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Earth Energy Mediation.

Updated on May 25, 2015

Revitalizing Relaxation Exercise

This is a great visualisation for times when you find it hard to switch off while trying to meditate.

I love to do this one outdoors, under a big, shady tree if I can.

  • Sit comfortably, either on a chair with good support with your feet flat on the ground or floor or on the floor or ground cross-legged. The important thing is that you have contact with the ground or floor.
  • Close your eyes, let your breathing become steady and comfortably slow.
  • Let your body relax, tell your face and jaw muscles to relax (lots of tension is held here).
  • Feel the contact your body is making with the ground or floor. Concentrate on it.
  • Imagine the floorboards under the carpet, the space or concrete slab beneath the floor and then earth beneath you. Imagine the topsoil, filled with a tangle of roots and worms, the deep earth, the rock layers, all the way to the core.
  • In the core you see a ball of warm, glowing golden light. Feel the heat emanate from it.
  • This golden light is pure Earth energy and you see it flowing and streaming in golden ribbons out in all directions.
  • The golden energy is drawn up to the surface, up to you.
  • Picture the flowing, golden light pooling beneath you, flowing over and into your feet and all the bits of you in contact with the ground or floor.
  • Visualise warm, golden energy flowing into you, into your feet, or buttocks, flowing up your legs, into your thighs.
  • Imagine it softly tingling and warm in your veins. Washing away your weariness.
  • Feel the warm energy flow up into your hips, your groin and stomach.
  • Visualise the golden light filling your veins, enervating and cleansing you.
  • Continue in this way, in your own time, always feeling your contact with the ground beneath you.
  • Let the energy flow into your shoulders and neck, washing away all tension.
  • Take a deep breath. Feel the energy. Breathe out.
  • Picture the golden light flowing into your face and mind. Relax your jaw muscles.
  • Concentrate on the golden light, the pure Earth energy filling your veins, flowing around your body.

When you feel ready, breathe deeply a few times and open your eyes. Get up, have a gentle stretch and smile.

Have a lovely day.


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