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10 Early Signs Of Prostate Cancer

Updated on October 25, 2017

The Function Of The Prostate Gland

The Prostate Gland
The Prostate Gland | Source

The prostate is a small gland the size of a walnut. It surround's the urethra and the bladder. From Ancient Greek, Prostate means the "Guardian", "the protector" and "the one who stands before".

The prostate secrete's a slightly alkaline fluid. It is milky white in appearance.
50%-75% of the fluid that is in semen is produced by the prostate. That fluid also helps to neutralize the acidity of the vagina, it also help's increase the lifespan of sperm. So not only is the prostates health good for the male, but also for the female of who he is with.

.The prostate surrounds the urethra which is below the urinary bladder. It also play's a huge role in ejaculation. It contain's smooth muscles which actually help expel the semen when a man ejaculates.

For a normal or average prostate it can weigh anywhere from 7-16 grams.


What To Expect

The first prostate exam is always scary. Men either are scared of what the results may be, or they are completely against the process of what happens during the exam.

Since the doctor isnt able to directly view the prostate with their eyes, they perform and exam by inserting a lubricated gloved finger into the rectum.

Just the thought of someone inserting anything into their rectum can cause some men to pass up the prostate exam for life. And sadly some of the men actually end up with prostate issues and even cancer.

It is important for men's health for all men to have their prostate exam at the age of 50. And they should get one every year from then on.

Although the age is usually 50, if you have any of the symptoms of prostate issues or cancer you should schedule an appointment for a prostate exam.

Regular checkups are important in your overall health
Regular checkups are important in your overall health | Source

Early Signs Of Prostate Cancer

  1. Difficulty Urinating- Usually it is the urge to go, but nothing comes ut, urine that stop's and continue's and stop's again, urinating more often.

    -Also, as it progresses, there is difficulty in stopping which is "extended dribbling".

  2. Painful Urination- Pain while urinating may be caused from a tumor on the prostate pushing on the urethra. It also may be a sign that their is an infection of the prostate.
  3. Blood In Urine- Urine has a pinkish tint to it. You should see your DR to determine if it's just a urinary tract infection.
  4. Difficulty Getting Or Maintaining Erection- Often a tumor on the prostate is preventing proper blood flow. Blood flow is needed for an erection.
  5. Blood In Semen-Semen has a pinkish streak or tint.
  6. Intestinal Issues-Such as chronic constipation, gas or other intestinal symptoms.
  7. Pain In Lower Back, Upper Thigh's Or Hips- Prostate cancer can spread to these area's, including the pelvic. Pain seems to be a dull, yet deeper ache.
  8. Waking up in the middle of the night to urinate- Only a sign if the person wake's up more than once in the middle of the night.
  9. Dribbling or leaking urine- A type of urinary incontinence of a male. Bathroom trips take longer due to dribbling to stop. And pant's and underwear may smell like urine due to the leaking.
  10. Over the age of 50 with family history of it- You have a higher righ if you have a family history of Prostate Cancer, you are overweight, are a smoker or eat a diet that is high in fat.

Prostate Cancer Awareness Ribbon
Prostate Cancer Awareness Ribbon | Source

Supplements That Help With Prostate Health

These supplements have been shown to be extremely effective in prostate cancer prevention and treatment

  • SAW PALMETTO- Reduces the size of an enlarged prostate. Also help's relieve urinary issue's.
  • NETTLE ROOT- Help's fix urinary problems due to the enlarged prostate.
  • RED CLOVER- Help's fight cancerous growth's because of the antioxidant properties.
  • VITAMIN C & VITAMIN B6- Prevent's swelling and help's make urination easier.
  • SOY AND FISH OIL- Reduce's size of enlarged prostate.
  • SELENIUM- Slow's progression of tumor growth.
  • LYCOPENE- Is a good and powerful antioxidant. It help's with the overall health of the prostate.
  • FRUITS-Such as: Watermelon,Pink Grapefruit and Guava's. They help by stimulating the production of Vitamin D which inhibit's tumors.
  • HERBS-Such as: Ginger,Skullcap,Oregano,Tumeric and Holy Basil. They help reduce the size of an enlarged prostate.
  • GREEN TEA- Help's prevent prostate cancer.
  • ZINC AND COPPER- Used for treatment for enlarged prostate.


Facts About Prostate Cancer

  • Prostate cancer is the 2nd most common cancer next to skin cancer.
  • In 2017 so far, there has been 161,360 new cases of Prostate Cancer. And 26,730 deaths from Prostate Cancer
  • 1 in every 7 men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in his lifetime
  • The average age to be diagnosed with Prostate cancer is 66.
  • 60% of men who are diagnosed with Prostate cancer are over the age of 65. Its rare to be diagnosed before the age of 40.
  • The most common treatment for the cancer involves Estrogen


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