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Easy And Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure and Hypertension

Updated on August 3, 2012

It is a known fact that when blood flows inside the human body, it exerts pressure on the walls of the blood vessels like arteries. This pressure is called blood pressure. This pressure goes up when you exert yourself more than necessary. This is known as high blood pressure. But, when the pressure goes up even when you are taking rest or you are not exerting yourself, it is hypertension.

When there is high blood pressure, your heart has to over-work for pumping the blood into the arteries. It is when the heart beats that it pumps blood. When the heart contracts, the blood pressure is the highest and this is what doctors call as systolic pressure. The heart gets rest between its beats and during those few micro-seconds, the blood pressure will naturally fall and this is what is known as diastolic pressure. For adults, the systolic pressure should be equal or less than 140 mm and the diastolic pressure should be equal or less than 90 mm. If they are more than these levels, these adults are considered to have been affected by high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, high blood pressure can cause death and in most of the cases, death may occur suddenly. So, people may not know the causes of the deaths. Obesity, stress, hormonal changes that happen in women after menopause, etc. may cause high blood pressure or hypertension. Further, if your intake of sodium is high, that may also cause high blood pressure. But, the medical fraternity has not clearly understood the clear causes of high blood pressure because symptoms are highly varied and confusing. Some of the symptoms include headaches, restlessness, nausea, etc. In some people, nosebleeds, vomiting, shortness of breath, etc. may also occur. But, the fact of the matter is that the affected people should immediately take steps to bring their blood pressure under control. Otherwise, it may lead to stroke or heart diseases. In some people, kidney problems may also occur. There are a few natural remedies that can be very much useful for these people.

- Garlic works very well for controlling high blood pressure. If you eat garlic for about 12 weeks, your Low Density Lipoprotein will get reduced, plaque, if any, on the walls of the arteries will vanish and the chances of a blood clot will drastically come down. If you feel that your blood pressure is high, you should have lemon juice without adding sugar or sweeteners once in two hours. This may give you immediate relief.

- Papaya and goose berries can also effectively reduce high blood pressure. But, you should take them when your stomach is empty.

- If you take basil and neem leaves for a week, you can get relief from high blood pressure.

- Celery juice combined with carrot juice can effectively reduce your high blood pressure.

- Researches have proved that soothing music can bring down high blood pressure. But, you should ensure that there are no other distractions when you are listening to such good music. You can do soft and steady breathing exercises also when you listen to this music.

- You should ensure to take good calcium and Vitamin E supplements for bringing down your high blood pressure.

- It is a proven fact that yogic exercises can help to a great extent if you are suffering from high blood pressure. Especially, the corpse and knee postures can do a world of good by bringing down the blood pressure.

The above home and natural remedies will certainly keep your blood pressure under control and you can lead a healthy life.


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    • dreamdamodar profile image

      Raman Kuppuswamy 5 years ago from Chennai, India

      Just one or two cloves are enough daily. Thanks. Raman.

    • LucyLiu12 profile image

      LucyLiu12 5 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      Thanks for this info. I've already made the diet and exercise changes and have been able to lower my BP meds, but would like to get off them completely. I'll try a couple of the ideas you mention, and see what my doc thinks. BTW, how much garlic a day and in what forms do you think would be best?

      Voted Up and Useful!