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Easy Steps To Protect Your Liver

Updated on July 13, 2015
The liver is a wonderful organ that keeps your body healthy
The liver is a wonderful organ that keeps your body healthy | Source

The Body's Processor

The liver is the most important organ in the human body after a heart. When the liver isn't working well the whole body suffers from it because this is the place where a lot of processes that help maintain a healthy body take place.

It processes all the toxins we put into our body trying to break them into harmless products and eliminate them, it cleans our blood and help us stay healthy and functional on almost every level.

But there are a few simple things that we all know about that can hurt the liver tremendously and sometimes beyond repair, and when someone gets to that point the only outcome is death unfortunately.

Make sure you get quality sleep
Make sure you get quality sleep | Source

Lack Of Sleep Is Like A Time Bomb

As simple as this might sound if a person doesn't get enough sleep the liver suffers from it and it can lead to serious illnesses. People who work in shifts or during the night can't get a quality sleep and this tires the liver. When we sleep the body goes into repair mode fixing all the problem we create during awake time. Not sleeping for hours in a row, not having a quality sleep in which you can say you've rested well or not sleeping during the night when darkness contributes to the quality and length of sleep will cut back the functioning of the liver which won't be able to process fats and toxins properly.

Not breaking the fats makes the cholesterol rise and the liver to plump, which translates into hepatic cirrhosis, which I am sure you know where that leads.

Have you noticed how you crave more sweets and fats after a lost night? That happens because the body feels tired and it needs energy to function and carbohydrates offers that energy. The problem is that your liver can't process those carbs because its mechanisms are affected and this is where things start going downhill.

People who have to work in shifts or during nighttime have to find a way to get quality sleep. You know it is quality when you wake up rested and energized, ready for a new day of work.

Pollution and smoking takes a big toll on your liver
Pollution and smoking takes a big toll on your liver | Source

Pollution And Smoking

You do know by now how harmful smoking is. To get a better picture, a smoker's lungs look the same as to a person who worked in a chemical processing environment for years. There are hundreds of toxins released into the body in only one smoke, and they all make the liver work harder to eliminate them. The same happens when you are living or working into a polluted environment. So even if I am absolutely sure you know this, I am going to tell you once again: "smoking is absolutely bad for you".

If you are a sensitive person or if your liver isn't working all that well to start with, you will get sick at some point and the outcome might not be all that pretty. It isn't a question of "if", but a question of "when".

The liver takes care of all the cells in the human body. When a person smokes or lives in polluted areas the liver suffers from oxidative stress, which affects all the cells by creating free radicals, leading up to fibrosis.

Find ways to quit smoking today and move to a place where pollution isn't an issue and this will help prolonging your life. Literally.

A glass once in a while is fine ... a few glasses daily isn't
A glass once in a while is fine ... a few glasses daily isn't | Source

Enemy Number 1: Alcohol

People tend to say that they work hard, they are stressed and a glass of wine just helps them relax a little and is not like this is going to kill them or anything. Well, if you don't know when to stop anymore and one glass of wine becomes several and daily, then it can kill you.

Your liver is in your body for a reason. To help clean up all the bad stuffs we put in ourselves. So, when it gets all the chemicals found in alcohol the liver starts working trying to eliminate them and clean the blood. The problem is that when it gets more than it can handle it turns all its attention towards getting rid of the alcohol and not processing anything else because it can.

Is just like asking you to listen to 10 songs at once and tell me what it is about in all of them. You can't possibly pay attention to all that much information all at once, just as your liver can't process large quantities of alcohol and still do its job when you send in smoke, pollution, deprive it from sleep, give it junk food and basically doing everything possible to kill it.

While trying to break down alcohol, the liver's cells suffer transformations. The liver of alcoholic people don't find that "time out" to heal and instead of repairing the broken cells it has to work on processing the new alcohol it gets daily trying to make it less toxic and eliminate it from the system.

This is where it is created a vicious circle. You have the damaged cells, the liver can't regenerate because it has to work on the new toxins it receives, more cells get damaged and die and cirrhosis settles in. At this point there is basically no turning back.

If you have friends or relatives that suffer from alcohol make them get help. It is better to have them hate you for putting them in a detox clinic rather than not having them at all. And, you won't have them anymore if they get to cirrhosis.

