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Updated on September 9, 2009


If a pregrant woman complains of recurriing pains of a griping character coming on at regular and decreasing intervals (“labour pains”), she must be regarded as an urgent case requiring immediate professional attention by a Doctor or Midwife.

1.Send for a Doctor or Midwife or arrange for the woman to be removed to hospital at once.

2.Make her as comfortable as possible on her back with a pillow to support her head, and keep her warm. She may be given a warm drink but not alcohol. Advise her not to exert undue pressure when the pains come on, but rather to breathe quickly so as to lessen their effect. This may help to prevent or lessen tear when the baby is born. Nothing further should be done.

3.If the baby is born before the Doctor or Midwife arrives the baby should be lifted clear of the mother (without pulling on the cord which is still attached) and placed between the mother’s legs in a position in which it can breathe easily, preferably on its side. The child should be kept warm and covered, without being smothered.

As a general rule, apart from making the mother comfortable, the less done the better


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