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Eat Right and Check How Much Weight You Lose..

Updated on April 25, 2012

Eat It Right :)

My all time fav. Tropical fruit salad.
My all time fav. Tropical fruit salad. | Source
Rice, Sambhar(lentils broth) and Roast Potato
Rice, Sambhar(lentils broth) and Roast Potato | Source
Ajwaini Phulka and Chole. (Indian Bread with Chickpeas gravy)
Ajwaini Phulka and Chole. (Indian Bread with Chickpeas gravy) | Source

Eat it Right and Stay Healthy..

I've seen many people complaining i've put on weight but folks hang on, do you ever realised how you put on so much weight. There are very few cases which say heridatary, but ultimately our health is in our hands no matter you are thin or fat, how healthy you are that matters alot. As health problems doesn't occur if you are fat or slim, but make sure what you eat has to be healthy and consume properly. Above all, keep a check on your BMI. Today, i'm going to share how much weight you lose by eating. Amazed! certainly you'll be But, if you don't trust me try this and see atleast for a week or two weeks to see how effective they are. And let me know if it actually helps you or your family to stay healthy.

  • Eat Slowly: When i was a kid my parents use to say eat slowly as i often try to gulp but when they made me understand the reason behind it, i was convinced and same i follow with my son. Usually people who are overweight tend to gulp down their food and it's proved by reasearch. You should enjoy what you are eating and take good time to chew properly. Especially for kids, who are geeting there teeth a mother must teach to chew the food it's good for teeth and digestive system. The most ideal thing to do is , chew each mouthful 30 times as this will allow the enzymes in your saliva to start the digestive process.
  • Don't Skip Meals: Skipped breakfast and find yourself eating more for your lunch or skipped lunch and find yourself eating more than you should have for dinner? Do you think you are doing right with your health? No friends, i know today's lifestyle is very fast everyone is running behind making money for great lifestyle but for all this you should have good stamina to work. If you stay healthy, then only you can work properly. The solution is easy- skipping meals will make you eat more later because your boday is craving food. Not only that skipping a meal will cause your blood sugar to fall and result unnecessary cravings.
  • Stop Eating Before You Feel Full: Don't hog the food. There is a reason why you feel bloated and uncomfortable when you eat like a glutton. Remember, it takes at least 20 minutes for the stomach to tell the brain that it is full. So with each meal, you don't have to eat till you feel full. Try changing the eating pattern to feel good.
  • Eat Right Portions: The bigger the size of your plate, the more likely you want to full and land up eating extras. As per the psychology studies show that people who eat off a bigger plate feels as if they haven't eaten enough despite eating a regular size of meal. So, to get it right , try this, eat on a small plate which will play trick on your stomach into thinking you are already full. Eat dishes in right quantity. For Example:Rice-1 meidium bowl per portion, Vegetabes- 1 small bowl. Lentils- 1 small bowl, Breads(if any)- 2 slice.
  • Reduce The Alcohol Intake: Cutting out your food but what about drinking? Still drinking like a fish and you are expecting to lose weight. Let me remind you, alcohol is a source of empty calories and with each drinks (hard drink, beer or coktail) you take, you are increasing your body weight. Keep check on your drink. Try drinking ocassionally instead of regularly.
  • Keep your feet off From Weighing Scale: I m sure many of you tempted to do it every morning, if you have weighing scale at your home. Weighing yourself everyday will only leave you disheartened if you don't drop the kilos as quickly as you would wish to and you'll land up spoiling your whole beautiful day. Don't be so harsh to yourself, remember, losing weight takes a while so why not weigh yourself once a week to really get an overall idea of your health check.
  • Add Fibre: Eat at least 30gm of fibre every day to keep the colon working properly. Do not make your body depend on substitutes. Consume vegetables, fruits, whole grain and beans it will help you to stay healthy also will help to protect against cancers. Minimise your intake of low-fibre foods such as meat, cheese, white flour preparations etc. Fibre helps to eliminates the waste products of body. Try having one banana daily before going to sleep.

Maintain a healthy and ideal weight. Eat a balanced diet and i'm sure you will feel better in a week time. Diet but don't over diet. Eat healthy and Stay healthy.

Happy living:)


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