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Early signs of pregnancy

Updated on April 16, 2015

The early signs of pregnancy are both far and wide ranging, however they can also be frequently mistaken for premenstrual symptoms. In order to overcome this and to provide a fuller picture of early pregnancy symptoms here I present early pregnancy symptoms expanding upon each and explaining some of the specifics behind them.

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The following pregnancy symptoms may start to appear as soon as two weeks after conception, however they are far from standard to every pregnancy; some may not appear at all, and others may occur more frequently than others.


One of the earliest pregnancy symptoms is where lethargy seems to overtake the day. From the moment you wake up to the time that you crawl back into bed again you may feel like you’re never quite awake. Luckily this symptom ceases at around 12 weeks for most women.



Morning sickness (which rather misleadingly can occur during any time of the day or night) can very often come along at around 6 weeks.

The need to wee

Contrary to popular belief the need to urinate often as a pregnant woman doesn't come along in later pregnancy when the baby’s weight presses down on the bladder. Instead it is actually caused by the change in hormones that a woman's body is undergoing. Therefore this symptom can come along from around 8 weeks onwards.


Shortness of breath

Growing a fetus take a lot of physical effort, and this effort results in symptoms such as shortness of breath, as you body adapts to its newly found duel role of feeding both you and your baby.


Headaches all too often accompany early pregnancy at some stage, although scientists aren’t completely sure as to why they occur. If you’re in early pregnancy and begin to suffer from headaches be sure to only take pg-safe pain killers and avoid ibuprofen.


Backaches makes for another misunderstood symptom of pregnancy, with many believing this to only be due to the weight of the woman’s bump. However this is instead due to the ligaments within the lower back loosening and may well continue or get worse throughout the pregnancy.



All too often women can expect their period for what can be weeks on end because they are feeling what they believe to be all of the usual cramping pains. However this is instead a rather normal symptom of early pregnancy as the uterus stretches and forms to prepare itself for holding a developing baby.


Another similar or associated early symptom of pregnancy is bloating, which can be so noticeable that where one week your jeans fit perfectly the next week they appear to be one to two sizes too small.

A change in your appetite

Whilst you likely won’t have cravings until at least week eight you may well find that you notice a change in your appetite by feeling hungrier than normal. What’s more you may begin to notice a slightly metallic taste in your mouth (known officially as Dysgeusia).

Sore breasts

These can feel very much like the pains you may face on the run up to your period.

Still not sure? Take a pregnancy test!

The only way of telling for certain whether you’re pregnant or not is to take a test. Generally speaking these tests, which range in price in the UK from around £2 up to £10, are each of competitive reliability, coming in at around 99.99% accuracy. You may however want to purchase a double pack to provide yourself with peace of mind

Do bear in mind however that a pregnancy test will usually only display an accurate result after you are officially late (this is with the exception that a select few pregnancy tests can show a positive result up to five days before your period’s due date).

Late pregnancy symptoms


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