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Easy Tips to Prevent Foot Pain

Updated on February 23, 2016

We stand, walk, jump, and sometimes run almost every single day. Naturally, all of these foot activities will have an effect, one way or another, on the health of our feet. A lot of people are suffering from foot paint and are always on the lookout on how to treat them.

They say prevention is the best cure so before you start feeling any pain, it would be better if you can prevent it from even happening or at least lessen its eventual effect. For this reason I have prepared this quick article on the best tips on how you can prevent foot pain. You can also use this handy foot pain finder just in case you are already starting to feel some discomfort.

Let’s get started…

1. Stay within your ideal weight range.

All of your body weight is being supported by your feet so the heavier you, the more load your feet will have to bear. So the best way to prevent foot pain is to lessen or at least maintain your ideal weight.

This also means that you should not carry a lot of heavy stuff for a prolonged period of time like a very heavy backpack, a fully loaded box, or whenever you move big furniture.

2. Check your feet.

You should self-assess the condition of your feet and if you see something that is beyond the usual, you should consult a doctor immediately. This includes checking for any cuts, blisters or wounds. You should also keep your feet clean by washing them with soap and warm water every day and always trim your nails.

3. Wear a comfortable pair of socks.

Never wear a pair of shoes that’s too tight and uncomfortable just because you like its style. Always go for the most cozy pair that you can find and afford especially if you will be wearing it daily. When you’re shopping for shoes, preferably do it in the afternoon as our feet swells a bit during this time of the day which means you’ll be better able to find the right pair for you that will fit perfectly. Also, wear socks as these will help lessen the friction between your feet and the shoes and thus preventing any injuries.

4. Do regular foot exercises.

For your feet to be in good shape and condition, you will have to exercise it regularly just like with the rest of your body. There are simple and quick exercises you can do like stretching and doing some toe pulling. Exercise will keep your feet strong, flexible and free from pain.

5. Maintain proper posture.

A good posture will not only prevent foot pain but it will also make you look good and improve your overall wellbeing. Make sure your spine is aligned with your pelvis and that your weight is properly distributed to both of your feet. You should feel an even pressure on balls of your feet. And avoid too much leaning forward when possible.

Give your feet the best attention.

Be extra mindful of what you are doing to your feet with the way you walk, stand, and with the type of footwear you use. Follow the tips presented in this article and your feet will be able to stay healthy for a long time.


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