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Eat Banana and Health Benefits of Banana

Updated on March 25, 2010


Eat banana

And today we will discuss about the Health Benefits Of Banana.Each god creation on earth has their maximum balanced type of food to intake, and that, They do eat solely. And they don't have the health problems we do. Now what does that tell you! That we are what we eat. And if we take a proper intake of nutritional food and get aware of that. Then we will not face such health problem which are increasing day by day. So get aware of all benefits and drawbacks of the food which you eat.So that you can get the action and reaction of the particular foods which you intake.

Eat Banana

Banana contains 3 natural sugar named sucrose, fructose and glucose including fiber.Banana gives an instant energy which is also a booster for you when you intake.Research has shown that just 2 bananas gives enough energy for a strenuous 100-minute workout. No doubt the banana is the number one fruit in the world in respect of eating. eating banana gives not only energy but also maintain your digestive system and balanced.system. And help you to be fit. So eat banana and be healthy.

Health benefits of banana:

Stay away with Depression by eating banana:


According to Survey made by "MIND" between the people suffering from depression, Many get energy boost and mind relaxation after eating 3 bananas.This is because banana contain trepidation, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, known to make you relax and calm your mind, improve your mood and generally make you feel fresh.


Forget all  pills which you intake due to efficiency of Vitamin b6 which regulates blood glucose levels.which also make your mood fresh.


Before trying to bring some medicine for the mosquito bites. Try to rub banana in the effected area and you will find freshness and cool effect on that area on which you rub bananas.

So hope you have some new banana benefits, Now eat banana and be healthy.There are many banana benefits but i don't want to put every thing to get you confused just keep the above mention benefits in mind.In my next article i will discuss more new benefits of banana.


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