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Easy Steps of Master Cleanse Diet

Updated on May 24, 2011

Ease-In: The Pre-Diet Routine for Master Cleanse Diet Plan

Have you heard of Master Cleanse Diet? Well, if you want to lose weight, you might want to check this one out. The Master Cleanse Diet comes in three phases: Ease-In, Lemonade Diet and Ease-Out.

Ease-In is also known as the Pre-Diet Routine. It is a step that is not as important as the final, so it can be skipped altogether and you can go directly to Lemonade Diet. However, if you choose to start the Lemonade Diet with the Ease-In routine it doesn’t only prepare your stomach for less food but it also conditions your mind tool. Many of those who have tried this found that by doing the Ease-In, the first two days of the diet doesn’t as a shock and the temptation to eat becomes easy to handle and more manageable. It is highly recommended that one must use the 3 days of Ease-In to gather his ingredients for the Master Cleanser Recipe.

Nevertheless, whether one chooses to try Ease-In or go directly to Lemonade Diet, his Master Cleanse Kit must have all the appliances, tools, ingredients and equipment that one will need during the Master Cleanse and The Lemonade Diet phase. The tools and equipment of Master Cleanse Kit are used to prepare and make the Lemonade as well as produce daily Detox Bowel Movements.

When one decides to start the Master Cleanse with Ease-in it can prove to be a good chance to build confidence and exposure to Living Food Diet, Raw Food Diet, Green Diet, Vegetarian Diet or whatever one calls his ideal post-cleanse food lifestyle. Strictly speaking, these diets are not exactly "diets" as they are more of lifestyle choices that concerns with the kind of foods one gets into his system. Let’s say the style you want is an energetic, healthy and long lasting then it is necessary that you eliminate toxins, lifeless foods, processed foods and outright dead-foods from your daily diet. These so-called Detox Diet Recipes are ideal basis of one’s daily food selection. This should be a common knowledge. For many people, Master Cleanse is truly all about change of lifestyle into a healthier one.

The Master Cleanse Diet

The Master Cleanse Diet Plan.....

First day of Ease-in phase- You can one have the Living Food Diet where you only need to eat live foods by removing meat, dairy and processed foods from your diet instead shop and eat good old fruits and vegetables where you can savor rich textures and flavors. Just be sure not to overdo on fruits as they are also high in sugar. A good guideline to follow would be a 60/40 balance of vegetables to fruits.

Second day of Ease-in phase-Try Juicing, Blending, Soups and Broths. This step primes your body for a liquid diet and delivers macro nutrients more quickly to your bloodstream. You can readily take in the nutrients from the food by breaking down the foods to liquids. Fruit and vegetable juicing can be exciting. You can come up with some creative combinations of tasty juicing recipes. Blending can also be enjoyable. While taking green smoothies is like drinking a glass of healing. Not trying juicer is not a problem for you can always make soups or broths.

Third day of Ease-in phase is Orange Juice which can be manually or electrically made: 2 liters of Orange Juice mixed with water to taste. If you find it difficult to get the calories you need throughout the day you can add some Maple Syrup to increase caloric intake.

Ease-Out is practically just the similar to Ease-In only it is done in reverse. You must not fast-track this process as this step is essential. For one thing you might suffer nausea if you start eating too soon. Never underestimate the importance of this process and don’t be afraid either. Serious constipation might also happen but if you eat something too soon, you will be fine in the long run. If you are not sure, you can always consult a doctor. The most important factor to keep in mind during this stage is to drink a lot of water especially when you are Fruit Juicing and Vegetable Juicing.

The Master Cleanse Diet

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