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Who said weight loss is Impossible?

Updated on July 29, 2016

Coming straight to the point.

The habits you should adopt

1. Don’t skip meals
That’s right never skip meals it will not help you lose weight.


  • Breakfast - HEAVY
  • Lunch - NOT SO HEAVY
  • Dinner – heavy NO CHANCE

2. Choose Stairs
Remember the song
Wherever(staires) you are, I will follow.

3. Say big no to sugar
Throw cookies out.

4. Drink more water
Drink like FISH.

5. Eat at kitchen table
It’s time use furniture

6. Set a goal
Change your desktop or cell phone wallpaper to your goal.

7. Take your photograph
Look at your photograph and get angry (don’t tear it down)

8. Switch to bike cycle
As it is good for environment and you.

9. Drink green tea
Seriously very beneficial.

Habits done, Now its Exercise

Top 8 Exercise you should start from today

1. Push-Up (chest, shoulders, arms)

2. Crunch (abdomen)

3. Curl (biceps)

4. Squat (thighs, butt)

5. Reverse Dip (triceps)

6. Lunge (legs)

7. Row (back, shoulders)

8. Planks (abdomen)

Your Goal

Just imagine yourself in below images. IMPORTANT (just the abdomen part. Rest is your wish.)

What do you think?

Do you think increase in weight, lowers the self confidence?

See results

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