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Being Paralyzed in your sleep?

Updated on March 6, 2020
RidaeFatima021 profile image

22 years old Student of biological sciences with a passion for writing amazing and captivating content for the viewers.

"They arrive when you sleep tight in the stillness of night"
"They arrive when you sleep tight in the stillness of night"


Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with raised pulse, heart beating against your chest and a lump of fear hovering in your throat?

Sleep paralysis is one of the most terrifying phenomenon known to man. Sleep paralysis is the frightening torment of waking up in the hush of night when you are unable to move a muscle or speak for some moments. It is like your brain is awake but your body isn’t. For some individual's it occurs nightly and might experience weird sensations and hallucinations.

Whether you have suffered from it or not, there are several things you must know about it.

  • The certain age group that is most likely to suffer from sleep paralysis is 16-45 years old.

  • Some people learn to get a grip over their body, which is termed as ‘Lucid Dreaming’.

  • Lucid Dream is all about gaining a certain amount of consciousness over your body that you can wake yourself up in an intense nightmare.

  • Lucid Dreams does not work in sleep paralysis. As sleep paralysis occurs when a person is half awake and half still sleeping (REM sleep).

What is REM Sleep?

a) Rapid Eye Movement

b) Occurs at intervals during the night

c) Vivid dreams

d) Low muscle tone

e) Faster pulse

f) Heavy breathing

g) Alert Senses

  • Scientific explanation says that you wake up at the wrong time when your REM period isn’t over yet. Your muscles are still asleep, this includes your chest muscles. That’s why people feel shortness of breath and a heavy weight on their chest.

  • You cannot call for help or scream during your sleep paralysis episode. As your mouth muscles fail to function.

REM Sleep
REM Sleep


People might see frightening visions or figures, some even have reported a heavy weight like an invisible being on their chest pinning them on the bed during a sleep paralysis episode. Others have reported hearing some voices in the room. One case even reported deep breathing and growling behind him during his episode of sleep paralysis.

Some individual's say they see a figure just sitting next to them or bending over them and they are unable to move.


The surprising fact is that people from all the world have, who have no contact with each other have seen the same thing and went through same sleep paralysis experiences.

  • Many reports have mentioned that most people see an old woman who takes pleasure and laughs at the fear she is causing to her victim.
  • Sleep paralysis is very much supernatural as compared to medical because there hasn’t been any clear explanation for it.


1. Not getting enough sleep.

2. High level of Stress, depression and Anxiety.

3. Eating big, Heavy, Sugary meals.

4. Major Alcohol consumption or other drugs.

5. Sometimes sleeping on your back can cause sleep paralysis.

6. People with psychological problems such as Bipolar disorder.

7. Leg cramps that occur at night can also cause this condition.


1. Relax or meditate

2. Exercise or yoga

3. Eat healthy

4. Healthy sleep cycle

5. Try Camomile tea before bed as it has some relaxing effects.

6. Avoid watching scary movies before going to bed at night.


  1. Once or couple of times in their life
  2. Lasts for several minutes
  1. Chronic condition – Occurs throughout life
  2. Lasts for more than an hour

Have you ever experienced Sleep Paralysis?

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How Sleep Paralysis effects our Brain?


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    • RidaeFatima021 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rida Fatima 

      6 weeks ago from Pakistan

      Thank you Louise for sharing your experience and yes it sounds so terrifying. You can focus on the tips i have mentioned above in order to get rid of this

    • louiseelcross profile image

      Louise Elcross 

      6 weeks ago from Preston

      I experienced the old woman you talked about. She cackled in my face and was only about three feet tall. Then she jumped up and down on my back and it was terrifying. Thanks for writing.


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