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Easy Guide to Fitbit Synchronization

Updated on May 12, 2015

Fitbit Synchronization

Here's a little bit more detail to getting that Fitbit connected up to other apps without over synching. At first, you're going to want to sync the heck out of everything. (sorry for the salty language)

That's the allure of these apps...."Look at us...we connect with other apps. We make your experience seamless."

I fell for the trap and all my numbers were a little messed up.

Here's How It Works For Me

I use 4 basic apps on a regular basis. (or at least until this obsession subsides)

  1. MyFitnessPal - To log my food intake
  2. RunKeeper - To log my runs/hikes/bike rides
  3. FitStar - To keep track of simple workouts
  4. Fitbit - To track steps/sleep/weight/water intake

**If you're interested in tracking heart rate, get the Fitbit Charge HR or find an app that does that sort of thing. I've used Cardiio.


First: Sync RunKeeper with Fitbit. (Those directions from Fitbit Help worked for me) That's it. Don't be tempted to sync RunKeeper with other apps that also sync with Fitbit. Otherwise, you'll get double "Exercises" logged to Fitbit.

Second: Sync MyFitnessPal with Fitbit (Those directions from Fitbit Help worked for me) MyFitnessPal also has the ability to sync with a lot of other apps. So far, I've found this set-up to work for me.

Third: Sync FitStar to Fitbit through the FitStar App. FitStar also has the ability to sync to MyFitnessPal. I have both of these apps connected. Unfortunately, I don't see anything coming up on MyFitnessPal. I'm assuming there is an issue. I'm also assuming that if it does go through, I'll have to disconnect FitStar from MyFitnessPal because of a double "Exercise" logging issue.

Final Thoughts: Fitbit seems to be the control board for all these apps. Consider this: All roads should lead to Fitbit. Send all your apps to Fitbit. If you find that there are too many exercises or double the amount of calories being tracked, then something is fishy. Like I said earlier, this set-up works for me.

So that's it. Please...if you have found a different, better or easier way to connect your different apps to Fitbit, let me know.

What do you think?

5 stars for Fitbit Synchronization

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