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Easy Weight Loss Shakes

Updated on December 29, 2010

Loosing Weight the Easy Way

No I am not going to put the picture of me when I was over weight. I am not going to take much of your time and when you grasp the simple concepts that I am about to impart to you. you will most likely never need to go on a diet again.

In fact you are not going to try to change the food that you are eating now. All I want you to do is up your nutrition by figuring out what kind of shake you like to drink and adding high nutritional protein power to it.

Some will say I tryed those shakes and I didnt loos weight. Did you try the ones in the can? They do not work as well as my method.

This is only an outline of my method. You will adapt it as you would like to.

#1. I find a protein power that has all the vitamins and nutrients that I should be getting in my food. But I am not because if I did I wouldn't be over weight and craving all of the time. It has to taste good! This is not a torture camp!

#2. I like chocolate shakes so I build my shakes around that.

#3. try to drink one everyday i like them in the morning. I have one that I drink after lunch also its juice based.

After you start to get more usable nutrition into your body you will notice the cravings will slow down. You wont want to eat as much food. You will be satisfied because your body is getting what it needs from your shakes. I know it sounds crazy but if you add good stuff to those shakes smoothies or what ever you want to call them you will feel better.

Once you start to feel better youi will just naturaly become more active with out forcing yourself. you will feel like going out and t5aking a walk. you will feel like playing a game outside with the kids. you become more active and you start to loose weight naturaly. you dont have to force yourself to stay away from certain things.

you also wil not have to force yourself to get a little more active because you will feel like it! Its just that easy truy it for at least a month. Try a few different products in your shakes. you can always create a better shake at home with your own blender that you can buy anywhere. Get creative and try new flavors! Have fun with it.

I buy the cases of shakes when I am off and running and cannot use a blender. What no blender? I am a surfer, there isn't always electricity where I go surfing Thank God ;-)

I posted some videos to give you an idea how other people make their shakes. Remember not to bring stress to your self by being a food Nazi as we call them. you know the people that always know what you are supposed to eat because it good for you.

I have found this attitude to be more stressful than just eating a sort of normal diet.

Also I want you to remember that the only way you can really know what is in your food is if you grow it your self.


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  • thougtforce profile image

    Christina Lornemark 7 years ago from Sweden

    This is very good information! I can not stay on a diet for long, it is to time consuming and boring! This sounds more possible! Thanks, It makes sense!

  • Dee aka Nonna profile image

    Dee aka Nonna 7 years ago

    Because our rather large extended family seem to do nothing but cook from Thanksgiving through Christmas these might come in handy to help everyone get a handle on eating better. I will share. Thanks... great information.

  • profile image

    horseby73 7 years ago

    ya good choise i wood do tat too so i have never been over weight i am only 12 years old n dont eat tat much