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Eatsmart Esbs-05 Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale 440 Lb. Capacity Ultra Wide Platform & Step-on Technology Review

Updated on November 25, 2010

Click Here to Buy Eatsmart Esbs-05 Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale W/ 440 Lb. Capacity, Ultra Wide Platform & Step-on Technology

“I am very happy with the company for making such a nice piece of equipment. It’s so accurate in measuring weight. I love it.”

“This scale is really precise. I’ve never used a scale that’s anything like this.”

“I love the oversized platform. It’s so accurate that you get the same reading each time you step on and off.”

"I was able to buy this on Amazon at a low price. It's a very good buy."

"I bought this scale for my parents. They love how precise it is. I highly recommend it."

Looking to track your weight without having to pay a visit to the doctor? Tired of always having to turn a scale on in order to get your weight results? Then you need the Eatsmart Esbs-05 Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale W/ 440 Lb. Capacity, Ultra Wide Platform & Step-on Technology. This is not just any scale. It includes an oversized platform, a large LCD display, and a sleek design. The oversized platform is up to 15 inches wide.

The LCD display has big numbers and lets you get a read out of your weight whether the lights are off or on in the room. Also, your weight results stay on for a few seconds after you’ve gotten off the scale so that you can get a better reading of your weight. Last but not least, the sleek design of the Eatsmart scale keeps a low profile and works with regular AAA batteries.


  • No more tapping scale to turn on. step on and get instant readings
  • Large backlit 4.3" lcd display - easy to read from any distance and in any light
  • 4 high precision g sensors - measurement in increments .2 lbs. / 3oz. to 440 lbs or 200 kgs every time
  • Extra durable oversized platform - over 15 inches wide
  • Auto calibated; auto power-off; runs on 2 aaa batteries (included); 2 year eatsmart guarantee


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