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Easy Ways to Shape Your Body

Updated on May 2, 2019

One of the main reasons people decide to workout is that they want to shape their body a specific way. Some people simply want to reduce the amount of fat on their body, some want to increase muscle mass, and some want their body to be lean. There are different types of workouts and eating habits to be considered when making this choice. Depending on how you envision your body, you should know what steps to take in order to achieve your goal. The workouts you choose, the meal plan you choose, and your overall calorie intake plays a large role when shaping your body. People do not realize there is so much to account for when setting aesthetic goals, and oftentimes get very frustrated when they do not see the anticipated results.This article is designed to give you tips to solving the problem many people come across when shaping their body.

The first topic we will discuss is how to lose excess fat on your body.

  • The first step is to choose a low carb diet:

If you want to lose weight, the first thing you should do is avoid sugar and starch. Foods with high sugar and starch content are very high in carbs. These include foods such as sweets, pasta, rice, and potatoes. The easiest way to do this is to eat more vegetable based meals. There are many pasta substitutes that are vegetable based, and there are literally thousands of meals that you can put together that are quick and simple, while also low carb. Something incredibly easy is baked chicken with veggies.

  • Once you have the proper diet planned out to lose weight, the second step is to begin exercising:

The most important part of losing excess fat on your body from the exercising aspect is to significantly increase the amount of cardio you do. If losing fat on your body is your primary goal, the fastest way it will burn is through increasing your heart rate and working up a sweat. Running is great for this (whether it be indoors or outdoors), as well as ellipticals, stair climbers, and biking. Lifting weights will also help, but this should not be your main objective. Little weight lifting at low weight will reduce fat as well, but it should not be your primary concern since cardio is.

  • The last step is to stress less and sleep more:

Chronic stress can increase the level of stress hormones in your body, and this can cause an increase in hunger which leads to overeating. Properly managing stress in your life can easily lead to healthier eating habits. Sleep is also very important because having energy throughout your day will lead to higher levels of motivation to do everything listed above.

The second topic we will discuss is how to build muscle mass.

  • The first step to building muscle mass is to eat more protein:

This is very simple because you are not as limited to what you can eat if your are trying to build mass. Dairy, meat, and any sort of nuts are great sources of protein that can be used within your diet. You should also avoid cutting calories in general. Cheat meals are acceptable here as long as you are lifting weights properly. Carbs are also acceptable when building mass.

  • The other step is to increase the amount of weight you lift, as well as how often:

If you are building mass, then it is important to focus on lifting weights rather than cardio. When lifting weights, the best way to go about this is to do four sets. The first set you should use a weight that you can lift twelve times. After each set, you should increase the amount of weight to an amount that you can lift two times less than the previous set. So for the second set, you should be able to lift the weight ten times, the third set you should be able to lift eight times, and so on. This goes for every type of lift that you do.

You should also make sure you are training your entire body over the course of each week. Do not think only upper body workouts are going to increase your muscle mass alone. You should be doing core workouts, leg workouts, as well as upper body and back.

The third topic we will discuss is how to be lean.

  • The types of meals you should be eating are somewhat a combination of the two above:

You should be eating meals that are vegetable based, but also eating meat such as chicken. You should still avoid meals that are high in carbs, but you are not as limited to what you can eat as long as you are exercising properly.

  • The exercise step for being lean is also a combination of the two topics above:

When shaping your body to be lean, it is important to distribute the amount of cardio and lifting you do. It should be split half and half, but the type of lifting is much different in this scenario. You should alternate days between lifting and doing cardio (cardio should act as a “rest” day from lifting, but should still be intense). Lifting to be lean is different than building mass because you should be doing higher amounts of reps for each set, but with lower weight. For example, you should consider doing five sets of a weight that you can lift twelve to fifteen times each set. You should not increase or decrease the amount of weight between sets. The goal here is not to build your muscle, but to tone it with low weight that is easier to lift. You should still be sure to engage your entire body throughout the course of the week in order to see best results.

In conclusion, it is important to remain patient regardless of how you want to shape your body. This is not going to happen over night, but with proper eating habits and exercising is whichever way you choose, it will happen over time. Also, be sure to keep progress notes as a motivator whether it pictures or hand written notes.


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