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Easy and Natural Constipation Remedies

Updated on April 4, 2010

The congested feeling we get when we can't move our bowels makes us feel out of balance. Bloating, gas and a sluggish feeling in our digestive tract is uncomfortable and can be embarrassing.

High Fiber Foods Fight Constipation
High Fiber Foods Fight Constipation

Constipation is not an illness in its own right. It is easily preventable. It occurs when bowel movements become compacted and difficult to pass. The most common cause is an improper diet and dehydration. Some prescription medications can cause constipation as well. Often, correcting these simple deficiencies can get you back on track quickly and effectively. Making permanent corrections to your lifestyle can keep your system moving effectively on a consistent basis. Getting back into balance can have a great impact on your health and on your comfort as well.

There are many common constipation natural remedies that can help to get you back on track quickly. Under normal circumstances, a natural remedy for constipation should help you to move things along. There are times, though, when you are not finding relief and my need to consult with a qualified physician.

To counteract constipation, the simplest most effective method is to simplify your diet. Stick with basic food choices. Eat a diet rich in fiber. Fruits (dried or fresh), leafy greens, lentils, bran, unrefined foods, whole grains, and honey are all high fiber foods that will help to get things going in your system. Foods that are highly processed and dairy products should be avoided.

Take human bites! It is important to eat slowly. Rushing through meals can result in poorly chewed food and excessive air in our digestive tracts - both make it more difficult to digest the food that we eat.

Drink plenty of fresh, purified water. We should all be drinking half of our body weight in ounces everyday. When constipated, drink a little more. I like to squeeze half of a lemon into each glass of water that I drink. It adds a refreshing taste and it has an alkalizing effect on my body. A more alkaline system is better able to fight off disease and serious illness.

Get moving! Exercising 2-3 times each week is great for good health and will help your system to purge more readily. A simple brisk walk will do the trick. Add some light weights at the completion of your walk for a more complete workout. Some arm reps added to your routine will tighten them up and the weight bearing nature of this exercise is good for bone health as well.

These simple constipation remedies are inexpensive and can probably be found right in your kitchen. They will not only aid you in getting back into balance, they will improve your overall health. Since good health starts in the digestive tract, it is important to care for it properly.


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