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Eat a lot and do not gain weight

Updated on November 18, 2012

Eat a lot and do not gain weight.

In the season of holidays there is not more actual problem than keeping your weight. Even though we hear from all around that it is necessary to be modest in eating, that we need to keep the diet, in the season of holidays, we all want to eat a lot of tasty and delicious dishes. Is it possible to eat everything you want (for example what your mom cooked or your beloved wife) and not to gain weight and feel yourself good? Let me share several tips with you which really can help you to survive this holidays.

  • Remember when you was a kid, how nice it was to run into the kitchen and take something delicious of what your mom cooked and go to living room and continue watching TV ? This is what we all still have in our habits – quick bites or this or that. Try to escape it, do not eat between or before the big meals. Do not give additional, not planned calories to your body.
  • The holiday is the event that happens once in a year, it is a special day and you can afford eating something really special at this day. So, eat only expensive and the best dishes on the table. If you also buy or cook for the holiday dinner – make your choice with expensive stuff , like shrimps or lobsters or …you know what you wanted to try for a long time but could not afford it since it was expensive, but this holiday is special and you can afford it.
  • Try to escape stand-ups. When you stay you can eat three times more than you can eat when sitting! But if you have to be on stand-up, make one hand busy with glass of wine or water. You will never eat a lot with one hand. But please do not drink a lot of wine.
  • Water. You heard it very often that water can help you in loosing calories. It is true as it works in two directions. First, if you drink non-carbonated spring water during all day, just little by little, your stomach will not send signals of hunger to your brains. Second secret is that your body needs about 53 kilo-calories to overwork 500 ml of water, which brings zero of carbohydrates and fats to your cells.
  • Famous secret of the aromas force. Some aromas can call for appetite and some can suppress appetite. So, I guess it will be wise to use some pepper-mint or menthol or lavender scented candles for the holiday dinner. But please do not use many and do not use strong one and try to use some at least 30 minutes before, otherwise the air around will stop you from having holiday’s dinner at all.
  • Do not try to eat everything. Just make stop on something – for example dishes from chicken only. And it will be wise if you use small plate only. The smaller plate – the less you eat, the less you eat – the better you feel yourself.
  • Spices. We have talked about secrets of water and of aromas. Here is one more secret thing that will help you not to gain weight – use spices. The more pepper you use – the better. It is just healthy and you will not eat a lot of such dish anyway.
  • The last tip about not gaining spare calories on holidays – stop thinking about those calories. Turn on your positive thinking and just enjoy the food you eat ( using all the tips from above). When you eat something and you started to think about the process and all those calories – just tell to yourself that all you eat is for your body to feel nice and nothing more.

Holidays is the time that can give you real relaxation. If you are going to celebrate it in the big circle of the family – please talk to everybody and agreed that when all together , at the dinner you will talk about holiday only. The only option in talks is telling jokes. No politics, no family dramas. It is important that everybody you share your dinner has the same positive thinking as you do. Otherwise – all tips above are useless. Try to make the holiday as special one even for those who live far from you. For example you have friends living in Ukraine, overseas. And you do not know how to do that. Try to look for online shop that delivers flowers and gifts. Compare the prices. Choose the one that has better design, good reputation, provides guarantees. Also write them shot letter with questions just to check how they work and go ahead – send your special people gift or flowers or some cool and interesting stuff – it does not matter what exactly you send. The main idea that it arrives in time and will show the receiver that you really care.


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