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10 Easy Ways To Stay Awake

Updated on March 23, 2012

There are many good reasons to be tired. It used to be that on days that I exercised, went to class, worked, and stayed up with a newborn, I could barely keep my eyes open. I did some research online to find some ways to keep myself awake, and now, I have a lot more energy. Hopefully you'll find some tips that work for you.

1. Caffeine

This one may be the most obvious, but for many people, it's also the most helpful. Coffee, pop, and energy drinks are the easiest way to get your caffeine through liquid. I've found that taking 200mg caffeine pills works best for me. You have to be careful not to take in too much caffeine, though, because it can make you jittery and nervous.

2. Food

Have a snack that contains lots of protein, or eat a small piece of chocolate every two hours. Sometimes not eating helps, too, but only for short periods of time. Eating too much can backfire and make you sleepy.

3. Temperature

Like most people, I HATE being cold, but freezing temperatures do have their advantages. The colder you are, the less likely you'll be to fall asleep, because you'll be too uncomfortable to get sleepy. You can also use heat as an incentive to get your studying, work, etc. done. Promise yourself that when you can fall asleep, you'll wrap up in a blanket and feel great.

4. Pain

Yes, it's morbid, but causing yourself pain can give you jolts of energy when you need to get something done. Just don't do anything that will actually cause damage to your body! Snap a rubber band on your wrist, bite your cheek, or pinch yourself every time you start to doze off. Be creative.

5. Peppermint Scents

The scent of peppermint has been proved to help tired people stay up for hours. There are mint-scented wrist bands and candles that you can burn. Chewing minty gum is probably the best way to get your peppermint scent, because the act of chewing will also help to keep you from falling asleep.

6. Light Exercise

Obviously, working out too hard when you aren't used to it will make you sleepy, but mild exercise can actually give you energy. Taking a brisk walk or doing a few jumping jacks will help you with your fatigue, and it will also help you when you do want to sleep.

7. Power naps

When you are so tired that you can't stand, give yourself 20 to 25 minutes to nap. Try to turn off the TV, computer, and all other distractions so that you can get restful sleep. Just don't sleep any longer than 30 minutes, or you'll have trouble waking up, feel groggy, and possibly be even more tired.

8. Music

Play upbeat music, preferably either without words or with lyrics that you already know. This is so you don't distracted trying to figure out what the singer is saying. Don't play anything you hate, though, unless you want a headache.

9. Water

You know how parents pour buckets of water on their kids to keep them up in the movies? It works, doesn't it? Instead of drenching yourself, splash ice cold water on your face, eyes, and wrists every time your eyes start to close.

10. Hydration

Dehydration can lead to fatigue, so it's best to drink as much as possible. Having a glass of water or slowly sipping a Coke can keep you awake and improve your concentration, especially when you're sitting in front of a computer screen or at a table with books.

How do YOU stay awake?

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