, seeing a young man in the hallway, I asked for an under-pad and sheets that I could not find in the room. Fact: The Forrest General Hospital ER does not provide under pads that protect a patient's skin integrity, as well as provide basic needs, such as comfort from not being left soaking wet on a gurney.. The young man did not stop and offer to help me/ he simply stated. "We don't have under-pads in the ER.", and went on his way. Not being able to leave my mother's side and not having my cell phone, I was having a great deal of difficulty managing my mom and began to panic. Finally, I was able to move her cart close enough to the phone on the wall to call my daughter in NY, my husband at work, and my other daughter picking up her son at school. I NEEDED HELP!!! Holding my mother down, trying to replace the EKG leads, and preventing her from pulling out the IV was wearing on me. It seemed as though that once it was determined that my mother was not a candidate for anticoagulant therapy, she was cast aside as an old woman with a stroke who didn't need emergent care and has already "...;lived a long productive life." , No one has to depend on simply what I claim. I'd like to see if the hospital can produce a continuous EKG reading on Frances ChishoIm. No one entered our ER room again until I demanded to have my mother transferred to Wesley Medical Center. Finally, I called out for my mother to be transferred to Wesley Medical Center. It was only then that Dr Jennings and a nurse entered to explain that they would not transfer her her to Wesley. Why? She was stable enough to be left alone with all monitor leads on the floor and her needs ignored by nursing and medical staff.. It was okay for her to lie in her own urine and for staff to ignore my pleas for help, as well as calls from my family in Mississippi and in New York. Was there some serious trauma case being attended? NO.Prior to getting the ER physician back to the room, I got the attention of a Nursing Student who was unable to help me with the EKG leads, finding new ones or gathering linen to allow my mother to feel clean and dry. However, she did disclose that "the nurse" and "Doctor" were at the desk, and was nice enough to let them know that I wanted my mother transferred to Wesley Medical Center.
As Dr Jennings refused the transfer without any reasonable explanation, I exclaimed." I'm exhausted and cannot provide the care she needs entirely by myself. My mother did not want to come here. But you all claim that Wesley won't care for her? WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR MY MOTHER? WHERE IS THIS NEUROLOGIST?.MY MOTHER IS SOAKING WET with no leads on to monitor her vital signs. UNRESPONSIVE, WITH NO MONITORING, AND I'M LEFT TO PROVIDE CARE TO YOUR PATIENT????" Dr Jennings repeated that Wesley Medical Center could or would not be able to care for my mother and that a bed would be assigned to her eventually. Again, my mother's wishes were disregarded. Finally, I exclaimed, "YOU TOLD ME WITH THAT PATHETIC LOOK ON YOUR FACE THAT MY MOTHER SEEMS TO HAVE LIVED A LONG AND PRODUCTIVE LIFE AND THAT NO NEUROLOGIST NEEDED TO ASSESS HER? A NEUROLOGIST DOESN'T NEED TO EVALUATE A CVA PATIENT??? I'M TAKING MY MOTHER OUT OF HERE! WE WERE NEXT DOOR TO WESLEY AND I TOLD ALL REPEATEDLY THAT MY MOTHER NEVER WANTED TO BE TAKEN TO THIS HOSPITAL. I WENT AGAINST HER WISHES BECAUSE "THE EXPERTS" at FORREST GENERAL HOSPITAL WOULD BE WAITING FOR HER. WHAT EXPERTS?, I AM EXHAUSTED AND SHE NEEDS CARE!!"
I called my husband to get to Forrest General Hospital immediately He arrived and looking very pale suddenly, he reluctantly picked up my poor mother, still attached to wires and tubes tangled. and caught on the cart's side rails, as Dr Jennings and the staff stood there and watched!!! My husband placed my mother in his "truck" and we arrived to be greeted by a team of nurses and Neurologist, Dr Messenger. at Wesley Medical Center Emergency Room. Oh, the only call out by Dr Jennings as we were carrying my mother out was, "Wesley is not qualified to care for your mother."

Getting well at Wesley Medical Center
Getting well at Wesley Medical Center | Source

