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Eat natural to stay cancer free: it's not easy

Updated on December 6, 2014

Eat foods straight from Nature, as best that you can

It has been months since I last wrote a hub. I have been fairly busy, taking care of my sick mother, full time, while at the same time, doing research and development on my family farm, a Japanese Nature farm, that have been in my family for generations now.

It is fairly easy for me to locate safe, pure and wholesome foods that Nature provides to me. Dandelion, watercress, and many other salad greens grow all around me. I raise my own fish, enough for my own family to enjoy fresh. Can you imagine harvesting a few fish from your own fish containers, processing them, yourself, and eating them within the same day. This is very easy to do. I have five, 500 gallon fish tanks, for a total of 2,500 gallons of quality (rain-water) that is collected from the structures on my farm.

I was raised, eating animals and plants, so it has been a bit difficult giving up meats. I have, however, greatly decreased my consumption of meats. I would like to give up eating meats completely. I am convinced that I count maintain a cancer-free lifestyle if I could completely eliminate meats from my diet plans.

I have a small Black Angus beef cattle herd (a source of organic beef) that eats foods from my farm only. I do not obtain hay or grain from outside sources to feed my cattle.

I have a flock of geese that are organic also. I maintain a few chickens for eggs and meat.

I have a small herd of swine that I maintain because of the very unique genetics that make them special. The pigs are British Berkshire/ Poland China crossed. They represent generations of small farms struggling to produce the very best pork that money can buy, at any price. My father have been dead for a while now and I maintain these quality pigs in honor of his life work as a "cracker-jack," African American farmer.

One may ask, "Why does a highly respected Natural-medicine researcher/ Theological oriented scholar, the likes of myself, spend his very valuable time (when we all know that time is limited) living such a humble, secluded existence?"

The answer to the above question is, "I like living close to Nature, because living close to Nature is the same as living close to God."

Consider this, "I have learned a few things about aging, and death and dying, from doing qualitative research in the form of Naturalistic Observations where caring for my aged mother and father." No, I have not published my finding in "peer-reviewed" publications because the observations are very private to me. We are talking about my parents here. However, at some point in the future, when circumstancing change a bit, I may write my original research up and publish it. I have time to think about all of this.

Getting back to the subject of this discourse, eating foods straight from Nature. I did not give you many details but I hope that I have helped motivate you to think more seriously about the idea of doing this. I believe that the right diet plans can help to, not only avoid a cancer, but may be able to even help "cure" a cancer. You must be saying, "This idea is nothing new." You are indeed correct, "Good foods are good medicine!" Good foods heal!


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