Dying from cirrhosis isn't easy. It is a painful and long death. There aren't cases of people dying fast and easy, but rather getting through a few years of pain and even agony in the end. I am not trying to paint a pretty picture, I am just telling it as it is. This is what they have to expect when suffering from this condition.

Try natural medication before going for the chemical ones
Try natural medication before going for the chemical ones | Source

Pay Attention To Medication

As everything else gets metabolized in the liver so does any medication you might take. Considering that they are made out of chemicals the body send them to your liver to eliminate them and this puts a strain on it.

The most dangerous medications are acetaminophen and anti-inflammatory pills. They are widely used because they can be taken over the counter, you don't need a doctor's recipe for them, and they are used most of the time when not needed, in colds and headaches.

It is recommended getting some tests done and see what the real problem is, what condition you are suffering from and treat that condition, rather than covering up the symptoms by taking over the counter pills.

Also, when you are talking about something as simple as colds it is best to get some natural treatments rather than going to the pharmacy for a cure.

Pills are chemicals. They are not created to be taken as the patient sees fit and every time they have an ache of any kind. This is why they are called "drugs" and not anything else.

Choosing junk food only once in a while can make the difference between a healthy liver and a damaged one
Choosing junk food only once in a while can make the difference between a healthy liver and a damaged one | Source

Bad Nutrition

This is an area where the modern times we are living aren't helping us at all, but rather make things a lot worse. There is so much junk food, fried food, processed meat and foods and processed sweets that it is almost impossible to say NO, to all of them and just live on salads and lean barbecued meat.

I understand this is a problem and no matter how hard you might try you are still going to crave and eat bad stuffs because you are surrounded by them, by the aggressive advertise they are making and you have people around you eating them. I get all that, but at the same time you are responsible for your own health, and even if you can't always make the right choices, try to make them more often in relation to the wrong choices.

The ratio of good over bad should be greater.

When your liver receives fats and sugar in high quantities it tries to break it down and get it into the blood and out of the body. If it gets too much too often it happens the same as with any other chemical, the liver can't handle it anymore and no matter how hard it would try it can process what it gets. That is when it starts storing fat inside, growing and getting fattier every day and end up suffering from hepatitis.

Look at the label of the product, read what is says, if you can't pronounce the ingredient it means that is a chemical product. The first ingredient written on the label is the predominant one, the second one is a little less present and so on until the end of the list.

So, if the first ingredient is sugar or something you can't pronounce that means that that is the main ingredient in your product. Try as hard as you can to stay away from it.

Learn to replace bad stuffs with good stuffs. Instead of buying a cake, make one at home, there are thousands of recipes on the Internet and I highly doubt you won't find one that suits your taste and time.

If you crave fried chicken choose to make it at home, where you can control what you put on it, how much salt to add and in how much oil to fry it. The same with fries or with anything else you might crave.

For all the ones that you don't seem to find a healthier corresponded just choose to have them once in a while, don't make a habit from eating them daily.

The Amazing Power Of The Liver

It is very true that the liver heal itself and regenerates, but you shouldn't take that for granted, as I have showed you above. You can impair it so bad that there is no turning back.

Giving your liver chemicals, toxins, fats and sugar every single day, multiple times per day it will make it stop functioning in the right parameters. If you can't handle working on and on without any break what makes you think your liver can? Just as you need a vacation to relax and recharge your batteries, the same happens with your organ.

Alongside your heart and brain, your liver literally keeps you alive, so try to take care of it if you want a quality life, not one spent in pain.


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    • florypaula profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thank you ChitrangadaSharan. I am always happy to hear your opinion. Unfortunately you are right, many people don't pay attention until is too late.

      Have a nice day :)

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 

      3 years ago from New Delhi, India

      A very important , useful and important hub about Liver care. Most of us do not pay attention to it.

      Thanks for the tips and suggestions. Voted up!

    • florypaula profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thank you for reading and commenting Mel. We do tend to forget how important our liver is and because we don't get an immediate pain we abuse it until the point it becomes too late to do something about it.

      I am happy you liked it.

      Have a nice day :)

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 

      3 years ago from San Diego California

      Yes, we all need to agree to be nicer to our livers. It's an ugly thing and there is no poetry or romance associated with it, like the heart, so we tend to abuse it. Thanks for this powerful reminder.


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