Wesley Medical Center Ready and Waiting:Frances Got Her Wish

She received aggressive treatment. Is Forrest General "TOO BIG TO CARE"
Frances arrived at Wesley Medical Center and the care started immediately. WE were overwhelmed. But my mother wasn't! You see, I'm sure that I could be reading into things but she became calm. Remember the thrashing, pulling off all of the equipment at Forrest General, and not responding to any verbal commands? Well, in the ER at Wesley there was NONE OF THAT. Did she know that she got her wish? TO BE AT WESLEY MEDICAL CENTER?Maybe..maybe not, but what a difference in her mental status and her overall look of feeling at peace, in spite of all of the testing and examination that was happening to her. We all felt relieved.
Dr Messenger, neurologist present on arrival, explained all of her findings,planned out her care and immediately had my mother transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. And by the way, she did not suggest that my mother was 94 years old and had a long productive life. This physician appeared concerned and determined to provide the best available care to my mother. And off to ICU she went. In addition, the Cardiologist, Dr Covin, and Internist, Dr. Kotikalapudi consulted on all aspects of her care. By day four, Frances was stable and transferred to the Telemetry Unit and then to the Transitional Care Unit. As expected,with a CVA she needed to be strong enough to handle a Neurological Rehabilitation Center. And so, the goal on TCU was to prepare my mother with good nutrition, physical, occupational, and speech therapy, in addition to ongoing medical care. To be able to tolerate the transfer to Forrest general Neurological Rehabilitation center, the spokesman at Forrest General emphasized the need for a patient to withstand at least three hours of intensive therapy.. We accepted the tour invitation to visit the unit with Wanda Cooksie, who determined that her unit would be best for my mother and discouraged us from considering the Methodist Rehabilitation Center in Jackson, MS. Furthermore, on 3/7/2012,at 10:00 AM when calling to question the change in physicians, it was clarified that a Dr Maxie would be admitting Frances to the facility. However, when arriving at Wesley, a phone message left at 10:15 AM for the Director on TCU stated that Frances Chisholm would not be admitted to Forrest General's Neurological Rehabilitation Unit. WHY??? I have no idea.

Frances Edwins Chisholm Admitted to Jackson's Methodist Rehabilitation Center

Pretty Is is Not Always Pretty Does. This should have been obvious to us from the beginning. Frances Edwins Chisholm was admitted to Jackson Mississippi's Neurological Rehabilitation Unit on the morning in early.March 21012. Frances was evaluated as stable and strong enough to endure the physical therapy planned for further recovery from the stroke. With all new workout clothing and her usual garb, she was ready. The daily plan was discussed in an organized fashion by the therapy staff and all seemed great. At 4:20pm, needing to use the restroom, I reluctantly assisted my mother after no one answered the call light. However, when finished, I was unable to assist her back to her chair. And so, I pulled the emergency call light that all hospital bathroom facilities have but no one came. After a few minutes, I pulled it again but no one came. Finally, I yelled out, "Hello" and a nursing staff member arrived asking, "Can't she walk?". I was perplexed but I assumed that there was a simple lack of communication on her first day of admission. Later, I asked for beverages for my mother but none arrived. This sad saga continued to be a major problem. in addition to the staff's insistence that "everyone" is placed in diapers during the first three days of admission regardless of need.It was explained that, "We don't know your mother so it takes us a few days to get over the bumps.". However, a day later the Nurse Practitioner stated that diapering a patient is not policy. Soon after that, a nurse stated that diapering saved time since patients spend a great deal of time in therapy where they do not have bathrooms. Taking them back to the unit would require nursing staff and time would be taken away from the patient's rehabilitation. As fluids were not being provided to my mother on a regular basis, I reported constantly that even without lab tests, it was obvious she was becoming dehydrated. A nurse practitioner entered to describe the Intravenous fluids provided every night to prevent dehydration. Really? I spent all but one night with my mother. In addition, I pulled off the bandaide that she claimed was the site of IV fluids, to show her, "It was a skin tear that I treated and covered with the bandaide." Her skin turgor remained poor and her eyes and lips were dry. I reminded the nursing staff and management that I was having to travel long distances to bring in fluids for her to drink because nothing was ever available to her in her room. And that this completely alert patient with "Aphasia" was unable to adequately tell anyone that she is thirsty much less use the bathroom alone after a stroke. The physical therapy seemed great but the nursing staff was so neglectful showing blatant lack of concern. My report of concern was daily and sometimes more. I guess they never got over the bumps for when I went home for a day not being able to return during a tornado, I received a call that Frances Edwins Chisholm had been rushed unresponsive to UMC Emergency Room with SEVERE DEHYDRATION. Again, we rushed to Jackson and removed Frances with IV's and tubes everywhere and drove he to Hattiesburg. Frances was readmitted to Wesley Medical Center Intensive Care Unit...not due to her CVA on 2-8-2012 but due to SEVERE DEHYDRATION..and UROSEPSIS..All that had been accomplished has taken a total set back. We, the doctors and nursing staff had to start all over again, But, again, all ended well. FRANCES WAS GOING HOME.

."ELDERLY" HAS BEEN REDEFINED : ONE MILLION are 90 AND OLDER..Do your research better than I.
."ELDERLY" HAS BEEN REDEFINED : ONE MILLION are 90 AND OLDER..Do your research better than I. | Source


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