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Easy and Effective Ways to Reducing Snoring

Updated on January 2, 2011

Reduce Snoring

Easy and Effective Ways to Reducing Snoring

Reducing snoring during sleep would probably be the best gift you can give your room mate or partner or spouse. This would mean a peaceful and more comfortable rest for him or her in the night and a more harmonious relationship between the two of you. But are you aware of the simple methods to do so?

Facts about Snoring Worth Getting Acquainted With:

  • Snoring occurs in all ages. No one is exempted from this condition. According to statistics, almost 30% of women and 45% of men snore. 
  • Others, who are not frequent snorers, are also most likely to experience this problem when they acquire any acute illness, on consuming any medications like antihistamines or indulge in too much alcohol; right before sleeping.
  • Studies demonstrate that people who gain weight and are obese are more prone to snoring compared to the slimmer members of society. Snoring can worsen as you age.
  •  Snoring is usually harmless, but many a times could be the precursor or indication of an underlying medical problem.
  • Snoring is not a disease but it is a condition wherein the inner tissues of the mouth and throat, cause vibrations even while a person is asleep. 
  • This is a result of turbulent airflow which passes through the air passages while we sleep, causing the tissues of the nose as well as the throat to produce vibrating sounds that are irritating, annoying and sometimes could be loud enough to wake neighbors up.

There are different factors which trigger snoring and reducing snoring can easily be done if you become more aware of these factors.

Excess of weight and Obesity

Having accumulated fats in the body does not help stop snoring instead it hastens it. It contributes to the narrowing of a person’s airways thus resulting to snoring. So if you trim down on your weight, chances are your snoring problems will also be reduced.

Other medical conditions:

Several systemic and local diseases can contribute to heavy snoring. Some of these disorders are ADHD, hypothyroidism, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, adenoid hypertrophy, tonsillitis or hypertrophy of tonsils etc. Getting appropriate treatment for these disorders will relive snoring.

Nasal Problems

Persons with chronic nasal congestion also experience frequent snoring in the night. Physicians usually advise these patients to use nasal masks or oral appliances to aid them with their snoring concerns. Nevertheless, all of these recommendations are best utilized, only if you visit your physician and have your condition diagnosed.

Sleep Apnea

Snoring as mentioned earlier is not a disease but it could very well be a symptom of a possible breathing disorder like sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition wherein people find difficulty in breathing while asleep. This is a dangerous condition because if not properly attended to, may lead to a person’s death while sleeping caused by heart attack or stroke. This type of sleep apnea is referred to as obstructive sleep apnea and is believed to be associated with high blood pressure in men and women although lot of research and studies are still being conducted on this issue.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol has ingredients that relaxes the muscles of the throat and thus decreases our throat’s natural defenses against airway obstructions. No wonder people who consume several glasses of alcoholic beverages tend to produce annoying snoring sound while they sleep.

Reducing snoring is more of a disciplinary procedure for most individuals. It requires proper eating and drinking habits as well as good sleep hygiene. In case it needs a medical professional’s counsel, then do not hesitate to ask a specialist to diagnose your condition. You never know, these snoring sounds may actually be your body’s way of alarming you of a worse disease lurking within your system.


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