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Eating Healthy to Manage Your Weight

Updated on March 10, 2010

Being realistic is the best approach to weight loss. Change 1 or 2 fatty foods that you tend to eat for a healthier, less caloric snack, desert or meal. Do this once a week. Variety is the key to assisting in weight loss. As well food portions are tough to control, but must be monitored closely. Eat until you are 80% full or until your starting to feel full, then make yourself some green tea or another favorite you may have. Drinking water before, following and during meals help you to feel full. Water is extremely good for your body, from aiding in weight loss, helps keep your skin clear, helps aching joints, to helping with cholesterol levels!

Plan meals ahead of time.  This not only saves time and money but helps you to know exactly what you will be eating, and how to plan your food intake accordingly.

Get out and about! This not only helps you to lose extra weight but makes you feel better. Check out my other hub entitled 10 Relaxation Techniques. It talks about how getting out for a walk increases your mood. Snack wisely and often. You want to increase you metabolism to burn fat much more effectively, and eating breakfast in the morning and then small, healthy snacks in between meals. Pick snacks that are packed with energy.

Eat slowly, it gives our bodies time to realize that we're full much quicker than wolfing down a meal and then still feeling hungry. Keep a journal of the foods you've ate throughout the day. If you are more aware of what you are eating you are more likely to make healthy choices. Try to cut out or at least down on sugars, regulating your blood sugar levels is an effective way to continue burning fat.

Balance in your life will make you feel healthier and more energetic! Just change 2 small things for a week and see if it works. To gain weight is easy, to lose it is much harder. Good luck with your weight loss quest, use these easy and practical tools to help you and you will see and feel the difference!


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