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Earache In Children - Best Way To Relieve Earache In Children

Updated on August 24, 2013

Main Causes of Earaches in Children

Ear ache is a common problem which most of the children are likely get affected with. Earache in children is usually treated or cured directly looking upon the cause of the pain. Always there will be underlying causes like cold, sinusitis, teeth decay which may into ears etc. Other than these, building up of wax, entry of foreign bodies or insects and infections in and around the ears are also the main causes of the earache in children.

If the earache is produced due the above mentioned causes, the treatments with proper medications are usually needed for reliving pain.

Preventing And Curing An Earache In A Toddler
Preventing And Curing An Earache In A Toddler

Earaches in Children - Home Remedies for Earaches in Children

  • There are treatments with oils to temporarily and sometimes permanently palliate the earache before proper medication--like mustard oil which is warm and instill the same 2-3 drops into ear of child will relieve pain and, likewise sesame oil and garlic mix, ginger with warm water, olive oil etc. used to relive the acute pain in children.
  • In middle ear infections like ASOM, the closed Eustachian tube will cause the imbalance in pressure of the ear and it will lead to severe pain in child, in such cases ask the child to chew things like bubblegum or something rubbery which will help to open up the tube and once the pressure gradient okay, the child become better
  • Homoeopathic medicine like mullein oil is always good in relieving acute pains from infections and the pain produced due to sticky wax, it is less expensive and handy in home.
  • Pain due to the foreign bodies in the ear or some small insects in the ear can be relieved by using luke warm oil like mentioned above. Alcohol also can be instilled 1-2 drops into the ear which helps to kill the insect inside there by keeping it calm.
  • Its been proven from the ancient time itself that moisture and warmth is the best way to relieve pain, external warm pillow or a mildly heated plate and wrap it in a towel and press it on ear, etc can be used to warm up the area of ear and it obviously reduces the pain.
  • The pain occurring during flight, due the pressure gradient can be relieved by chewing gums.
  • Blowing cold wind into the ear while driving or facing strong winds always cause the earache to children, so wearing a scarf or using some cotton in the ear will be useful.
  • There is ways like easing the lymphatic flow from ear with massaging the lower part of ear behind the mandible.

Massage for Children With Earaches : Massaging a Child With an Earache

It’s always good to keep a healthy food routine since the lack of vitamins and minerals usually cause the increased chance of infections.  The use of vitamin C regularly will surely prevent the ear pains, since it reduce the chances of inflammation and help to keep the skin inside the ear healthy. Above mentioned ways not may not always reduce the pain. It’s always wise to take the children to a pediatrician and rule out the underlying cause to reduce the pain.

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    • LensMan999 profile image

      LensMan999 4 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Hi Ethan Green,

      Nice to hear that my hub impressed you. Try out these ideas and let me know the results too.

    • Ethan Green profile image

      Ethan Green 4 years ago from England

      Interesting hub - I get earache myself sometimes so might try out one or two of these ideas.