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Early Lupus Symptoms - What you Need to Look for

Updated on June 9, 2010

Common Symptoms

Early lupus symptoms are very tricky to diagnose because no lone method for determining if lupus exists. When the immune system kills otherwise healthy cells, when it is supposed to combat illnesses and foreign objects, it is called an autoimmune disease. The cause of lupus is unidentified though genes probably play a substantial part. Components that are known to trigger lupus for the first time and in later flair ups are sun exposure and viruses like mono.

Joint pain, skin rashes and fatigue are the most usual early lupus symptoms felt. Fatigue is commonly the initial wake-up call of lupus and also regularly shows up just before a flair up. Fatigue can either be slight, permitting you to get through a complete day, or it can be so brutal that you must cease all activities. Aching joints is another very normal early lupus symptom. The traditional lupus rash, known as the butterfly rash or the malar rash, appears relatively early in lupus. The rash goes over the bridge of the nose and extends into the cheeks.

Types of Lupus and Diagnosing

Other lupus symptoms involve psychological troubles such as memory loss and depression, bruising easily, weight gain or loss, hair loss, shortness of breath and more sores. There are 4 kinds of lupus. By far the most prevalent is systemic lupus erythematosus, which is generally referred to as lupus. The other types are discoid lupus which affects only the skin, drug induced lupus and lupus that strikes newborns.

Commonly, your early lupus symptoms are monitored for a couple months before you are diagnosed with lupus, which is why it is important to see a doctor early so that your very first symptoms can be monitored and documented. A doctor will usually run tests to eliminate the possibility that you have other disorders such as multiple sclerosis, hypothyroidism or arthritis. If you believe you have lupus, write down your symptoms on paper, noting the severity, when it happened and how long it lasted.

Who gest Lupus and Complications

Lupus is most commonly diagnosed in women between the ages of 15 to 40. Individuals of African, Asian or Hispanic decent are more likely to suffer from lupus. Other variables that can set off lupus are excessive sunshine, certain medicines that influence the blood, or an Epstein-Barr virus infection.

Lupus can upset many different parts of the body. Lupus can initiate inflammation in the kidneys that inhibits them from eliminating pollutants from the body. It takes a long time before symptoms of your kidneys being damaged start to manifest which is why it is so critical to have scheduled doctor evaluations.

Living with Lupus

The diagnosis of lupus can be a discouraging experience. While the disorder can be handled and there is a lot you can do to lessen side effects, it is an on-going condition that you must live with for the remainder of your life. Lupus is often diagnosed with long term monitoring, so play an active role by documenting all changes your body goes through for your medical doctor to evaluate.

You can discover even more concerning early lupus symptoms and additional widespread chronic health concerns.


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