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Easy and Unique Ways to Get Fit

Updated on April 22, 2013

Easy Ways to Get Fit

Great news for those, who are looking forward to the warm weather and to wearing swimsuits! Gone are the days, when you have to torture yourself starving or sweating a lot to get the body of your dream. With the help of some simple and pleasant activities, you can get fit and look super-slender while on the beach. Here are some easy fitness tips for you to get fit!

Pogo Stick

Still considering jumping up and down childish? In fact, it is a great aid to you if you really want to get fit. You just need to spend a little time on a pogo stick. It will work on your heart and blood vessels. Just wear your headphones and leap to some songs. You will feel like dancing to certain types of rock music, esp. punk, while jumping. Besides training your muscles, you’ll get a high mood and will feel relaxed throughout the day!

Mall Walking

Malls are perfect places for walking. And let's accept, ladies, that we are crazy about going to the malls for shopping. Besides admiring the newest fashion collections, you’ll get the chance to get healthy and fit, since walking is good for your heart. The best thing about malls is that regardless of the weather outside, you feel quite cozy and comfortable inside. Remember to keep a lively step and walk in ankle or hand weight.

Belly Dance

Are you fond of dancing? Dancing is very useful for health, but belly dancing works on your stomach muscles, which will help you look attractive. It’s a type of exercise recommendable for all body shapes and sizes. Thus, start being active if you normally spend much time seated.


Hoop is considered an acceptable way to make all parts of your body work and loose extra calories. There are different types of hoops. You can buy a hoop with lights and a hoop with attached weight. You can also mix these two types. Surely, the result will be fantastic.

Roller Derby

Roller Derby is a type of physical exercise. It’s an ideal option for those girls, who give much preference to teamwork. Don’t get disappointed, if you aren’t expert in skating. You will be taught. Then master your skills a little bit more and become a pro!


Kickboxing is an ideal way to strengthen your body and get fit. Every kickboxing session burns about 500 calories, as well as trains the muscles of your arms, thighs, legs, abs and butt. Besides, you will be able to get rid of your daily anxiety, since kickboxing is also a great way of releasing stress and feeling free-spirited.

House Cleaning

Of course, it's your duty to keep your house clean. Certainly, you may not have much time for it and it's definitely more preferable when you pay someone to clean it for you. However, if you do it yourself, you'll both save money and get fit. Although this may sound like a joke, but house cleaning is also a way of exercising. By vacuuming, cleaning the large rugs in your house, cleaning the windows and mopping, your muscles automatically work and you can even feel sweating. Keep your rooms clean and get fit!

Climb the Stairs, Instead of Using an Elevator

If you live in a block of flats, don't be reluctant to climb the stairs, instead of using an elevator. Imagine every day going up and down the stairs! It will help you to get beautifully muscled legs, thighs and butt. Moreover, these simple "exercises" are also good for your heart.

Do Everything on Your Own

Don't be lazy to move a lot while at the office or at home. Instead of instructing other people to bring something to you or to do something instead of you, do everything on your own. It's another chance to get up and move, which is a simple, effortless physical exercise for getting fit.

Cycle or Go on Foot to the Closest Destinations

No wonder, cars and buses are inevitable in today's hectic lifestyle. If you have got time, leave your flat a bit earlier and either cycle or walk to the next destination, instead of going there by car or by bus. It's both fun and healthy, as you admire the surroundings and breathe fresh air, at the same time exercising your muscles.

Sleep Well

Actually, your body needs a good rest before another day full of movements and duties. Give your body the chance to take a full rest from all the physical exercises that you do daily and go to sleep in time. A healthy sleep can do wonders to your body, health and skin. Organize your day right to go to bed in time and to have an eight-hour sleep. It's advisable to sleep before 22:00, since after that time you risk to gain extra kilograms. Besides, going to bed late, you cannot wake up early and don't feel fresh in the morning.

Drink Lots of Water

No matter it's about beauty, health or fitness, water is the essential and the simplest treatment to your problems. It's good both for your skin and hair, for your body and health. Make sure to drink as much water a day as you can. Double this procedure during hot months and keep your body hydrated.

As you can see it's not necessary to attend the gym continuously or go running every single day to obtain a flawless body. Just doing your daily duties and following a bit more active lifestyle, you may be both healthy and slender. This, however, doesn't mean that you can eat and do whatever you want. Watch your diet, try to curb your sweet cravings and eat healthy, organic food. Give preference to fruits and vegetables and stick to smaller portions of meals.

Thus, start getting fit by simply moving a lot and sticking to healthy food. Wear a trendy swimsuit and look astounding on the beach!


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