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Eating healthy can help you avoid cancer

Updated on January 2, 2013
Healthy Vegetables
Healthy Vegetables
Healthy fish dinner
Healthy fish dinner

The real deal on healthy eating

When you consider how much processed food we consume every day it's not hard to see why so many people have health issues. There are so many chemical's in the food we eat its tough to really know what we are eating.

I have pancreatic cancer and my dietician has educated me on eating better and staying healthy, honestly you can make some simple changes that have the power to make big positive changes in your families health.

Read that label

The first step is step back and actually look at what you eat everyday,there are some foods that actually can give you natural energy without unhealthy amounts of sugar and caffeine

I recommend you keep a food journal for a week, you might be shocked how much junk you eat and how little healthy food you eat.

Lets take a look at some food that can help you eat healthier, these are some times called super foods and they may include:

  • Fish
  • Green and orange fruits and vegetable's
  • Broccoli,brussel sprouts,cabbage and cauliflower
  • Organic honey (avoid processed types)
  • Berries including Strawberry,blueberry,blackberry and raspberry
  • Flax
  • Yogurt

Honesty this is a short list I just wanted you to get an idea of what is healthy. Ideally purchasing organic version's of these will help there potency, Oddly even the word organic is a tricky subject there are three rating types of organic foods read the label carefully

The different types of "organic" are:

  • 100% Organic contains ALL organic ingredients
  • Organic contains between 95-99.9 organic ingredients
  • Made with organic ingredients a list of organic ingredients and their percentages must be listed

The real challenge with eating healthy is the cost I recommend investing where you can make the most change,for example switch to organic sugar,buy 2% milk instead of whole milk,buy free range chicken or switch to ground turkey instead of red meat.

Want to know a secret? eating a healthy breakfast is a sure way to lose weight! it's a proven fact people that eat breakfast burn more calories during the day then those who do not.

Eating well is a commitment and trust me its nothing that happens over night, start small and work on more over time.

MIcrowave oven
MIcrowave oven

Prepare your food safely

The idea of eating healthy is something we have all thought about I never thought about how we prepare the healthy food we wish to add to our diet. Simply by microwaving food you can change its dietary value, the molecules get changed by the microwave and usually the natural power of the food is reduced a lot.

Every thing I have researched shows you should try to either steam your vegetables or eat them raw this way you get all nutrition they have to offer.

The most shocking fact I discovered is how toxic some of the cookware we have in our kitchen can be.

One book I read said if you put a non stock pan in the oven with the door open with a bird in a cage in front of the oven the poor bird would die from the fumes emitted by the non stick surface of the pan is less than a half hour. I know I found this a real eye opener if that pan could kill a bird what are we ingesting every time we cook with this pan?

I am glad we have stainless steel cook ware to use I do not know how I feel about non stick pans anymore. The truth of the matter is you can not avoid everything in life in the name of being healthy how ever there are some things you can change that will soon become second nature.

Healthy food options
Healthy food options

New ways to plan meals

The major point to take away here is you have to have the right food to prepare for your family or you will not get any worthwhile changes to your diet or health,this is where the new way to plan meals comes in. When you start finding organic or healthier foods to cook this opens up new recipes to try and different ways to prepare food you already like.

Lets face it I am sure every family has a couple of meals that have grown old that could use some updating or even need to be replaced at this point,chicken is a highly contested meal in our house how ever my wife has found some ways to turn it into something fun.

Healthy Eating:How to fight Cancer With Food

Research some fun

I can not recommend enough letting the family do a little research to find some things they want to try.We as the parents need to learn what healthy really is,the section I have above about the different meanings of Organic starts to show you how misleading nutritional information can be so you have to research deeper than reading a label sometimes.

There are so many dangers in our food and what we prepare our food with, knowing what to avoid sometimes is not enough you honestly need to continue learning because major food companies are constantly changing their manufacturing process always trying to find a way to make food cheaper and last longer,the problem with this is the nutritional value is always sacrificed in the name of more profit.

How safe is Non-Stick Cookware


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    • sdstone1972 profile image

      Scott Stone 5 years ago from Massachusetts,USA

      Thanks for the comment Ladybird33, I will be publishing a new hub focusing on foods that help prevent cancer soon.

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 5 years ago from Fabulous USA

      This is very good information and a fresh reminder for us all. Thank you for sharing.