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Easy Ways to Get More Exercise

Updated on November 21, 2011



Find time to exercise

Americans lead a very sedentary lifestyle. Just think about it for a second. This is not very healthy. We use the escalator or elevator to go up the steps. We drive to just about every location that we visit each day. We all know someone who even takes their car to go to the corner store and back. Leading such a sedentary lifestyle is very unhealthy. Most individuals need exercise to boost their fitness level and stay healthy. It is a good idea to stay active and keep moving for total fitness and well being.  This will certainly keep the weight down and be very beneficial in the long run.

Walk. Leave the car at home and walk to work a few times per week. Or if this is very inconvenient. Try parking your car further from the office building or at the end of the parking lot which would encourage you to walk a bit further every day.

Bike. Suppose you have a bike that is gathering dust in the garage or the basement. Take that bike out of retirement and take it for a spin to work or to run short errands around the neighborhood instead of the car. Biking leads to all sorts of healthy benefits which might include increased flexibility, lower blood pressure, and reducing stress.

Take the Stairs. Instead of standing there in the office building and waiting for the next elevator take the steps. You might find yourself huffing and puffing the first few times, but after a while it gets easier and is certainly better than riding in a stuffy elevator several floors.

Use Lunch Breaks. We spend far too much time in a stuffy office building or in the home during a lunch hour. Instead of sitting in the office during your lunch break or visiting the local fast food chain, decide to dedicate yourself to walking around in the open air for thirty minutes or take a quick work out at a nearby gym or fitness club. Try taking a jump rope to work and exercising in a nearby park. Jumping rope burns calories and revs up the metabolism.

Desk Movements. Many are busy and have very erratic schedules. They simply cannot find the time to exercise. Try this method. Take short breaks at your desk to stand up and stretch to the ceiling and then to the floor. Get up and march around your desk for a minute or two. Stretch out arms, roll the shoulders. Stand up slowly and then sit back into the chair several times. This is not a replacement for a complete exercise plan, but it will get you moving and burning a few extra calories.


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