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Easy Ways to Increase Your Height Naturally

Updated on October 3, 2015

What All Factors Determine Height?

Height is an essential aspect of our life which determines so many things. From getting love to job, a good height can really play a big role. Height boosts confidence and builds a strong personality. People reach their complete height during their puberty period, but adults can also increase height with proper diet, regular exercise and enough sleep.

Height is generally determined on the basis of an individual’s genes. However, other major factors like overall health and nutrition also matter in determining height. If you want to grow taller, there are things that you can do from your end. One of the main factors to determine height is the size of bones such as fibular and tibia (bones of the lower leg) and the femur (bones of the upper leg). If these are long bones, certainly your height can increase. These bones comprise growth plates which predict height. In case these growth plates get closed, these bones reach their maximum height.

Continue reading this article to know some suitable methods and exercises to increase your height.

How Does Genes Determine Height?

Height inherits in genes and it determines how long you will become. Different genes play different roles in specifying height. Gender also decides height. Generally women are shorter than men.

Most people have made the perception that if their parents are short, they will also become short. However, it is not completely true. You can be a taller person in spite of your parents’ height. On the other hand, a person can be shorter as well if their parents are tall. Apart from genes there are other factors as well that determine height.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Stopping Your Growth:

There are limitations to increase your height, but you can still take some steps from your end to avoid the bad influences that can stop your growth. Consumption of alcohol and drug by teenagers can adversely affect their growth and cause medical conditions like childhood arthritis, hypogonadism and hypothyroidism. Even it may cause dramatic consequences on the growth of your height. Apart from these congenital issues, whatever you eat and drink also matter in the height increase.

Steroids: On top of increasing the risk of heart attack, decreasing the breast size, decreasing sperm count, raising blood pressure, the consumption of steroids can decrease the growth of your height. Those kids who have respiratory diseases and dependent on steroid are commonly half inch shorter than other children.

Smoking: Though there is no exact effect of smoking on body mass index (BMI), some evidences showed that teenagers who smoke are little shorter than non-smokers.

Coffee: Children should avoid drinking excessive coffee as it can indirectly stop your height. Scientific study proves that caffeine disrupt sleep. And a proper sleep is important to increase height.

Calculating Your Height
Calculating Your Height

Calculate Your Expected Height:

  • Add your father and mother’s height (in cm).
  • Add 13 cm extra if you a male; deduct 13 cm if you are a female.
  • Now divide the total sum by 2.

The result will be your projected height. There may be a slight difference of 3-5 inches, but this method mostly predicts the close result.

Importance of Adequate Sleep On Your Height:

Teenagers need sleep between 8 to 11 hours. Enough sleep in a peaceful environment improves growth hormone (HGM). HGH is directly related to the growth. Adequate sleep encourages HGM and increases the height. If you face any difficulty in sleeping, you can have a walk or take a bath before going to bed.

Proper Nutrition To Get Full Height:

Consumption of food items that contain proper nutrition should be the first and foremost task without any miss. It can not only grow you taller, but also ensure that you reach the full height. Also remember to consume proper amount of calories to gain enough energy to become taller. Including supplement in your diet is another good option to get necessary minerals and vitamins.

Other important nutrients that you can consider are:

  • Lack of zinc can be a cause of less growth. Though zinc is found in various food products like peas, chocolate, eggs and peanuts, supplement is an ideal way to get its adequate needs.
  • Calcium intake is also important aspect to increase your height. Calcium can be found in green vegetables and dairy products.
  • To build your body stronger and taller, protein plays the most crucial role. Include protein foods like beans, meat, tofu, eggs and milk in your diet.
  • Vitamin D is necessary to grow your bones and muscles. Mushroom and fish contain enough amount of Vitamin D. Ensure to take sunbath as well during your free time to get Vitamin D.

Eating Tips to Grow Taller:

  • Regular diet should be followed without any miss. The diet plan includes three time meals in a day with snacks in between. If you can schedule your meal and snack eating timings, it would be more effective.
  • A strong immune system can be really helpful in combating several diseases. It can also help you stay healthy and fit and consequently benefit you grow taller.
  • Eat a wide variety of healthy foods. Eating only one food item such as salmon won’t harm you but also not benefit you too much. If you want to create a strong immune system, a wide range of foods is necessary. Ensure to include milk, various vegetables, fruits, cheese, fish, meat, nuts and other healthy substances in your diet.

Always eat fresh foods to improve your immune system. Avoid high in fat and processed foods.

Adequate Protein:

To increase your height your body needs appropriate amount of minerals, vitamins and amino acids than fat and sugar. Protein has stores of amino acids that are important constituents of living cells. The nitrogenous organic compounds of protein play a big role in your growth. Its elements like hormones, nutrients and antibodies are good for the proper functionality of immune system. The best food items that comprise enough protein are legumes, fish, milk, meat and eggs. These foods contain 30 amino acids, along with eight important amino acids that do not synthesized in the human body.

Consumption of Carbohydrates:

It is also essential to consume less carbohydrates. This would help you avoid getting fat. Extra carbohydrates may stunt your growth. Therefore, it is always better to avoid it. Carbohydrates can increase the cholesterol level and cause heart problems.

Fitness Always Matters:

Once the growth plates are closed, it won’t be possible to grow your height simply by excising. If the growth plates are still not closed, you can do several exercises to grow taller. Some of the workouts that you can consider are biking, swimming, yoga and running. Also make sure to take a balanced diet and sleep properly.

Stretching is another effective way of growing taller. With the help of stretching you can improve your body posture and gain height. A few extra inches can really make you look charming and attractive.


Hanging is the most simple and effective workout to grow taller. It will straighten and elongate your spine. Do this exercise on a regular basis to get its best result. The hanging is also helpful to gain wider grip and make your shoulders and back wider.


Swimming is a full body workout that can certainly give you a few extra inches. Two hours of swimming on a daily basis is enough to do this task. If you have never tried swimming, learn it from any experienced swimming trainer. Make sure to be punctual at the swimming pool to get the best result.

Cobra Pose:

Lie down on the floor facing up with your palms also on the ground. Lift your spinal cord by your chin. Stretch your back as you can. Repeat this exercise for 5-10 times.


Yoga asanas comprise everything that can help you grow naturally. The best part about yoga exercises is that they not only make you fit but also fight against several illnesses.


With the help of bicycling you can stay fit and healthy. Riding a bicycle can also grow you taller. Even you can contribute to the environment and reduce pollution by riding bicycling instead of car.

Good Body Posture:

Standing or sitting in a right posture matters a lot to grow taller. Even in your present height can look taller simply by keeping your backbone straight. A right body posture improves blood circulation and spinal cord becomes stronger.

Consulting A Medical Practitioner:

If you belong to a family wherein everyone is tall and you are not growing like them, you should consult a doctor. There are different conditions that may stop your growth like autoimmune diseases and growth hormone deficiency. Another condition when should consult a physician is when you are doing regular exercise, eating healthy food and taking enough sleep and still not growing.


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