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Easy Diet Food: Diet Soup Recipe

Updated on November 3, 2010

This a healthy vitamin rich soup perfect for dieting and weight loss because it is rich in nutrients and low in calories. This soup can also be made with all organic ingredients to create an organic soup. This recipe makes a large serving for one or small servings for two.


.5 quart chicken broth

1 handful of baby carrots

3 handfuls of frozen peas

1 handful of frozen string beans

Cooking Directions

Pour .5 quart of chicken broth into a small pot on medium heat. Add a handful of baby carrots, making sure to cover the baby carrots with the broth. Cover the pot and let it sit for ten minutes; this will ensure that the baby carrots are tender but still a little crunchy. If you like your carrots more tender allow them to sit for ten minutes longer.

Add three handfuls of frozen peas and a handful of frozen string beans. You can substitute these for any frozen vegetables of your choice. Stir into the mixture, cover and cook for another ten minutes on medium heat or until the middle of the frozen vegetables are warm. If you choose to substitute the frozen vegetables for fresh or canned veggies you only need to cook them for five minutes.


For Added Flavor

Add a pinch of salt

Add a quarter of a diced onion



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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Sounds healthy and for sure it is low calorie. Thanks!