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Early Morning Anxiety Attacks: Triggers On By M.T.A System

Updated on August 28, 2009

New York M.T.A .... System. (PUZZLING)

Anxiety ...The Rush the feeling( an anxious feeling or state)

In the family of depression....and it can be triggers by the slightest aggravation,

During your morning commuted.......

Imagined this.. you are about to broad your train, swiped the Metro-card to discovered the reading "insufficient funds. not bad enough.. you go up the token clerk to purchased another ticket,

"Sorry Mam..."We do not accepted $100.bill, but if you purchased the monthly $89. l will accepted it, "what the hell up with that, same $100 bill ..yet she do not want to make change for a $30. Metro-card, Now as a human being with, this kind of behavior will trigger more than anxiety attacked it will make the beast within you, release...the Token clerk just release the "beast , the beast you tried so hard to control.

HOW CAN YOU make change for $89. on monthly ride, and not make change for a $30 seven days ride, the same $100.bill , and you want us to purchased a monthly M.T. A card.for $89. dollars " How do you know, that the $100. bill was all the money, l had for the entire month.

"Now you see this madness early in the morning , situation like this make a person get upset and blow off steam in the morning, especially if you're running late to your job.

"What is wrong with the system,?" How can the token clerk like that expect that people can afford a montly card, well the system is really stinks with they policy of not accepting $100 bill,

it needs looking into, l must indeed says. If they is changes in cash for the $89. monthly card, l guarantee that they is also change for a $30.card.

Anxiety No.2 Travellers in New york City who depend on the M>T.A to get to they destination

always gets the bad end of the stick, "We purchased our ticket/card in advanced, so our money is being used, long time before we broad they train or buses, yet the lack of respect from the drivers and train conductors is terrible, "They just don't care, (Pronzies Schemers,

They just don't care, about the travelling passengers, (brunch of crooks,) They know that you

have to make connection from train to the bus,the driver will see you running from the train station to make that connection, and what he does.. as soon as you almost close to the door..he closed the door, "What up with that.....they goes your stress level, and some of the distant between the train and the bus is more than 7 minutes to make that connection, the Supervisor and the bus driver know of the distant, and would never considered giving the passenger a little slack . hell no..!!!!!. The system  really stinks..

Too many Wrongs not enough rights.., too many Pronzie Schemers,, Too many Indian not enough level headed Chiefs, Too many slow buses and train, driving many New-Yorkers insane,

Too many homeless people seeking shelters in the back of the train, and stinking up the train,

in the winter months,

 trying to get out of the rain

, So do you all see anything to smile about,

No, no , no no, These are some of the reason, why the poor commuters in the city is under so much stress

, and they anxiety level is getting higher daily as they travel early,

 in the morning here in New-york city,

You decided to use your own vehicle, "that a problem , you decide to take public transportation that a problem

, So you all see why they is always someone here in the city

busting a fuse,

 This city is creating unnecessary stress in our every day life's,

 and all the solution the Doctors is recommending is the Temporary Magic pill,

 Temporary fixed l should call it,

No one seem to really cares about us

" It been going on to darn long, time for a change

, it a darn shame, Someone needs to take over, and defrost these "Pronzies Schemers" in New york City. Those M.T.A Controllers...



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    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 6 years ago from NewYork


    • hillrider profile image

      hillrider 7 years ago from Mid-west United States

      I can almost imagine the reaction given when she refused the cheaper transaction. A "Benji" is a "Benji" I mean c'mon. Well it was an entertaining read as a rant against the MTA ...hillrider