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Early Symptoms that will tell you if you are depressed

Updated on December 14, 2016

Without a doubt, depression can be dangerous. Well, it's very hard to understand if you are suffering from depression and this aspect of depression on its own makes it even more fatal. With proper therapy or counseling, with a bit of medicine (If needed), depression can be very well cured completely. However, the treatment must start early for an speedy recovery and to avoid any potential severe effects. As said above, the symptoms are not very easy to understand and you may never realize that you are already suffering from it. So, is there any comprehensive list of early depression symptoms? This article should help you out:


When you are suffering from depression, the chances are high that you will get angry or agitated very easily. Please note that even if anger is unaddressed, that can lead to severe depression at times. If you see that you are getting agitated very easily, it's important to talk to the ones you trust and resolve the conflict that is causing your irritation at the first place. For situations out of your hand, talking to a psychologist may work out pretty well.


Do you use the word "should" quite often when you are referencing to yourself? If yes, it's time to get cautious. Everyone is a self-critic to some extent, but criticizing excessively may be a very early symptom of depression. We all make mistakes and learn from them, you don't need to be sad all the time thinking of what could have been done better. The important thing is to learn from the past mistakes and try to move ahead. The inner self-critic of yours should be tamed.

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Losing Interest

Well, if you are bored of a 4-hour long meeting, that's pretty understandable. However, if you see lack of interest in activities that you used to enjoy before, it may be a symptom of depression. The loss of interest usually happens because of the changing levels of certain hormones in the brain and it can create a sever cycle of depression, which only you can break away from.


Not always, but sometimes, extra fatigue can actually be caused by depression. Well, you may not realize it but depression will cause you to be more stressed causing tiredness. If you see that your reaction time is increasing or if you are walking slowly compared to earlier, these can be very well related to depression. Apart from that, depression can cause loss of sleep and thereby making you tired or drowsy throughout the day.

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Drastic Weight Changes

Losing weight or gaining some may be good for your health, depending on which side of the river you are. However, if you see rapid gain or loss of weight, it's important to be more cautious. Depression hits each of us in a different manner. Some may lose appetite, whereas some may see an increase of food intake. Depending on what happens to you, it is imperative that you will see drastic weight change.


Hope helps us to move ahead in our respective lives and if you are experiencing hopelessness, that's certainly not going to do any good to you. Remember if you feel that nothing in your life is going fine or you are nowhere near of achieving your goals - you may be depressed already, without even knowing.

Depression is not dangerous at the beginning stages and with proper care; it can be cured very easily. You need to visit a counselor who is compassionate enough to hear you out and give practical remedies to your problem. If you are thinking that depression is a type of mental illness, you are right. But that doesn't mean that you have gone crazy in any possible way. Like any other disease, it is pretty much curable, provided that you acknowledge to be suffering from it and take the proper steps to recover.


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    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 13 months ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      When I first experiences depression, it can feel like I was going crazy! It took someone who had experienced it before to help me understand what was happening and help me realize what I needed to do about it. The irritability, fatigue, and lack of desire to do anything were probably the worst for me. Now that I have been in counseling and learned my personal triggers and thought issues, I am much more able to help myself deal with the problem.

    • David Branagan profile image

      David Branagan 13 months ago from Ireland

      Nice and concise article. Straight to the point. I think it's a little worrying that I can identify with a few of these symptoms right now. Winter blues...maybe I'll go for a walk! :)