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The Benefits of Eating Cottage Cheese Before Bed

Updated on July 2, 2010

Casein Protein And Muscle Growth :)

I'm not exactly sure why I'm writing this hub, but here I sit eating my cottage cheese before bed and I feel like sharing the virtues of the miraculous dairy treat with all of you. What makes cottage cheese so good for athletes is that it contains a slow-digesting protein called casein.

Now while fast-digesting proteins (whey) are preferred immediately after a work out, slower ones like casein have their uses as well. During the night your body enters a catabolic state as it repairs, and since you would rather have it build muscle than cannibalize it for energy, it's important to have your blood amino acid levels as high as possible. A fast digesting protein wouldn't last you through the night, let alone the next hour, so a slower one like casein is preferred. Casein takes hours to digest and is essentially a natural time released form of protein. The great thing about cottage cheese is that it's essentially just clumps of pure casein. It's low fat and tastes alright... so cottage cheese is the perfect protein source for nighttime!!

Cottage Cheese Alternatives

If you really don't think you can stomach the taste of cottage cheese, there are some commercial casein isolates available, such as those shown on the right. If you've ever bought whey protein powder, these are essentially the same thing -- just delayed release casein.

However, I think you should definitely try cottage cheese.  Well at least at first.  Below this I've put a few (very) simple preparations that alter the taste just enough to make it more palatable.  Still, commercial casein products are definitely a viable option.


Ways To Prepare Your Cottage Cheese Protein

You may not enjoy eating cottage cheese, after all a lot of people don't.  However, it's such a great lowfat source of casein you just need to suck it up and shovel it down.  It doesn't even have to be too bad of an experience.  Here are some methods of preparing your cottage cheese for a better tasting treat:

Pepper Cottage Cheese

Put some black pepper and seasonings on top. :)

Fruit Cottage Cheese

Put some fresh fruit on top. :)

Protein Cottage Cheese

Sprinkle some protein powder on top. :)  It's a whey-casein combo that can't be beat!!


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    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      I love cattage cheese especially large curd. When I get hungry I grab a tablespoon of it. It is nice to share things we know ....

    • WorldCup~2010 profile image

      WorldCup~2010 7 years ago from Ohio

      Wow I never knew cottage cheese helped when eaten beofre bed! I am starting to lift and this will help me recover a lot faster I believe.