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How to Eat Out Healthy

Updated on April 22, 2012

Everyone needs a holiday away from the daily grind of life. But there’s no doubt, it can be challenging to eat healthy while away from home and living outside your normal routine. The good news is if you do some planning beforehand, you can actually have fun while continuing to be healthy at the same time. A big part of my personal success in being consistent and maintaining my healthy lifestyle is through thinking ahead. When I am caught off guard, I almost always make unhealthy choices, don't we all? Call or email the hotel beforehand and ask questions. Find out if they have a gym, a dvd player in the room and a food store nearby. Having this information before you pack your bags will be extremely helpful.

Eating healthy out at restaurants while on vacation (or anytime) can be very challenging, but I have found some ways to be successful at it. In addition, probably one of the most important aspects of eating healthy is to never be hungry, whether traveling or not. I make sure to always have a healthy snack in my purse or glove compartment just in case I am caught off guard, get stuck in traffic or delayed in some way. I do the same type of thing in a bigger way while on vacation.

Having healthy snacks packed along with your clothes and beach blanket is an absolute in maintaining your healthy lifestyle. Some of those foods are things like fiber protein bars, a handful of almonds, some fruit or a 100 calorie snack pack because when we are hungry, we will eat anything we can get our hands on. Since sometimes it’s tough to get to the store while on vacation or find one that carries your favorite healthy foods, packing them is a safer bet.

A love to eat, I love food and I love to cook (see my healthy chicken cacciatore recipe here), so when I am on vacation or out with friends, needless to say, food is a major focus. But how can we eat healthy foods and feel fulfilled at the same time? First thing to keep in mind is to never walk into a restaurant starving, always eat some type of healthy snack before leaving the house. You will find that better choices are made when your stomach isn’t may even push the bread basket away.

When you are out at a restaurant, at the mercy of the chef in the kitchen, whether on vacation or not, scan the menu for lower fat, high protein foods. Generally, you can’t go wrong with some seafood, like salmon or pan-seared scallops, or a meat, like grilled chicken or filet mignon, on a salad with a balsamic dressing or served with vegetables. A meal such as this is what will fill you up and be absolutely delicous at the same time, plus you will feel good about what you ate.

We all know that we should stay away from high fat foods made with butter or are fried and we certainly should not eat them everyday of our vacation. But realizing that vacation is a time to let loose a bit and balance is the key to living a healthy lifestyle, so pick a day and have those fried clams if you are really craving them. On that particular day, try to eat healthy with everything else you put into your body. Also, make sure your clams are cooked in trans fat free oil, such as canola. Most importantly, don’t ever feel uncomfortable about asking your server questions such as this. It’s ok to inquire about how your meal is prepared and if your server doesn’t have the answer, he will found it and you will be able to make an informed decision.

Everyone tends to eat more than usual while on vacation and the only way to balance that out is to include exercise into your trip. Once you are commited to your healthy balanced lifestyle, you will find that moving your body actually makes you feel good and you will want it to be a part of your holiday. Take a little time out for yourself and hit the hotel gym, take a yoga class and if all else fails, you can always go for a jog on the beach. Get up early and go before the day starts, you will feel so much better the rest of the day knowing that you did something good for yourself. You will also find that you feel happier and your body will look better, your mind and body will be whole and there is no better time for that than when you are on vacation.

Healthy eating and exercise is a lifestyle commitment and vacation shouldn’t change that. Plan ahead, inquire, keep the balance and exercise when you can. Most importantly, never be afraid to ask for what you want because you deserve it. Eating out healthy is just another layer of the Skinny Healthy Girl (or boy) lifestyle and will only get easier with time.

Me On Vacation After Eating Out Healthy All Week
Me On Vacation After Eating Out Healthy All Week


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